View Full Version : Money and How Horrible it is...

Sigrun Christianson
Saturday, November 8th, 2003, 04:32 AM
Money. Moolah. Cash. Bootie. I hate it and here's why [American Money]:

I work way too many hours at a job I despise to earn it - leaving me little time to spend it.
It doesn't breed with other money to produce offspring - even when rubbed together vigorously.
No matter how I try to manufacture it, it just doesn't look right.
Too much of it is required for everything.
Everyone wants it and there's just never enough even though there appears to be a lot of it floating around.
I have extraordinary spending talent - not securing talent. Is one skill not enough?
The IRS takes large chunks of my money and gives it to people I don't like and don't even know!
Pennies ??
It must be filthy having been in all those hands and Odin only knows where else.
I have no clue as to how the stock market operates. A 'mutal fund' sounds more like a humantiarian aid mission than an investment scheme. 'Diversifying' sounds like something way too PC for my taste.
It turns otherwise mediocre people into greedy bastards.
If I never, ever had to balance my checkbook or pay a bill again, I'd be supremely happy and full of joy and merriment.
I know no one who has ever purchased anything from a telemarketer.
It has pictures of unattractive men on it.
That is an ugly shade of green. One would think that something so important would be more pleasing to behold.
The eye-pyramid on the reverse freaks me out.
I can't take it with me when I croak so why save it?