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Sunday, January 29th, 2006, 02:17 PM
by Horst Mahler (translated by Constantin von Hoffmeister)

... The comments by Clauss (Dr. Ludwig Ferdinand Clauss - RASSE UND SEELE [Race and Soul]) are the eternally fruitless effort to show the non-Nordic races that the National Socialist racial theory is "harmless."

Hitler definitely thought that the Nordic race was superior - and he was right. Perhaps it is a long time ago since you read chapter 11, "Volk und Rasse" (People and Race), in MEIN KAMPF. Just read it again, now. If somebody comes along and says that he does not differentiate between races and does not put them into perspective with one another, he is a liar. He wants to trap you.

It depends on the measure of the valuation. Hitler was thinking about the higher development of humanity. The peoples are not like exotic animals in a zoo. These are displayed without inner relations to another, only displayed for external viewing. We go there and find some of them beautiful, some of them ugly. These valuations are inane.

In contrast, the concept of the development of spiritual beings - therefore including the peoples - contains differences that are related to each other - earlier and later stages, lower and higher forms of the developing substance. To take away from the peoples the consciousness of this differentiation and the related valuation is part of the annihilation program of our enemies.

A people that, in relation to another people, sees itself as occupying a higher stage of development, is hardly going to develop the will or the willingness to step down from the higher stage in order to occupy a level that it thought overcome long ago. This people you would have to show me.

Clauss reacts in the wrong way to the attacks of the enemy. He accepts the enemy's hypocritical pretense that racism is of the devil. He tries - in vain - to exonerate the Nazis of the charge of racism. Right would have been to show the dual nature of racism. He who tries to use the difference between himself and the kaffirs as a justification for enslaving the kaffirs, is of the devil. But he who, by realizing the difference, gains the conviction that the kaffir cannot be our teacher and judge, hears the will of God and executes it.

Upon this reflection, it is a must to declare oneself to be against Jewish and for Germanic racism. Of course, the Nazis were/are racists - God-pleasing racists. They understand their higher being as a responsibility for the whole, including a responsibility for the lower being. They foster their status and help the lower races to live lives free from slavery, according to their characters.

Also, it cannot be doubted that the Jews, who think of themselves as being chosen by Yahweh, are racists - Satan-serving racists. They think of themselves as gods and feel they have the right to enslave (Isa 60, 12) and slaughter (Isa 34, 2) all non-Jewish peoples.

Since the Jews do not know any other racism but their own - the Satanic one - they believe that they can, through the accusation of racism, shoot down the bearers of the divine racism. There is a simple cure against that: one simply has to recognize both racisms as aspects of the divine being and articulate them. It then suffices, whenever they accuse us of racism, to hold a mirror (meaning the Torah [Old Testament]) in front of the Jews and laugh at them because of their simple-mindedness.

We avow ourselves to our divine racism through which the world will recuperate one day.


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Sunday, January 29th, 2006, 09:18 PM
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