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Friday, September 10th, 2004, 01:01 AM
Privacy Statement

Thank you for visiting the Skadi Forum web site and for reviewing our privacy policy. The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you of what kinds of information we may gather about you when you visit our web site and how we may use that information. This Privacy Statement discloses the privacy practices for http://forums.skadi.net/ and all pages located within this subdomain.

1. Automatic Data Collection

Like almost all web servers on the Internet, our servers collect and store all of the information that your web browser sends when it requests a web page, including:

The name, domain, and numerical internet address (IP address) of the "host" computer (typically a computer belonging to your Internet Service Provider and not your personal computer) from which you access the Internet.
The date and time you accessed our site.
The Internet address of the web page that you came from (the so-called "referrer"). This includes your search terms if you entered from a search engine.
The pages you request from our site and the number of characters sent to your computer.
The information your web browser software sends as its so-called "User Agent," which typically identifies the browser software and may also indicate the operating system and type of CPU used in your personal computer.Skadi Forum automatically summarizes and statistically analyzes these log files to learn from where visitors originate and how they use content on the site. This information is used to allocate resources effectively and to improve the content, organization and performance of our site. This process does not collect, store or use personally-identifying information such as your name, your account name (username, pseudonym, or nickname), address, telephone number or e-mail address.

Statistics are kept in the aggregate for an indefinite period of time. Raw log files (containing detailed IP addresses) are automatically rotated (deleted) every month. Raw log files are kept for the purpose to allow a manual review if there are any indications of a server attack or of abuse of our services.

2. vBulletin Forum Software

When registering you do not need to provide any information except the bare minimum that we need for your account and to contact you: an account name (username, pseudonym or nickname), an email address, and a password. Upon signup, vBulletin automatically records the IP address of the computer from which you accessed Skadi Forum. The related IP database entries are deleted hourly.

Skadi Forum allows the licit use of proxies.

Skadi Forum accepts email addresses from all ISPs, all websites, and from all free and commercial email providers in the world. Skadi Forum guarantees that it will keep your email address confidential and that your email address will not be shared with anybody that has not been entrusted with administrative forum tasks. In particular, it will not be shared with or sold to commercial companies or non-profit organizations of any kind.

Skadi Forum collects and stores no other information about you, unless you choose to provide such information voluntarily to us or the Skadi Forum community. Skadi Forum explicitly discourages and prohibits the revelation of private information of others (Skadi Rules (http://forums.skadi.net/showthread.php?t=2729)).

Skadi Forum does not record your IP address upon posting or any other forum activity. At no time but signup your IP address is linked to your account name (username, pseudonym, or nickname) in any log files.

Skadi Forum does not record or store the forum access or surfing behavior of Skadi Forum members. It logs exclusively commands and accesses related to the moderation or administration of Skadi Forum.

3. Cookies

If you are a guest and only read Skadi Forum, no personal cookies are used. Those cookies which are used are merely required to control your active session.

If you are a member and decide to enable automatic login (by selecting the [x] Remember Me? checkbox next to the fields where you enter your username and password), Skadi Forum will in addition store personalized cookies on your hard drive. They are stored in the cookie directory of your web browser and contain your user id and login information.

The cookies help you to create a speedy web experience by remembering your login, so you don't have to re-type it when signing in. The cookies do not contain any personal information (such as your name, your telephone number or email address), and we do not use them to track your movements through our site. Whether you want to use them is entirely your choice.

No other web site can use or view the cookies set by Skadi Forum.

Skadi Forum does not use third-party cookies to keep track of your forum identity after you logged out.

4. Private Messaging and Instant Messaging

The purpose of private and instant messaging is to allow for discreet conversations to take place between members. Private and instant messages are stored unencrypted in the database and can with some effort be read by everyone with direct database access (Skadi Forum Senior Administrators). They are private but not necessarily secret.

Private messages are kept in the database until both the sender and recipient have deleted their copies. Instant Messages are regularly deleted from the database in intervals of about one hour after reception.

Skadi Forum guarantees not to monitor or review the content of private messages or instant messages apart from the following cases:

Upon credible claims of continual rule violations or abuse of service, having acquired the explicit permission of either recipient or sender.
Upon credible indications of activity illegal under the municipal, state or federal jurisdictions of this server. Skadi Forum guarantees to keep licit content of messages accessed in these cases confidential.

Skadi Forum has no third-party software installed to facilitate the monitoring or review of private messages.

Skadi Forum permits the licit use of cryptographic software in private and instant messages.

5. Reputation Comments

The purpose of reputation comments is to make a brief private comment of approval or disapproval to the author of a post. Reputation comments are stored in the database for an indefinite period of time. Administrators and Senior Moderators (Members of the Witenagemot) of Skadi Forum can easily access reputation comments via a menu. No direct database access is required. Consider them semi-public.

Skadi Forum guarantees not to monitor or review the content of reputation comments apart from the following cases:

Upon credible claims of continual rule violations or abuse of service, having acquired the explicit permission of either recipient or bestower,
Upon credible indications of activity illegal under the municipal, state or federal jurisdictions of this server.Skadi Forum guarantees to keep licit content of reputation comments accessed in these cases confidential.

6. Authorized Law Enforcement

Skadi Forum will not cooperate with any law enforcement agencies other than those that hold jurisdiction over its server, hitherto called authorized law enforcement. It will in particular not cooperate with foreign pariah regimes that have a record of premeditated disrespect for human rights and freedom of expression.

Skadi Forum will not voluntarily provide a complete record of its database or a complete record of its log files to authorized law enforcement, except for the case that it is ordered to do so by a Court of Law.

Skadi Forum reserves the right, however, to provide on demand, requested excerpts of its database or its log files to authorized law enforcement, if such a measure appears, having considered all the circumstances, necessary in order to prevent a confiscation of its server or complete database.

7. Criminal Intrusion (Hacking)

Skadi Forum strives to maximize its security, is well administered, and, despite many attempts in the past, has so far never been hacked.

Given potential security holes in modern software and the possibility of human error, Skadi Forum can, however, give no guarantees whatsoever that its database or parts thereof cannot fall into the hands of data criminals.

Make sure you understand that you use Skadi Forum at your own risk. Do not store anything on or transmit anything via Skadi Forum, you would mind to be published somewhere on the Internet.

8. Links to Other Websites

Skadi Forum contains many links to other websites that are not operated or maintained by Skadi and are not covered by this Privacy Statement. Visitors should be aware that any links you can find on this website are provided only for your convenience. Skadi Forum has no control over, makes no promises or warranties of any kind with regard to, and has no responsibility or liability for, the content of any other websites or their privacy policies, their use of cookies, or the way they collect, save, store or use information. You should review the privacy policy of each website you visit.

9. Warranties

Skadi Forum can guarantee a privacy policy but not human infallibility. If you should have any indication or suspicion that your guaranteed privacy has been unfairly infringed, don't hesitate to let us know (http://forums.skadi.net/sendmessage.php?). We are concerned about your privacy and will defend it with all means at our disposal.

Should you have any other questions or concerns about Skadi Forum's Privacy Statement and use of personal information, please feel free to contact us (http://forums.skadi.net/sendmessage.php?).

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007, 01:10 PM
Skadi Forum maintains a pro-privacy stance. We understand that due to many political and social circumstances, Skadi Forum members want to keep their identities anonymous. We do not require that you give us your names, pictures, location of residence and other personal details.

Personal/Sensible/Identifiable Information

In light of recent occurrences, we must stress that the revelation and sharing of personal information of Skadi Forum members without their consent is not permitted. Private details that may make members identifiable as real persons include names (including names of family members), pictures, video/audio recordings, location of residence, IPs and others similar. Posting links to or quotes of others who have revealed such details shall equally not be permitted. If you are unsure what constitutes sensible, identifiable information, do not post it by default. See rule 7 (a):

7 (a). The posting of images, videos, audio recordings, or any other information of Members, Ex-Members, or, potentially, of other private persons, without their consent, that makes them identifiable as real persons, even if previously publicly shared, is not permitted. The revelation of personal and private information of Members and Ex-Members, or, potentially, of other private persons, that can breach their security and safety, even if such information has previously been publicly shared, is not permitted. Posting links or other access data to such information is equally not permitted.By posting the private information of others without consent, even if previously publicly shared, you endanger their security or potentially their reputation, as many of the rumors about their private lives, relationships, etc. may be false or misinterpreted. By posting the private information of others without consent, even if previously publicly shared, you free us from any obligation to guarantee your own privacy. We generally have no sympathy for the offender, so this means that in the most serious of cases (e.g. where your revelation has lead to emotional, reputational or economic damages) we might cooperate with the victim and offer them any information obtainable about you, such as IPs, complete posting records and other private details, in order to help them correct the injustice done to them. See rule 7(b):

(b). By making such information available, you free Skadi Forum and its Staff explicitly from all obligations of guaranteed privacy and confidentiality tacitly or explicitly given to you at any time or under any circumstances, due to Staff members' personal relationship with you or not, and due to their Staff membership or not. Furthermore, the Skadi Forum Staff shall, in its best effort to minimize such occurrences and to solidarize itself with the victim, cooperate, on demand, with such Members, Ex-Members, or persons affected, voluntarily and free from legal emergency, to its utmost possibility and under the full extent of the law, in particular by providing any information it possesses about the perpetrator, including, but not limited to, names, photos, employer, telephone numbers, residence or location, the complete posting record, email addresses, and IP addresses, from private mails or otherwise.If you post the private information/pictures of members of other forums who are not registered on Skadi Forum, the Skadi Forum Staff shall cooperate with the Staff of these forums, should they notify us or seek our help. If you post the private information/pictures of Skadi Forum members who are not registered on other forums, our Staff will contact and seek the cooperation of the respective forum owners/Staff.

Threatening members with the revelation of their private details or pictures shall not be tolerated either. Threatening members with physical violence shall equally not be tolerated. If you are unsure what constitutes a threat of physical violence, do not threaten by default. We will assume by default that you are serious about your threats and take necessary action. We shall accept no excuses for revelation of private details and/or threats, so by resorting to such behavior, you do so at your own risk.

Private Messages

The public posting of private messages from members or staff without consent is also prohibited. They are called private messages for a reason. If there are no particularly sensible details in these private messages the offenders will not be banned, but may receive a warning or infraction based on the gravity of the offense. Those who continue to post private material from messages without consent may be placed under extended moderation or receive temporary or permanent bans, according to the gravity of the offense.

N.B.: Warnings and infractions also constitute private messages. If you have a complaint or desire to discuss a particular disciplinary measure or the conduct of a staff member, please contact said staff member or a member of the administration or use our contact form. The procedures are illustrated and explained by our rules 30 & 31.

30. If you have been warned, infracted, or your post or threads fell under activity of editorial Staff discretion, and you disagree with the measure, you can address the Member of Staff who has set the disciplinary measure. He shall fairly hear your appeal and all arguments you cited in your favor, and will, having discussed the issue with Staff and benevolently appreciated their input and concerns, either revoke, mitigate, or uphold, but never tighten the measure, with additional requirements and conditions set forth or not. All such complaints that do not follow these proceedings, in particular all those that are posted publicly, shall be simply deleted and ignored, at best tightening the measures.

31. If you are still dissatisfied with the decision of the member of Staff, even after your case has been heard, you are free to appeal to the Witenagemot. Such complaints will have to include the complete history of the conversation you had with the respective Member of Staff, including his decision and reasoning, and all arguments you can cite in your favor, in particular a coherent motivation for the extraordinary injustice done to have the particular Member of Staff overruled, thereby threatening the harmony amongst Staff and the very integrity of Skadi Forum. If well-founded, your appeal shall be granted, or a mediating solution shall be found. All appeals that do not follow these proceedings shall be simply ignored.

Reputation Comments

Reputation comments are semi-private so much of the above applies if they contain sensible, identifiable information. Impersonal and/or non-sensible reputation comments can be posted in specific public topics, such as "Favorite reputation comments". If you are unsure what constitutes sensible, identifiable information, do not post them by default.

Private Sections and the Staff Forum

The public posting of information from private forums specific to those forums, such as the Althing, Skadi Asgård Club or the Staff Forum is generally not permitted. Sharing such information with non-members or with/by ex-members is equally not permitted.

The Staff Forum is dedicated to the discussion of issues related to the moderation and administration of the Forum. The Staff Forum is private and can only be read by current Staff members. Its content must thus be kept confidential. It must not be shared with members who are not part of the Skadi Staff. This also holds true for former staff members, i.e. it must not be shared with or by members who are no longer active Staff. Similarly, ex-staff members are not permitted to share any staff-related information with other members. In doing so, they can and will be held liable for breach of confidentiality.

Staff members have the responsibility to respect and protect the privacy of all forum members. They must not provide regular members - or even subordinate staff, that do not themselves have access to such details - with details that cannot be accessed by the public, such as names, birth dates or e-mail addresses, no matter the reason.

Illicit Obtaining and Use of Information

The public and private exchange of private information, i.e. of information to which one could only have gained knowledge by learning access of forums he didn't have legitimate access to, i. e. Staff or the Althing, or of such information of private nature, i. e. PM, chat, IRC is not permitted and the person who reveals the information may attract disciplinary action, be it then one reveals the source of the information; in the latter case a milder measure may be taken; the originator or leaker may also attract disciplinary action, according to the gravity of the case.