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Friday, April 14th, 2006, 08:23 PM
"The netocracy, say pundits Alexander Bard and Jan Söderqvist, will be the new power elite, controlling networks - both social and digital - and displacing the bourgeoisie as the ruling class. Its members will understand that equilibria and static positions are boring and artificial approximations, and dynamic fluxes are neither.

And that interesting logical structures are not tree-like hierarchies, but are interconnected in potentially very complicated ways - what Deleuze called the "rhizome" - just as Web pages, genes and friendship networks are."

Book: Netocracy: The new power elite and life after capitalism (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1903684293/ref=nosim/ephilosopher), Oct. 2002

- - A bit of B.S but always worth taking a look..

The new era coming

Era of INFORMATION Information - is everything. Who controls the information - controls the world.
Your success depends on the information in your brain Information - is knowledge, talent, ability, luck.
You don't really need money to reach your goals - you need information
And. your goal is probably also the information
INTERNET provides information without borders
Any information can be found in the Internet.
Internet - is the reason for the global change
But. Internet provides
tooooo much information
Informational chaos
you need exclusive, processed, true, ACTUAL information
You also need the talent and technology to process the large volumes of information

Networks changing the world

Your talent is not enough!?
Talent NETWORKS decide everything The most powerful means of production is the network of human brains
To reach your goal you need a network with the same goal
Information is valuable only when it's processed and organized
How to protect the network from informational chaos?
To close it and let only talents to enter
Internet provides communications without limits
Unlimited communications create connections between people that have the same goals - networks
Networks of talents that possess exclusive information are changing the world.
Global networks - no matter where you are located.
Global choice for talents with the same goal.
Networks compete.
Competition for information. Competition for power. Competition for the GOAL.
How to protect its information from competitors?
To set the rules (laws) - netiquette - that should be followed. The person that breaks the rules - is excluded from the network.

Money has no value

In the old society...
Money was the GOAL
Money was the power
Money was the priority
Now it's replaced...
by Access to Information
You can't get respect and power for money any more.
Exclusive information is not for sale.
Access to the networks, changing the world is
To reach the goal the network needs to use technologies that cost money. Where do the networks get money?
Netocrats can attract investments for just a promise of being involved in the network.
and besides ...
Money becomes virtual.
Banks and exchange markets move to the Internet. Electronic money flows are controlled by the netocrats who can effectively communicate in the Internet and have access to actual information.
BUT. money is not a goal.

The power of dreams

Internet empowers technology development.
Production becomes automated, products become cheap.
High quality accommodation, food, clothes, transportation and vacation become FMCG products, affordable to everyone.
Aspiration to money is replaced by aspiration to entertainment, unforgettable experience, new impressions, dreams fulfillment.
Every product must be dream-centric.
The power belongs not to the richest, but to those who can fulfill the dreams.
People that can't control their desires are eager to work, to obey, to vote, to share their information for the dream.
The Netocrats can control their own desires and fulfill the desires of the other people.
The dream-centric projects will kill the old money-centric business.

National to Global

Power goes from political leaders and money-centric businessmen.
Power goes to the global networks. To netocrats that can fulfill the dreams. that can change the world.
National states will be dissolved in the global economy.
Presidents and parliaments will not be able to rule without power.
National state ideology - "be patriot! work for your state! make money! pay taxes!"
will be replaced by the netocracy ideology - "reach your goals! participate the global networks!"
Today state can't effectively provide security (terrorism) and develop the humanity-important projects (ecology, medicine against mortal diseases, space travels, immortality, nanotechnologies).
We need the more effective power!
Global government(s) will win the competition with the national states.
Where do you live? In the global network. My home is my homepage.