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White Iceland
Friday, March 3rd, 2006, 08:47 PM
In the business of Thulean myth-building, it is useful to look to legends and fiction that have gone before without specific Black Sun emphasis.

One of the most widely known stories about overcoming the conformist message is the film "They Live." Of course John Carpenter, director, is a great Lovecraft fan, but the story upon which They Live is based is a very short piece of writing by Ray Nelson from 1963 called "8 O'Clock in the Morning."

That short story is available here:


In the original story, the spell is broken after a hypnotism exhibition. In the film, it is a specially developed pair of sunglasses that allow a person to see the truth.

I stumbled into this personality profile while looking for the characteristic ability to resist deception:


The World View of the Grade V Hypnotizable Person

Trait Three - Psychic Self Defense: We can read other people's auras, thoughts, and mannerisms. We are able to tell much about a person by the colors of their auras. When a person is saying one thing, but their thoughts and aura say just the opposite, we are unable to cope with the lies and deceit that person portrays.

Summary: Grade V persons are psychic, and they cannot be lied to. All Grade V persons constantly read body language, mannerisms, and auras in other persons, and they will become quite alarmed if they perceive stark differences with the words the person is saying.

If it should seem that some of my considerations are far removed from any concept of the Black Sun as it is popularly understood (if there is any such understanding), keep in mind that my goal is to cleanse and revitalize the symbol and attach to it the intended energy which should be readily grasped but has become buried under bad fiction containing little of archetypal value.

What known works of fiction present themes which you personally associate with the Black Sun?

For someone who has read the Landig Thule trilogy, does he refer in his works to an ability to see through deception? I feel that it is this quality which is most readily accessible to us and deserves contemplation before we can begin to understand the further extent of the gifts the Black Sun can provide.

Dr. Solar Wolff
Thursday, March 9th, 2006, 10:37 PM
Once a freind got me into doing the Runes daily, breathing the Runes as he called it. I did the entire series nine times daily as I drove to work. One of the side effects was that a little alarm went off inside me when someone was lying to me. This was especially true when it came to American propaganda (usually Zionist). It was as if their words hit some sort of force field and bounced off--their words sounded almost comical.

One of the other side effects was that this practice interrupted my sleep so I could not go on at the rate described above. But, nevertheless, the energy infused into me during that time through practice of the runes is considered the very energy of the Black Sun and this was said by the guy who taught them to me. So, yes, White Iceland, this energy of the Black Sun is involved with the power to see through deception and just another reason to get involved with the Black Sun.

P.S. Could this energy of the Black Sun, if internalized in an individual, help shield him from the influence of the black magic of the Kaballah?

White Iceland
Friday, March 10th, 2006, 07:42 AM
Could this energy of the Black Sun, if internalized in an individual, help shield him from the influence of the black magic of the Kaballah?

Glad this trait rang true with you... I must say that such enlightenment would certainly alert you to false teachings and ward off hostile influences.

The Germanic/Allemanni zierscheiben decorative discs which the Wewelsburg design is patterned after were worn as charms, and I suspect they were believed to carry the specific power to trap and confuse harmful forces. Some of these very intricate wheels, with hypnotic twists and turns, remind me of labyrinth patterns with a single path which the wearer can navigate and emerge psychically stronger, while "bad vibes" get lost in its circuits and burn themselves out.

Have you ever meditated on the Wewelsburg disc? Focusing on it, drawing it both freehand and with simple mechanical drawing tools, isolating and manipulating elements of it with illustration programs? This practice has brought me some very satisfying considerations.

I wonder if the women wearing such emblems ca. 600 AD found similar meditational qualities in their designs. Most zierscheiben were about the size of the palm of your hand. I can almost visualize our ancestral mothers holding their zeirscheibe in the open palm of one hand while running a finger along the paths of this mysterious relic, something of a heathen rosary...

Dr. Solar Wolff
Tuesday, March 14th, 2006, 01:19 AM
This is an excellent suggestion, White Iceland. I will do this. Also, I wonder, since the Wewelsburg Black Sun symbol is made up of 8 Sig Runes in a wheel, if it would be beneficial to "breathe" the Sig Rune eight times perhaps followed with the word "Odin" or "Wotan" a word and sound which would seem to function as a Rune itself (since he gave us the Runes).

Saturday, March 10th, 2007, 05:40 PM
... Also, I wonder, since the Wewelsburg Black Sun symbol is made up of 8 Sig Runes in a wheel, ...

Isn't it 12 Sig Runes? ;)

Dr. Solar Wolff
Sunday, March 11th, 2007, 04:21 AM
Isn't it 12 Sig Runes? ;)

I don't have twelve fingers so it is all higher math for me. Of course you are correct!