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Monday, March 20th, 2006, 05:28 PM
A Slow Pace in Mecklenburg – West Pomerania
Visit Germany | 02.01.2006

The Mecklenbugers are thought to be a rather distant, obstinate and cold bunch and as such they are affectionately nicknamed “Fish-heads” by other Germans. Of course, the Mecklenburgers see things quite differently.

“Nah We ain’t stubborn at all. That’s just the impression we give”, says Uwe Süssmilch, a native Mecklenburger and Mecklenburg-expert, as it were.

He is the founder and chairman of the Plattdeutsch and Folklore Society “Klönschnack” in Rostock. “’Cos when a Mecklenburger comes into a pub, he always asks for an empty table to sit at”. Süssmilch explains that this is because in times past, there simply weren’t many people in Mecklenburg – West Pomerania. People lived from farming or fishing and, as he says “not enough is said about how hard life was for us”.
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