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Thulean Imperial Inquisitor
Friday, April 28th, 2006, 12:18 PM
AVATAR: Who, What, Why, and Howhttp://pages.prodigy.net/astarius/_uimages/SigilFlag.72.jpg (http://pages.prodigy.net/astarius/_uimages/SigilFlag.72.jpg)

For five hundred years, the leading proponents of the Modern Age worked assiduously at their grand project of killing God and the human spirit. For a brief interlude after World War II it appeared that they had succeeded, and that the world would henceforward be safe for machines, technology, and the diabolic cabal of high finance.
http://bldblocks.prodigy.net/wsn/images/user/english/business/arrows/bullet.jpg Then in the 1960s the script took a novel twist with an apparent spiritual rebirth. Metaphysics had been declared a heresy by the secular priesthood of science, but now it sprouted again in a thousand flowering schools of thought and doctrine, fueled by first-hand numenal experience. The most florid of the celestine prophets declared that a veritable New Age had been spawned with the imminent onset of Aquarius.

What is the reality behind all of this ballyhoo? A few deeper and more critical thinkers have pointed out that it is not a true dawning but a mere POSTmodern twilight, which most likely heralds a new dark age. If there is a self-aware nemesis behind the pattern of world events, then it or they (or she) have cleverly resurrected God as an impotent shadow of himself, as reflected in the ambisexual designation of the deity as "him/her/it". This neutering of God signals his capitulation and servile submission to the dominatrixter demands of the Goddess who is promulgated by New Agers and feminoids far and wide.

By contrast, the Gods and Goddesses of the Pagan Age had hale and hearty relationships, and the balance of power was maintained in a potent way. Here again, however, their NEOpagan reincarnations give us the images without the substance. Indeed, history itself is now recycled: all the ages of the past are playacted by costumed hobbyists and endlessly recreated on the media for people who are abstracted spectators of their own lives as well. So it is that the citizens subsist on fantasy while mechanically fulfilling their workaday functions, hardwired into the world-machine, fully automated simulacra of living souls in a global simulation, which has lately been named the Matrix.

The infinitely complexicated morasse of information paralyzes the will of the mass of people. It seems as if everything can be known but nothing can be done, or that any possible action is futile because it has all been done before. Thus everyone is trapped in the eternal "neo", which is merely a pale surrogate for the truly new.

The way out of the trap is to find the authentic gems of once-secret knowledge which are now unveiled in plain view, but are even more cleverly hidden amongst a vast trashpile of cheap reproductions. The pearls of great price have been cast to the swine along with endless bushels of plastic ones, which are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. The discarded pieces of the real world are scattered everywhere, like a life-sized jigsaw of the landscape; if they can be found and puzzled together in a new and better way, we can escape from the simulation and unplug the Matrix itself, once and for all.

An Avatar is an incarnation of God. The word had this meaning for thousands of years before it was retrofitted as a label for a computer simulation ~ a cogent analog for the whole process of how history, heroes, humans, and Gods are de-realified and recast in the Postmodern Fantasyland as mere animations of themselves.

But even the original concept of *Avatar* has lost substance amongst the legions of individuals who have experienced God within themselves. What need have they for a Savior if they fancy that Jesus was speaking to them when he said: "Ye are Gods"? Nary a one of them is worthy to loose the strap of his sandal, yet they are willing to forge ahead in the effort to lift themselves into heaven by their own bootstraps ~ or at least into a heavily mediated simulacrum of heaven on earth.

The idea of an Avatar, or Son of God, originated amongst the ancient Vedic Hindus, who were the original Aryans, or at least the earliest known in historical times. At some point they discovered Soma, an entheogenic substance which verily lifted them up to a higher plateau of spiritual evolution. This collective quantum leap is expressed in the Upanishads, a later body of sacred texts replete with ecstatic accolades to the God Within. The essence of the Upanishads is given in the frequently repeated mantra Aham Brahmasmi, meaning: "I Am God/the All/the Universe". This solipsistic statement was not placed in the mouth of a jealous deity, like in the Old Testament, but was rather spoken openly by sages in mortal raiment, living humans designated by their proper names in the text.

These God-realized individuals were variously referred to as Rishis or Acaryas (enlightened ones, teachers, etc.), and in some passages of the Upanishads they are said to be superior to the Gods themselves. Yet each and every one of them gave honor to the Gods, and led the common people in the traditional rites of worship and devotion. And when in those rare historical moments an Avatar appeared, the Rishis deferred to him as the mightiest of all, the full and perfect union of God and human. This concept appears in Christian theology under the term *Hypostasis*, meaning the complete amalgamation of divine and human natures in Christ. In medieval alchemy the term was *Hierosgamos*, denoting the integration of male and female, God and Goddess, Sun and Moon, Heaven and Earth, in an individual who had attained the ultimate stage of spiritual perfection.

There are still Rishis alive on Earth ~ but they live in the real world, not the Matrix, and thus their existence is unknown to the hapless masses lost in the simulation. Individuals gifted with a broad range of abilities beyond the norm are always present among us, though they usually choose to mask their nature. Those who use their superior talents to attain any degree of public prominence must then ironically(or perhaps hypocritically) pretend to believe in the false doctrine of equality, which flatters the "sheeple" into imagining that they could all become stars themselves if only they tried hard enough and unfolded their full potential.

A Western word for "Rishi" is MAGISTER, as used in the occult tradition whose graded degree systems ideally reflected true stages of individual psycho-spiritual devolpment and mastery of arcane powers. The ideal was not always manifest in the actual practice, for we know that in many orders aspirants were awarded advanced degress for merely mundane accomplishments, or out of ignoble raison l'etat. But in fact a real Magister needs no formal accolades; he will be recognized instantly by his peers and superiors, and of course by the Gods.

There is a broad spectrum of attainment even amongst Magisters; and of course the higher the grade, the fewer individuals there are at that level. The rarest of all are beyond even the Magisters, yet there are always some of these high ones incarnate on the planet. For want of a better word we may call them ÜBERS. They are so far beyond what the average person comprehends of reality and human nature that they would truly seem superhuman if they ever chose to step forth into the Matrix of mundane life.

And this in fact is an Avatar: he is an Über who has elected to reveal himself and go public. Jesus of Nazareth, Prince Gautama, and Krishna the charioteer were all real men who belonged to the most exclusive and secret sodality of them all; the only difference between them and their fellows was that they tipped off their existence to ordinary people, and revealed the inner mysteries to the outer world.

Such infusions of Divine Spirit into the stream of history are never an accident nor an arbitrary act. There must be a desperate need for it, a grave peril to humanity on a local or universal scale. The people must come to realize that their leaders have neither the will nor the ability to save them from the gathering doom; some may attempt to escape, some will despair, and some will mount a revolution. They will all cry out for intervention from a Higher Power, be it God or the Tao or the Dharma, or benevolent beings from other worlds.

This heartfelt longing by the common people for a general change sets the stage for specific action by the Magisters, who know the arcane formulae by which the collective quantum of energy can be used purposively to draw the attention of the Übers and adjure them to act. This is the key, for the ethos of the high ones is such that they will never intervene openly in human affairs unless they are called upon to do so in this way.

Most Westerners know how John the Baptist heralded the coming of Christ, but the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls revealed that the process of invoking the Messiah had actually been going on for centuries, faithfully carried forth by adepts of the Essenes and other esoteric sects. A similar process had already occurred twice in India in the preceding millennium. First, certain Rishis saw that the hand of God was needed to settle an agelong conflict and grant victory to the righteous side in a war. Krishna came and did this, and in the process sparked a new path of divine redemption, as recorded poetically in the Bhagavad Gita. Meanwhile, a different current within Hinduism gave rise to the concept of the Buddha. Various Acaryas invested this doctrine with a steadily-accumulating quantum of supernal force and power, until it finally hit critical mass when Gautama attained enlightenment and became the Buddha incarnate ~ that is, an Avatar.

http://bldblocks.prodigy.net/wsn/images/user/english/business/arrows/bullet.jpg THE RAM OF GOD is a Magnum Opus (a work of Magisterial science, also known as high magic) to summon forth an Avatar onto the world stage. Anyone with the remotest degree of Gnosis is aware that the planetary alignment of May 4, 2000 was a major benchmark in the now-unfolding schedule of Armageddon ~ but how many had the foresight to recognize at the time that it was actually the beginning of the end, the cosmic signal for the Turning of the Aeons? Part I of the Opus first appeared on October 31, 2000, and its registration with the U.S. Copyright Office bears this date. The events did not begin in the outer world until September 11th of the following year; and this demonstrates that the degree of adeptship behind the Astarius Working is formidable enough to grasp the essence of the schedule, and herald it, while it is still in the womb of destiny.

The effort to speak in advance with the voice of the Avatar is not a presumption, nor is it premature; rather, it's an integral part of the invocation. The text as scribed helps to define the nature and identity of the Avatar, so that the Überchild can get a head start on his mission, should he find the Opus and read it at an early age.

Children of such high potential are born in every generation, but most of them do not go on to attain their full flowering, and some of them go awry in tragic ways. It's extremely likely that a manchild with the makings of an Avatar was born around the time of the planetary alignment ~ perhaps even more than one. The Magister can make such an act of faith, and use it to move a mountain ~ or to empower a prophecy to fulfill itself.

http://bldblocks.prodigy.net/wsn/images/user/english/business/arrows/bullet.jpg Joseph Kerrick

Monday, August 14th, 2006, 06:28 PM
For the last 5 hundred years?
I would point to the Renaissance, the Neoclassical and Romantic movements and also the European renaissance in the 1920s and 1930s under Fascism and NS, as noteworthy exceptions to the general decline.

However, despite those 'blips'(!) - the decline has continued up to this very minute.

Also, I believe that the dogmatic and universal Christian God [as spoken of by Nietzsche] had to die in order for Aryan man to go on to the next stage of Superhumanhood [and the writer of your piece is correct to speak of "Ubers" in that connexion].

That next stage had to be presaged by a return to the Elder gods but at a higher cycle of power & energy - racial energy.

There was a tremendous effort to this end under the guidance of Himmler.

However, as we have seen, many reactive forces sought to stop this happening at every potential turning-point.

I think that project of the SS for example, was far more potent than the 1960s New Age which was essentially a period of spiritual exhaustion.

In 1966 Colin Wilson [author of the Outsider] wrote a book called 'The New Existentialism'; in it he looked at the use of drugs like mescalin and rejected them, saying that the expansion of consciousness so necessary for the Supermanhood can only come about through mental discipline.

Wilson is a Nietzschean, but because of the reactionary forces which triumphed in 1945, he wasn't able to say discipline and breeding!

Breeding is essential.

Now it may be true [as Ted McKenna asserts] that prehistoric Aryan man used drugs [Soma etc.,] to expand Aryan consciousness.
The mythologies themselves of the Aryans may reflect this great expansion in imagination.

However, it must also be acknowledged that the breeding of the race was the most important thing of all - something not mentioned in this piece.

Separating the Aryan race from lower races and breeding in such a way that exceptional characteristics were emphasised and consolidated as in the Laws of Manu.

So the whole New Age movement [which was actually partly seeded by the Third Reich] is weak and flimsy because [unlike the Third Reich] it cared not a jot for preserving and breeding up the Aryan race; indeed, it even advocated the opposite.

I am one who thinks that Adolf Hitler was an avatar who was brought forth by the occult Heathen sorcery of the Thuleans in Germany.

It is necessary for another such similar group to form and search out for another Avatar in the future who will lead the uphill struggle once more to attain Uber-Aryanhood.

Whereas the Ragnarok of 1945 did not allow the Uber-Work to be completed, we hope that the next incarnation of the Avatar will lead us to the sort of plateau where the work on expanding the Aryan consciousness through mental discipline and bodily breeding will take place in earnest.

We are near the time.

The writer of your piece seems to be looking for a child - an indigo child perhaps?

As Nietzsche tells us, first one must be a load-bearing camel and a ferocious lion before one can become a child.

The Fuhrer was certainly a Lion [or a Wolf].

Perhaps then the Hidden Masters are now looking for a Child to lead the Aryan race up to the next stage of Supermanhood.

There are interesting times around the corner, my brethren!

Sunday, September 17th, 2006, 05:28 PM
Thulean Imperial Inquisitor: 'The idea of an Avatar, or Son of God, originated amongst the ancient Vedic Hindus, who were the original Aryans'.

Avataras belongs to indigenous Hinduism. Aryans did not have any avataras. 'Aham Brahmasmi' (I am Brahman) also means 'Tat Twam Asi' (You are That), and 'Sarva Khalvidam Brahma' (All creation is Brahman). If one looses the sight of the latter two, one has not understood. What is superior and what is inferior? It is all that. Krishna says in Geeta that one who knows does not see any difference between a learned brahmin and a street dog is the one who sees. The deferment of the Rishis is only for show. Did not the avatara also fall at the feet of Rishis?

Avataras are made by their followers, like Paul did to Jesus in Corinthians. Did you include Mohammad among them? :)