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Wednesday, March 15th, 2006, 06:59 PM
The OM-page is about discoveries and conclusions about the OM which is known through the ages as a spiritual symbol of a sound or vibration or energy. It also has a graphic symbol attached to it. This graphic symbol has some similarity to the image of the center of our galaxy. At the very center of the center scientists discovered a black hole.

So, if the OM-symbol represents a black hole, vice versa the black hole has a certain meaning to our life, which is emphasized by the saints and shamans of all ages. Since the sound OM is recognized to be the holy vibration that connects all existence, the question comes up how the black hole, sitting in the center of our galaxy is connected to our spirituality.

Now I found that AUM/OM-chanting was practised thousends of years ago by many or even all cultures, shamanic and more civilized ones as well. Even the christian AMEN is rooted in the sound AUM. The Vedas, the Mayan legends and those of many other civilisations contain knowledge about the structure of our galaxy and the center explicitly mentioned. Hunab Ku, Om or Black Sun are some of the names.


The Great Cross

Every 13,000 years or so, our planet and the solar system clicks into place as part of a larger, intergalactic pattern of geometry. To even begin to grok this one, we must think large, very large. At the center,where the spiral arms converge, a large lump of intense energy boils away.

Gravity is a function of matter's geometric structure, forming patterns of attractiveness that function as a fractal ratio of density or distance. In the very center of the gravity lens formed by the stickiness of matter in this dissipative structure called a galaxy, we find that the force of gravity is intense enough to collapse matter in on itself, forming what is called a black hole. If we think of this as a point where all frequencies and velocities become infinite, and therefore beyond the space/time limitations of our radiationally experienced universe, then the
idea of such a super-black hole has distinct implications for consciousness.

Because we experience reality as a by-product of photon emission and exchange, as shown by Einstein's relativity theories, we are subject to a space-like and time-like continuum of events. This prevents us from observing the embedded patterns of mind, those indications of meaning that emerge as synchronicity from a developing sentience. The collapse of matter into a flash of energy/information, which then approaches and passes infinite velocities, becoming everywhere and nowhere simultaneously, forms a matrix of awareness that remains stable across vast scales of size and organization. This suggests that constructs of matter, such as atoms, and constructs of ideas, such as a language, are all part of the same process.

The center of our galaxy is hidden from us here on earth. We see only a haze of interstellar dust through our local spiral arm. However, its power can be seen in the fact that the arrows of Scorpio and Sagitarius point to its location. This mystic Great Sun, or Sun behind the Sun, has attracted the attention of many cosmic-oriented cultures. The Mayan for instance called it the Hunab Ku and thought of it as a regulating mechanism that determined the flow of life throughout the galaxy.

The Hunab Ku symbol is instructive. It shows us two opposing flows, similar to the Chinese Tao, uniting to form four outward arms or angles. The two flows represent the processional flow of the galactic radiationalfield and the precessional flow of the gravity lens forming at ninety degrees to the field flow, or in a band along the equator. The intersection of these two flows produces a cross or quartering effect.

From earth, we can define a line from the center point in Sagitarius to its opposite point in Gemini as our local galactic axis. This cosmic pillar acts a direction finder, locating us in the galactic lens. While this axis remains constant, our relationship to it down here on earth changes with the flow of time.Because the earth wobbles on its axis as it spins, any point, such as an equinox or a solstice, appears to move counter to the sun's progress through the ecliptic at the rate of one degree every 72 years.

The angle of the earth's intersection with the galactic axis changes over time, and only once every 13,000 years or so does it form a true right angle, ninety degrees, to the galactic core.This ninety degree intersection produces a scalar field effect similar to that which forms gravity waves into fractally atractive matter packets called atoms. In other words, an intersection of field flow at ninety degrees produces a burst of information/ energy that is transmitted instantaneously from the galactic core to the solar and planetary core.

This higher density radiation might even be seen, by those sensitive to its light, as an ultra-violet blue glow near the cusp of Sagitarius and Capricorn. The Hopi called it the Blue Star and said it marked the end of time.Beginning with the eclipse period just ended, our planet has
entered the intersection zone. Over the next few years, the subtle illumination pulsing from the Hunab Ku directly to our consciousness will grow ever brighter. In this period, the moment of the equinox, when the solar and celestial ecliptics cross, has a profound signifcance.

This balancing point, where the light is equal, can also be our access point to the influx of new energy/information with which we are beginning to be bombarded.

Dr. Solar Wolff
Saturday, March 18th, 2006, 05:56 AM
Fascinating, Om as a word for the BS! So, in using Om as a word in meditation, we are invoking the power of the Black Sun?

Sunday, March 19th, 2006, 04:08 AM
for me the bS emanates the power of vril (The liveenergy, or Od-Kraft).
it has to do with magnetics.

the dalai lama says the sound of the didgeredoo is the OM of australia.

Dr. Solar Wolff
Tuesday, March 28th, 2006, 06:20 AM
for me the bS emanates the power of vril (The liveenergy, or Od-Kraft).
it has to do with magnetics.

the dalai lama says the sound of the didgeredoo is the OM of australia.

OD-Kraft, Welcome! Here you can post in German if you want to do so.

Tell me more about magnetics. My daughter gave me a magnetic ankle bracelet for my bad back. I didn't think it would work but put it on anyway. Within three days the pain was all gone! Now, I wear it 24/7. I am now breathing the Runes while wearing the magnetic ankle bracelet.

Yes, I too believe the BS radiates Vril energy. I also think other names for Vril are aether energy, OD energy and even gravity (matter absorbs aether--the resulting accelleration is gravity).

Thursday, May 18th, 2006, 03:24 AM
[...] we should be careful in declaring that for example our galaxy's Black Hole radiates energy that is beneficial to humans. In reality we know ery little about the black hole's phenomenon and we should be careful not to fall in the trap of believing pseudoscientific/wishfull metaphysical beliefs!