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Monday, December 26th, 2005, 04:01 PM
It is the most meridional subrace of the Caucasic European races. Most times it is considered as an homogeneus subrace, from Portugal to Syria; this is a common error, as most people don't know that there's not a single Med race.

There are two main Med subraces:
-The West Mediterranean or Paleo-Atlantid.
-The East Mediterranean or Med-Neolithic.

The first one also known as Atlanto-Mediterranean or Iberid, is the phenotype brought by the first West European settlers around 45,000 years ago. The main difference with the East-Med, is that is not so Dolicocephalic pronounced, and Brachycephalism is not uncommon. The hair colour can vary from dark-blond to dark-brown, but the most common is brown, eye colour can vary from brown to grey.
This race remains more pure in Ireland, Wales, the Basque Country, Brittany and some parts of Scotland. It's found all over the Atlantic European coast but no so pure. It's majoritary in Spain, with few levels of East-Med and Nordic influence, and it is found in England, Denmark, the Netherlands and France but so mixed with the Nordic subrace that could be considered as a different subrace (Nord-Atlantid).

The second one is the original subrace of the first populations of the Middle East. A Neolithic subrace which expanded through the Mediterranean Sea 8,000 years ago. Mainly Dolicocephalic, blondism is not rare, though brunette is more common, eye colour can vary from dark-brown to blue. The pure form of this subrace is almost extinct as a cause of the Negroid influence in most of the Middle East, although it can be found almost pure in isolated populations in Syria and some Berberic villages in the Algerian Kabylia.

The mix of the former subraces with each other or with other external elements provoked the apparition of the following Med subraces:

-Pontid subrace: The mix of East-Med with Alpine/Dinaric mainly, with an important Nordic and Paleo-Atlantid influence. Found in Greece, Romania, Bulgary, Ukranian coast, and some parts of the Aegean Anatolia.

-Italic subrace: The mix of Paleo-Atlantid and East-Med with a few Nordic and Alpine influence. Being more Atlantid and Alpine in the North and more East-Med in the South.

-Saharid subrace: The mix of East-Med with Negroid. It's found all over North Africa and the Middle East. Arabia and North Africa have a higher level of Negroid than the regions of Mesopotamia.