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Thursday, April 6th, 2006, 01:25 PM
Yowie - The Great Hairy Man from Australia

Upon the white man, when they first settled in this Country in the late 1700's, the native Aborigines told them in great detail about an ape-man like beast that lived in the forests. At first the settler's thought this was just a tale to scare them away, because such animals were unknown in England and most people had not even heard of such things. However it wasn't long before they found out the stories from these people were more than true.

The first documented case from the first white settlers of Australia dates back to the 1790's when they often described it as a Gorilla or man-ape. The Aboriginal folklore of the Yowie dates back almost thousand years before the settlement of white man. Depending on which area of Australia the Aboriginals lived and which tribe they belonged, they had many different names for the Yowie including "Noocoonah", "Doolagahl", "Gooligah", "Quinken", "Thoolagal", "Yaroma", "Yahoo", "Jingera", "Jimbra", "Tjandara" and many more.

The name "Yowie" was most probably an adaptation from white man of the close sounding Aboriginal names "Yuuri" and "Yowri", which were two commonly used names for the creature, particularly in N.S.W.


Thursday, April 6th, 2006, 03:43 PM
there have been sitings of a similiar creature in Vietnam as well as the Himalyas:thumbup

right now it could go either way, some of the things could be real creatures and some hoaxs

Thursday, May 25th, 2006, 04:29 AM
I've been reading a bit about these things lately.

If these are real creatures (and I have no reason to assume they're not), then I think they're most likely to be a variant of Gigantopithecus (a giant, supposedly extinct ape), or something similar.

Regarding sightings and hoaxes, I think that unless supposed nineteenth and early twentieth century sightings are modern fabrications of newspapers from that era, then they're unlikely to be hoaxes. Back then, it wouldn't have seemed like a terribly exciting thing to know that some sort of gorilla lived in Australia, since there were all sorts of strange and new animals here anyway. I find it difficult to see why someone back then would have been motivated to spread a fabrication which would probably not gain a great deal of attention.

An interesting aspect which seems to persist in many these stories (including those from the Himalayas) is that the creatures have quite an offensive smell! :D

Dr. Solar Wolff
Thursday, May 25th, 2006, 07:40 AM
During the last several months there has been a huge discussion in the cryptozoological world over the alleged bigfoot sightings in Malaysia. Evidently, a former communist fighter from the 1950s who still held out in the jungle encountered several of these creatures. To make a long story short, eventually the government was brought in and an expert from Singapore, Dr. Vincent Chow, a biologist. It is claimed that a whole village or group of these creatures exist. They are described as being up to 8 feet tall, hairy, with large brow ridges and primitive looking faces. They eat fish and fruit. Now for the wierd part.

In the group of these creatures, some are big and hairy as describe but some are much less hairy and look rather more human. They have a language. They have a social setting. Hair has been taken and it appears to be human. In fact about 15 close-up, in your face photographs are alleged to exist and the government has put restrictions on other groups in this jungle reserve.

It is said that soon two books will be published on these creatures, one by Dr. Chow and one by the Malaysian government. Dr. Chow, who has not seen the creatures but has photographs, hair and casts of their tracks will include three pictures in his book. One picture is of an adult male, a female and a child. They say you can see the lines on the face of these creatures the photographs are so good.

The general opinion has shifted from Gigantopithecus to a Homo erectus survival. This same creature may account for the Yowies.

Drawings based on the photographs (which have not been released) and lots of discussion can be found at the cryptozoology.com site as well as Loren Coleman's cryptomundo.com site.