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Tuesday, July 9th, 2002, 01:00 AM
Rules for posting in the Anthropological Taxonomy area:

- The Anthropological Taxonomy subforum is a high-brow scientific area dedicated to the taxonomical analysis of individuals, for the purpose of learning and understanding the science of anthropology and taxonomical characteristics. Low-brow posts, trolling, insulting, unscientific and/or sexual remarks and nudity shall not be permitted, and such posts will be deleted, warned or moved to low-brow areas according to the severity of their contents.

- No posting of private individuals' pictures shall be without their permission. Posting people's pictures on the internet without their knowledge and/or permission is illegal, let alone tasteless and unethical, and may have undesirable consequences for this board and its Staff members.

- No disclosure of personal information about private individuals presented for taxonomical analysis, such as location, profession, affiliation with groups, etc, is permitted. Personal data are strictly confidential to each person and should remain personal.

- When putting up a famous person (actor, singer, politician, etc.) for taxonomical analysis, please perform a search first to make sure that this individual has not been analyzed before. Most likely there will have been a previous thread on that person where you can add your comments or ask your questions, instead of creating a new thread.

- When putting up a famous person (actor, singer, politician, etc.) for taxonomical analysis, please include his name in the title in order to render later thread consultation and research easier.

- No posting of individuals' pictures for taxonomical analysis in new threads shall be allowed if their pictures have already been posted in previous threads. There are two possible exceptions.
The first exception may occur if all of the following three conditions are met: (1) the previous thread is at least twenty-four months old; (2) the pictures in the previous thread are of a subject who was, at the time, too physically immature for proper taxonomical analysis; AND (3) the previous thread has been closed or deleted.
The second possible exception may occur if all of the following three conditions are met: (1) the previously posted pictures are no longer available for viewing in the earlier thread; (2) the thread has been closed or deleted; AND (3) there has been no discussion whatsoever of the person's taxonomical analysis.If any of the three conditions for these possible exceptions does not apply to the earlier thread, then discussion of the individual's taxonomical analysis is either still open (if the earlier thread is still open, in which case additional pictures may be posted there) or thorough enough to render any further discussion of that individual pointless (if the thread is closed, in which case you will need to go elsewhere to solicit any different taxonomical analysis from what the Skadi community can offer).

- Members who classify individuals or who attribute specific anthropological taxonomic types to them are required to elaborate on the reasons for their assumption or taxonomic categorization. Posts which only consist of certain anthropological types, a combination or an approximation thereof (e.g. "Noric", "Alpine/Pontid", "primarily East Baltic") without any reasoning or elaboration which lead the author to the aforementioned assumption or taxonomic categorization will be deleted, for they are neither of educational value nor subject to criticism or refutation and thence of dubious, little or no value.

- Please take the time to attach the picture to your classification post so that it will remain visible on Skadi. External links to pictures often expire, which render the thread useless to future viewers.