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Thursday, May 18th, 2006, 10:21 PM
Interesting article, worth reading, even though some speculation is included as well as the wrong idea religion could save us from those oligarchic plans. I found it on Stirpes:

The "Jewish" Conspiracy is British Imperialism
By Henry Makow Ph.D.
May 30, 2004
Conspiracy theorists like myself believe modern history reflects a long-term conspiracy by an international financial elite to enslave humanity.
Like blind men examining an elephant, we attribute this conspiracy to Jews, Illuminati, Vatican, Jesuits, Freemasons, Black Nobility, and Bildersbergs etc.
The real villains are at the heart of our economic and cultural life. They are the dynastic families who own the Bank of England, the US Federal Reserve and associated cartels. They also control the World Bank and IMF and most of the world's Intelligence agencies. Their identity is secret but Rothschild is certainly one of them. The Bank of England was "nationalized" in 1946 but the power to create money remained in the same hands.
England is in fact a financial oligarchy run by the "Crown" which refers to the "City of London" not the Queen. The City of London is run by the Bank of England, a private corporation. The square-mile-large City is a sovereign state located in the heart of greater London. As the "Vatican of the financial world," the City is not subject to British law.
On the contrary, the bankers dictate to the British Parliament. In 1886, Andrew Carnegie wrote that, "six or seven men can plunge the nation into war without consulting Parliament at all." Vincent Vickers, a director of the Bank of England from 1910-1919 blamed the City for the wars of the world. ("Economic Tribulation" (1940) cited in Knuth, The Empire of the City, 1943, p 60)
The British Empire was an extension of bankers' financial interests. Indeed, all the non-white colonies (India, Hong Kong, Gibraltar) were "Crown Colonies." They belonged to the City and were not subject to British law although Englishmen were expected to conquer and pay for them.
The Bank of England assumed control of the U.S. during the T.R. Roosevelt administration (1901-1909) when its agent J.P. Morgan took over 25% of American business. (Anton Chaitkin, Treason in America, 1964)

According to the "American Almanac," the bankers are part of a network called the "Club of the Isles" which is an informal association of predominantly European-based royal households including the Queen. The Club of the Isles commands an estimated $10 trillion in assets. It lords over such corporate giants as Royal Dutch Shell, Imperial Chemical Industries, Lloyds of London, Unilever, Lonrho, Rio Tinto Zinc, and Anglo American DeBeers. It dominates the world supply of petroleum, gold, diamonds, and many other vital raw materials; and deploys these assets at the disposal of its geopolitical agenda.

Its goal: to reduce the human population from its current level of over 5 billion people to below 1 billion people within the next two to three generations; to literally ``cull the human herd'' in the interest of retaining their own global power and the feudal system upon which that power is based.

Historian Jeffrey Steinberg could be referring to the US, Canada and Australia when he writes, "England, Scotland, Wales, and, especially, Northern Ireland, are today little more than slave plantations and social engineering laboratories, serving the needs of ...the City of London...

These families constitute a financier oligarchy; they are the power behind the Windsor throne. They view themselves as the heirs to the Venetian oligarchy, which infiltrated and subverted England from the period 1509-1715, and established a new, more virulent, Anglo-Dutch-Swiss strain of the oligarchic system of imperial Babylon, Persia, Rome, and Byzantium....

The City of London dominates the world's speculative markets. A tightly interlocking group of corporations, involved in raw materials extraction, finance, insurance, transportation, and food production, controls the lion's share of the world market, and exerts virtual ``choke point'' control over world industry."

Steinberg belongs to a group of historians associated with economist Lyndon Larouche. They have traced this scourge to the migration of the Venetian mercantile oligarchy to England more than 300 years ago.

Although the Larouche historians do not say so, it appears that many members of this oligarchy were Jews. Cecil Roth writes: "The trade of Venice was overwhelmingly concentrated in the hands of the Jews, the wealthiest of the mercantile class." (The History of the Jews in Venice, 1930)

The Jewish banking families made it a practice to marry their female offspring to spendthrift European aristocrats. In Jewish law, the mixed offspring of a Jewish mother is Jewish. (The male heirs always marry Jews.) For example, in 1878 Hannah Rothschild married Lord Rosebery. who later became Prime Minister. In 1922 Louis Mountbatten, the uncle of Prince Philip and cousin of the Queen married the granddaughter of Jewish banker Ernest Cassel, one of the wealthiest men in the world. Winston Churchill's mother, Jenny (Jacobson) Jerome, was Jewish. By the beginning of the 1900s, there were very few English aristocrat families left that hadn't intermarried with Jews. It was said that, when they visited the Continent, Europeans were surprised to see Jewish looking persons with English titles and accents.

According to L.G. Pine, the Editor of Burke's Peerage , Jews "have made themselves so closely connected with the British peerage that the two classes are unlikely to suffer loss which is not mutual. So closely linked are the Jews and the lords that a blow against the Jews in this country would not be possible without injuring the aristocracy also." (Tales of the British Aristocracy1957, p.219.)

If they aren't Jewish by intermarriage, many European aristocrats consider themselves descendents of Biblical Hebrews. The Hapsburgs are related by marriage to the Merovingians who claim to be descendents of the Tribe of Benjamin.

In addition, many aristocrats belong to the "British Israel" Movement that believes the British soveriegn is the head of the Anglo Saxon "Lost Tribes" of Israel and that the Apocalyse will see the full reconstitution of the British Empire.

According to Barbara Aho, Rosicrucians and Freemasons, who believe in British Israelism, have a plan to place one of their bloodline on the throne of the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem. This positioning of a false messiah whom the world will worship as Christ has been carefully planned and executed over many centuries.

According to Barry Chamish, "there would be no modern state of Israel without British Freemasonry. In the 1860s, the British-Israelite movement was initiated from within Freemasonry. Its goal was to establish a Jewish-Masonic state in the Turkish province of Palestine...Initially, British Jewish Masonic families like the Rothschilds and Montefiores provided the capital to build the infrastructure for the anticipated wave of immigration. However, luring the Jews to Israel was proving difficult. They, simply, liked European life too much to abandon it. So Europe was to be turned into a nightmare for the Jews."


I wasted much of my life getting a conventional education, so I feel I am beginning my education anew.

It appears that a vampire-like clique directs the world. This secretive cabal is represented by our dominant political, economic and cultural institutions. Western society has been subverted and western culture is bankrupt. Democracy is a form of social control and the mass media/ education are systems for indoctrination.

Essentially the problem boils down to whether we believe man was made in God's image and has an obligation to lift himself to a higher level of truth, beauty and justice. Naturally monopolists have no use for this and want to define reality to suit their own interests. They have taught us that God is dead and man is just a fancy animal without a divine soul. Culture today tends to deny standards, ideals and goals of any kind. Instead, we are fed an endless diet of trivia and degradation.

Certain elite Jews are an integral part of this elite neo feudal conspiracy. Throughout history they have had a symbiotic relationship with the aristocracy. But ordinary Jews like the serfs were manipulated and persecuted by their elites.

True Judaism like Islam and Christianity affirms the supremacy of God as a moral force. A real Jew, like a true Christian or Muslim cannot perform an immoral act. It's time to reaffirm our belief in God.

Source: http://www.savethemales.ca/000447.html

Friday, May 19th, 2006, 07:42 AM
Bull's eye!

Thank you very much Agrippa and Ferran/Kohler! :thumbup

This extraordinary essay is absolutely crucial for understanding the history of at least the last 300 years! If you haven't grasp its meaning and importance, you haven't grasp anything!!!!

I wasted much of my life getting a conventional education, so I feel I am beginning my education anew.

So true! ;) :)

Therefore we have Skadi! :)

Dr. Solar Wolff
Friday, May 19th, 2006, 07:56 AM
A guy mentioned, Lyndon Larousch ran for President a few cycles ago. He was promply thrown in jail for credit card fraud before his point of view was ever exposed to the public. Believe me, this "credit card fraud" was nothing compared to the way AIPAC funnels money to politicians it likes and much less legal. Well, Lyndon was considered a joke for years in mainstream America. A guy at work slowly raised his name and his association with the views in this article. At first, I thought it was all bullshit but he kept working on me and I must say that their may have been a little war between the Vatican and the British Crown (along with the Jews) over the years. Conspiratologist and Vatican expert Jordan Maxwell, a Catholic himself, apparently agrees with this viewpoint although not in public. Extending this thesis to the foundation of America, it is not surprising to find so much Masonic thinking in our founding fathers. Even the layout, the grid system, of Washington D.C. was apparently influenced by the Masonic esoteric thinking.

Friday, May 19th, 2006, 01:13 PM
Its always difficult to distinguish between to far going speculation and conspiration theories and the real truth, but again, its difficult to get the true facts outside of certain circles, thats no conspiration, thats just obvious. Furthermore there are undeniable facts like the position of the Rothschilds and all their connections, which should be considered by everyone. So nobody should ignore this if dealing with the current political developments and especially the developments in economy.

Friday, July 14th, 2006, 04:07 PM
Its goal: to reduce the human population from its current level of over 5 billion people to below 1 billion people within the next two to three generations; to literally ``cull the human herd'' in the interest of retaining their own global power and the feudal system upon which that power is based.
I don't get this..... why would it be in their interests to do this? How would this help them to retain their global power and feudal system?

Monday, September 11th, 2006, 03:17 AM

This is a good example of some really insidious anti-nationalist propaganda. If you read it carefully you will observe the phrase: However, luring the Jews to Israel was proving difficult. They, simply, liked European life too much to abandon it. So Europe was to be turned into a nightmare for the Jews. This clearly implies that the developments of the 1930s were the works of this "Imperialist conspiracy."

What is the message of this phrase if not that Hitler and the National Socialist movement at large were agents for this conspiracy? And, of course, we are told that this conspiracy is not really Jewish at all. Many individual Jews just happen to have prominent positions within it. We can see the same kind of slander, though aimed at a different audience, when Hamas and Hezballah are accused of being Zionist agents. Who could benefit from such a belief if not the Jews?

Compare also with the ubiquitous claims of Hitler having Jewish blood and you can clearly see what I perceive as a distinctly Jewish kind of propaganda: to discredit their enemies by proclaiming them to be friends. It is interesting to note that you do not get into "trouble" for stating that the Nazis were Zionist agents, but that all hell tends to break loose if you quote phrases such as: Ohne hier die Namen zu nennen, können wir feststellen, daß die sowjetrussischen Hauptvertreter sich zusammensetzen aus 7 Russen, 3 Armeniern und 16 Juden. [Without mentioning the names here, we can establish that the Soviet head representatives consist of 7 Russians, 3 Armenians, and 16 Jews.]

Why is that so?