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Wednesday, March 15th, 2006, 05:26 AM
Proposal of an nice idea for a battle against the World Enemy (the international High finance) which would make it possible to protect the national movement all over the world and increase the possibility concerning their success to achieve the victory.
I have had one of my „genial“ ideas. An idea which isn't so bad after all and which I would like to share with you.

It would be possible with only a small financial burden to work out an idea which would course an enormous propaganda damage to the World Enemy (the High Finance). The main point is an development of a computer game I myself hardly can realize on my own and which I would like to present to the community.

This computer game is meant for the young all over the world because the majority of the young people are keen on gaming, they do except and are open to an unconventional approach the the elder generation. Actually good games are like an infection they do live their own life and expand on their own. Such a game should content plenty of good and interesting pictures and animations and having the possibility to play using simple mouse click. It should be put together in a way having the possibility to be based on many diverse languages.

The game name shouldn't be German, it should be some international well known term. Perhaps the Hebrew word for “Poer” or “Gold” or “Dominion, Rule, Lordship, Empire”, something in that direction.

The game is based on strategy like the „Battles of ahriman“ or „The Civilization“. During the game should it be possible for the player to chose a plain motto or direction based on an old Testament Bible quotation.

4 There shouldn't be a poor one in the mid of you because the Lord will bless you in the land given you through your Lord, your God for the eternity.
6 Then the Lord, your God will bless you as promised, so you'll lend to many nation and you'll never borrow from somebody; you'll rule over many nations and nobody will ever rule over you..(Moses, 15,4 and 6)

The game should be played with one or more players using an international battle net. All Gamers do play the game in their own interest with or against each other. The play area are fictive countries on an fictive World Map. It all starts in the year 1640. The gamer is a newcomer in a country (England) and is in possession of a fortune of 1000 gold pieces. The life periods should content 1/ or ½ years periods in which the gamer has the possibility to borrow and to lend and to work on his fortune and influence. There comes the time he would try to lend to the King of the country, the part in which should fly the champagne corks (or some equivalent of Moslem versions of bon fire rockets). The point score of the player goes rapidly up.

There is even bigger bon fire if the gamer comes in the possession of the Central Bank because the country has no financial sources and the nobles do not care. Reaching this point, there are no problems with money then the possibility to print any amount of it is free. Farther there are points for the Country Power, Influence of the Nobles and the Common People whose environment and situation goes rapidly down as the gamer gains more success. All what the gamer starts has it’s price. No matter a construction of a Freemasonry Temple or possession of a TV concession. He must pay for it but anyway he is free to print every amount required because he is the owner of the Central Bank. All the inhabitants, the common folk mainly are in debts thus there is no big problem for the gamer at all. He has actually free hand.

Important is the under mentioned strategies the gamer (High Finance) uses do work successful:

1. Do care you lend to more countries in the same period so you could use them in combat to if you want your loan back. Without armed insurance the money would be a gift. There is a possibility of a propaganda (using mass media)

2. As soon the gamer possesses the Central Bank there must be the possibility of strategy using inflation and following deflation to achieve the goal which is the possession of mobile and immobile property because the owner are deep in debts. (Hint to the game constructors: books of Guenter Hannich)

3. Also the manipulation of the Stock Exchange should be included in the game. The gamer has the free hand for options, initiation and (expensive) sale of the shares. In the coming deflation he can buy all back on his terms.

4. Possibility for political stirring up and instigation of the nation to start a war and profit of their debts and the swag off the prize.

5. As soon a nation is in troubles there should be the strategy of a lie successful. Included the Big (Life)Lie of the Communism, the enterprise or debtor is guilty and not the money-broker or creditor. The issue of the propaganda might be complicated, perhaps rudimentary.

6. The possession of the media should score high, the same as the strategy of beating the concurrence using dumping prices.

7.Great scores the abolition of the Nobles and installation of corruptive government. The installation of a Democracy should be worth a big bon fire.

8. Posive score for creation of an own state or kingdom on the world map. For delicacy extra bonus.

9. The gamer should be able to finance or create different organizations for his benefit. Creation of Masonic Hall.

10. As soon the democracy is installed (possibility for stirring up a revolution in a country) there have to be a way to eliminate the political leaders. There could be some hint or association with the murder on pres. Kennedy und to mention his order 11110. As example the open car murder.

11. Of course there have to be manipulation of the dependant countries, and the possibility to start a war.

12. Important should be the anonymity. Is the gamer well known, negative points or destruction.

13. Disintegration using emigration of destructive elements, economic emigration. (Dangerous for the gamer because not entirely controllable).

14 The point scores include: amount of gold, money notes (which can be printed according the wish if in possession of the Central Bank), property, the level of the political control, media and education.

15. The victory and success means to have all the countries of the world under the control.
16. Saving in between option.

17. The gamer looses the game if he doesn't follow the rules of the game.

In my opinion I have let you know the principle of the game quite enough and let the finishing touch to the people who know how to put all together with all those political elements. The game is a simulation of the present world and its (at time very well hidden) reality.
Surely it is not very simple to put all this together but it could be a hit. The nationalists would gain the possibility for letting the young people experience the reality and to discover the lies of the red wing about the power common economy. The thinking of the Ivory Towers shows how ridicule their way of approach is.
It should be all the time interesting and tense, coloured and put good together and the clue served in a subtile and delicate manner. In no way there should be some hit as a Nazi Game at all. That would be disastrous because the point is to make this game to be a hit with hidden clue which inspires everyone to think and to discover. Bad examples are the games like “KZ-Rattenjagd” or „Ethnic Cleansing“ using the wrong title and attitude of distribution. It should not be the cause of some restriction (though Germany is very over done with restrictions for even a small hint but it did any damage concerning a good game).
The game should give the taste of the real outside world to every gamer. A educative quality game has an high level of influence and education through experience.
Hope the programming is not such a big deal, considering the game „Die Siedler“ has been written through 2 children.
Though in the game the gamer takes the position of the Great Enemy, it is an important experience to know the tactics and possible identification with the situation. Of course every game has a limited life but the knowledge and experience do last. In the daily life is our gamer hardly the tai coon but one of those people living in power situations, losing their jobs and being controlled themselves.
Experience in the game uncovers all those lies in the media, lies of the politicians, tactics of controlled organizations. If he knows – well knowledge is the best armour there is.
Brainwash and psycho intimidation are subtle but dangerous and people who know them have the best resistance. Lack of education or bad education and psycho propaganda are powerful instruments in the hands of an enemy. The victor and the villain writes and re writes the history and the history is our culture treasure, our life and our identity. So using a game to wake the people nad open their eyes would be the best way to keep them alive and kicking.
Just like Mr Rothschild did answer when asked if the private system of the Central Bank will not harvest a stout resistance: He doesn't think so because the majority doesn't understand it’s working and those who do will nicely profit and use it to make even bigger profit.
So we care, everybody does understand it.
I am giving this idea free to everyone who can use it and to do something with for the Best.