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Sunday, March 12th, 2006, 04:13 AM
In Lytton's The Coming Race, the subterranean people use the Vril Force to operate and govern the world (a few children armed with vril-powered rods are said capable of exterminating a race of over 22 million threatening barbarians). Served by robots and able to fly on vril-powered wings, the vegetarian Vril-ya are — by their own reckoning — racially and culturally superior to everyone else on Earth, above or below the ground. At one point the narrator concludes (from linguistic evidence) that the Vril-ya are "descended from the same ancestors as the great Aryan family, from which in varied streams has flowed the dominant civilization of the world."

The Vril Force or Vril Energy was said to be derived from the Black Sun, a big ball of "Prima Materia" which supposedly exists in the center of the Earth, giving light to the Vril-ya and putting out radiation in the form of Vril. The Vril Society believed that Aryans were the actual biological ancestors of the Black Sun.

This force was known to the ancients under many names, and it has been called Chi, Ojas, Vril, Astral Light, Odic Forces and Orgone. In a discussion of the 28th degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry—called Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept— Albert Pike said, "There is in nature one most potent force, by means whereof a single man, who could possess himself of it, and should know how to direct it, could revolutionize and change the face of the world."

This is the force that the Nazis and their inner occult circle were so desperately trying to unleash upon the world, for which the Vril Society had apparently groomed Hitler. A manifestation of the "Great Work" promulgated by the Adepts of secret societies throughout the ages. The Vril Society latched on to a very old archetype already in the minds of alchemists and magicians, which was only re-interpreted, by Lytton, in light of that age of occult revival and scientific progress.

The idea of mutation and transformation into a higher form of a "god-man" was envisioned, through the Vril-ya, in Buller-Lytton's The Coming Race. Lytton, himself, was an initiate of the Rosicrucians and was well versed in the arcane-esoteric philosophies (and of course the greatest advances in the sciences of his day). "Through his romantic works of fiction he expressed the conviction that there are beings endowed with superhuman powers. These beings will supplant us and bring about a formidable mutation in th elect of the human race."(J. Bergier)

Source (http://www.conspiracyarchive.com/NWO/Vril_Society.htm)

Dr. Solar Wolff
Tuesday, March 14th, 2006, 01:45 AM
Parsifal, thanks for finding your way here.

I feel the Virl force is another name for aether energy and this is the energy emitted by the Black Sun. Think about it, all the matter and energy surrounding the BS is constantly spiraling into it. This energy must come out somewhere. We know each black hole emits gamma and x-ray energy some distance from the singularity. It also emits a huge magnetic field. But this hardly accounts for what goes in. What must come out is the most fundamental type of energy in the universe. This energy is not only gravity but can be converted into matter as it is absorbed by matter much as cosmic rays are transformed to X-rays, gamma, the other frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum and finally heat. In the case of Aether, this energy is also absorbed by matter, as in "gravity shielding" but a small fraction of this energy is actually converted into matter. This is why we have tectonic plate theory when actually the subduction of plates exceeds the new plate formation. The answer is simple. The earth and every other heavenly body is expanding as they absorb gravity (aether/vril).

Another aspect of this article which I like is the transformational point. This is really on two levels. The personal aspect is that by which we do things and absorb more Vril energy, thus transforming ourselves to a highter state. The other aspect is technological. It involves the vortex as a means of densification of matter. The vortex as in Schauberger, Schappeller and our gallaxy does exactly this. But there are other methods involving atomic energy. Plutonium is densified uranium, for instance. The Germans used atomic reactors and carried on extensive densification experiments. They also used the work of Karl Nowak. Nowak was involved using cold temperatures and pressure to densifiy material. The Germans used this method to make super-hard-strong metals. An offshoot of this technolgy was used to make a bomb (the cold bomb or endothermic bomb) as well as to propell aircraft. Yes, liquid helium was injected into an active combustion chamber at which time it expanded further and with more force than combustion of gasoline. All this work on densification can go by another name, "transmutation", and it is here that a link is made with alchemy. In fact, the phycists of the 3rd Reich were alchemists in a round about way. Free energy devices make no sense until one realizes that they are sucking up Vril energy/aether/zero point energy. Once this is understood, there is no violation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics as often stated. The energy is just unknown to those who say these devices are a violation of the 2nd Law but are known to the inventors. In fact, Schappeller incorporated interstellar cold as an actual mechanism of storage for this energy and called it Reverse Thermodynamics, but this is another story.

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