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Monday, February 27th, 2006, 10:28 PM
One day a strange man arrives at the place where the people of
Tribe 1 live.

They ask him: "Who you?" He: "I King."
They: "Your name King?" He: "No; my name John."
They: "Why call self King if name John?"
He: "I special person, agent of God."
They: "You look different but not special; who God?"
He: "God creator of world."
They: "Where God?; How create world?"
He: "God everywhere; God all-powerful."
They: "How we see God?" He: "Can't see God."
They: "You speak crazy." He: "No; I special; I show you."
Whereupon the stranger performs various tricks
like apparently making objects appear and disappear.
They: "You clever man-who-tricks." He: "I special; I King."
They: "You speak funny; you clever John-who-tricks."
He: "I King; my word law." They: "What law? -- special word?"
He: "Yes; my word law-you must obey."
They: "Ah! You mean order-word!"
He: "Yes; I King; I make law." They: "No; you speak order-word?"
He: "Yes; I special."
They: "What special? -- Anybody speak order-word?"
He: "You not understand."
They: "No."

Eventually John-the-stranger gives up trying to convince the
people of Tribe 1 that he has a "special status" and that his
words are different from the words of anyone else-so he leaves,
to search for more gullible and impressionable victims elsewhere...

For many days and nights he trudges through the
jungle before discovering the people of Tribe 2.
They: "Who you?" He: "I King." They: "Your name King?"
He: "No, my name John."
They: "Why call self King if name John?"
He: "I special person, agent of God."
They: "You look different; what God?" He: "God creator of world."
They: Where God?; How create world?"
He "God everywhere; God all-powerful."
They: "Show special?"
Whereupon the stranger performs various tricks like
apparently making objects appear and disappear.
They: "You King, agent of God." He: "Yes, my word law."
They: "What law?"
He: "Law special word of God through me; you must obey."

Whereupon the people of Tribe 2 bow down and
kiss the feet of John-they do not habitually test
abstractions against reality, so they readily accept
John-the-stranger as their "King" and his word as "law."

Thereafter all he has to do to subjugate, control,
and dominate them, is open his mouth...

"Language creates spooks that get
into our heads and hypnotize us."

* Robert Anton Wilson,
Introduction to The Tree of Lies
(by Christopher S. Hyatt. Ph.D.)

"It is hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head."
* Sally Kempton

"The most potent weapon in the hands of the
oppressor is the mind of the oppressed."
* Steve Biko

The people from Tribe 1 reject the Slavespeak words of John
the would-be-terrocrat-making them impossible to subjugate,
control, and dominate. To them the terrocrat is merely a
clever liar and trickster.

The Tribe 2 people accept John's word "King" to describe
himself. They believe that "King" John has special powers
because of the tricks he performs and because of his
connection to "God."

By accepting John's terrocrat words they automatically place
him in a superior position and themselves in inferior positions.

Just by accepting, believing, and using the terrocrat word "King,"
they yield their power to the terrocrat-they subjugate themselves.

It's worth emphasizing that just by accepting the concepts/words
of the would-be tyrant, you place yourself at a huge disadvantage.
By doing so, you relinquish your power, enabling the would-be
tyrant to become an actual tyrant.

Instead of laughing at his silly notions, you'll probably end up
begging him to "change the law" so you can be free.

And guess who has the last laugh!


(Exerpt from "The Anatomy of SlaveSpeak)

http://www.buildfreedom.com/tl/tl07a.shtml (http://anonym.to/?http://www.buildfreedom.com/tl/tl07a.shtml)

Two Tribes

Consider two different isolated tribes somewhere in the
jungles of South America. Call them Tribe 1 and Tribe 2.

Each has its unique language with its own structure.

The language of Tribe 1 (Language 1) tends to be very literal.
A man who fishes, for example, is called "man-who-fishes."
The same man, while sleeping, is called "man-who-sleeps";
while talking, "man-who-talks"; while running, "man-who-runs";
while eating, man-who-eats"; while writing, "man-who-writes";
while making a chair, "man-who-makes-chair"; while giving orders,
"man-who-gives-orders"; etc.

In Language 1, distinctions are made between different
kinds of words: "Thing-words," "Do-words," "How-words,"
"Story-words," "Funny-words," "Order-words," "Panic-words,"
"What-words," "Who-words," "Why-words," "When-words,"
"Where-words," etc.
High-level abstractions are rare in language 1.
To the people of Tribe 1, any word that doesn't refer to
something physically perceivable, is highly suspect.
Their test for reality is physical.

The language of Tribe 2 (Language 2) is very different.
A man who obtains his wherewithal mostly by fishing,
is called "fisherman." (This system of nomenclature
would seem absurd to the people of Tribe 1 -- how can you
call someone a "fisherman" when he is not fishing, but sleeping?)
Language 2 contains many high-level abstractions-like "happiness."
People from Tribe 2 can talk for hours about "happiness."
(To someone from Tribe 1, this would be incomprehensible-they
only talk about "woman-who-is-happy" while she is happy,
and "woman-who-is-sad" while she is sad. The notion that you
could separate "happiness" from a real person being happy,
and talk about "happiness" as if it existed by itself, would be
completely unthinkable to someone from Tribe 1.)

To the people from Tribe 2, any word being used is automatically
assumed to be part of existence, otherwise people wouldn't use it.

(To someone from Tribe 1, the word "existence" would be a
meaningless absurdity, because in their mentality only particular
objects exist.)

In Tribe 2, the test for reality is agreement. If other people agree
with a word and the way it seems to be used, then that word is
automatically accepted as valid and useful.


Monday, February 27th, 2006, 10:48 PM
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Tribe 2 - modern society. Myth's are around us and we themselves are part's of them.