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Saturday, December 17th, 2005, 10:18 PM

Australians rally for self-defence

After years of suffering attacks, abuse, and intimidation from gangs of Middle Eastern men, especially against women, Australians from the Cronulla Shire banded together to reclaim their beach - to reclaim the right to be able use the beach without fear of threats or harassment.

On Sunday 11th December 2005, about 5000 Australians gathered in Cronulla to protest against anti-Australian violence, to protest against anti-Australian racism. In particular, these "Fair Dinkums" were protesting against the violence and harassment originating from Lebanese gangs that had been gravitating into Cronulla. It was the widely-publicised bashing of two lifeguards by a group of 15 Lebanese that was the catalyst for this shared community outrage.

When some people of apparent Lebanese/Arab origin made an appearance on Sunday 11th, community anger overflowed - and they were attacked. Whilst violence cannot be condoned, the anger - and resulting actions - can be understood, in light of community anger against the street-level realities of Multiculturalism.

The violence was, of course, condemned by the media - but generally with such a biased slant against the Australians who rallied together as a community, that the media outpourings would easily qualify as propaganda. Hardly any detailing was given of the years and years of community restraint against gangs of Lebanese thugs. It is unlikely that many of the journalists and politicians who condemned the Australians at Cronulla have ever had to put up with gangs of Lebanese spitting on them, abusing them, attacking them, intimidating them, or strongly harassing their womenfolk.

One of the main complaints against the Lebanese gangs has been the way they act towards Australian women. It has been said that as many Arab and Muslim women cover up much of their bodies (as part of their culture) therefore many Lebanese males see Australian women as "sluts", not worthy of respect, especially if they are wearing bikinis at the beach. Whereas, as a rarity, an Australian female may receive a wolfwhistle or comment from an Australian male on the beach, the accusation has been made that the Lebanese gang style is to front right up to Aussie women in a group, surround them, tower over them, placing them in direct fear of their safety, a situation maybe or maybe not accompanied by nasty verbal abuse.

This style of anti-female intimidation is far more widespread than police statistics can show, as most incidents of this sort are never reported. Indeed, as is typical in such incidents, what "proof" can the young Aussie females offer? Women know that the police, hampered by lack of resources, are unlikely to be able to do anything.

Locals in Cronulla have experienced this sort of thing for years. The Age reported one local man's experience with the joys of Multicultural diversity (luckily for him, it didn't involve being bashed):
"I was here a week ago and the Lebs said to me, 'What are you doing here, whitey? Piss off' ... They've tried to take over this stretch and make it their own". (The Age, 13 Dec 2005, p6) This situation has not only been occurring in Cronulla. The Daily Telegraph noted that prior to a massive police crackdown
"for years Bondi beach had experienced bashings of lifesavers and locals and intimidation of beachgoers, particularly of young women. The perpetrators were gangs of Middle Eastern background." (Paul Comrie-Thomson, The Australian, 13 Dec 2005, p12) In 1998 the police station in the heavily Arabic suburb of Lakemba (in Sydney) was riddled with bullets in a "drive-by" shooting, widely attributed to Lebanese gangs in the area. In 2000 the whole of Australia was shocked when, over a period of several months, young Aussie girls were being raped by a pack of Lebanese thugs. It emerged that these girls were being targeted because they were Australian - this was racial hatred at its worst.

This is an important point that the media have missed, or have deliberately ignored - the anti-Australian racism, the huge HATE that these Lebanese gangs have for Australians. Despite the labels the media like to pin upon "fair dinkum" Australians, we - as a people - are not haters; it is not in our bones - even when our country is being demographically taken over by millions of Third Worlders, we do not hate them - we hate the situation and wish that they were not here - but we do not hate them as individuals. Despite the academic propaganda of the Black Armband version of history, which is not much more than cultural anti-Australian propaganda, Australia is not a society of haters - at least, not yet; unless Multiculturalism eventually makes us that way.

But for many Lebanese and other Arab Muslims, being amongst Australians with our laid-back culture and our free and independent women, conflicts so heavily with their internal cultural wellbeing that their only way out of the conundrum is to hate us. On the street, in the suburbs they "control", you can see the hate in their faces and in their attitudes. Even for many born here, this still applies, and this is the Catch 22 of Multiculturalism, this is why it cannot work to have such opposing cultural forces in the same place, this is why Multiculturalism cannot work - because it cannot contain two diametrically opposed cultural forces, this is why Multiculturalism creates racism and anger in society. For the good of Australian society, for our long-term well-being, it would be a gesture of good faith for the government to offer to pay those who don't wish to integrate, to return to their cultural homeland - it would be the most humane solution in the long run.

Tim Priest, a former police detective in Sydney, has reminded us that in 2004 he predicted that
"the increasing frequency of racially motivated attacks on young Australian men and women - including murders, gang rapes and serious assaults by young men of Lebanese Muslim descent - would rise dramatically throughout Australia. These problems remain widespread and have been documented in the ensuing two years." (The Australian, 13 Dec 2005, p12) This is the reality of Multiculturalism. This is the side of Multiculturalism that goes virtually ignored in our nation's schools and media. Why? Because it is inconvenient. Those who would impose Multiculturalism upon us, upon our sons and daughters, will only point to the "good side" of Multiculturalism: different restaurants, ethnic dancing, and human success stories. The politicians and media deliberately ignore the huge "down side" of Multiculturalism: the cultural war, the crimes, the anti-female attitudes, the anti-Australian racism, and the feeling of becoming a stranger in your own land.

Mass immigration from the Third World, opposed by the majority of Australians but supported by the majority of politicians, is leading to a situation where Australians will be outnumbered in their own country. Unless we fight back by taking political action against the traitor political parties and their anti-Australian policies.

Multiculturalism is a political ideology that is just as repellant as Communism and Nazism. The Communists carried out genocide against the Ukrainians, and later against the Cambodians; the Nazis carried out genocide against the Jews and the Gypsies; and now the Multiculturalists are carrying out a slow genocide against Australians - a genocide based upon high rates of Third World immigration, and a cultural war against the Australian way of life:
Massive Third World immigration, with some associated high birth rates.
Multiculturalism, at the expense of Australia's culture.
Banning Santa Claus in kindergartens.
Banning Christmas from various public displays.
The undermining and disparaging of the Aussie way of life in the media and education.Just what is genocide?
Rafael Lemkin, inventor of the term "genocide", explains it clearly:

"Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves. The objectives of such a plan would be the disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups. Genocide is directed against the national group as an entity, and the actions involved are directed against individuals, not in their individual capacity but as members of a national group."Multiculturalism = Genocide.
Masquerading as a "nice" and "tolerant" social idea, Multiculturalism is in fact an extremist anti-Western political ideology that is genocidal. It is intolerant of the continuing extistence of homogeneous national groups, and wishes - via massive Third World immigration - to snuff out the existence of all White-populated countries.

The rallying of Australians in Cronulla is much more than people rebelling against racism and violence from Middle Eastern gangs. It is a people's rebellion - a rejection of the anti-Australian policies of Multiculturalism and Third World immigration foisted upon us by lousy politicians, academics, and journalists who have deliberately and wilfully ignored the will of the Australian people.

Well, we Australians are sick of it all.

We are sick of having our traditions stomped into the ground.
We are sick of being told to say "Happy holidays" instead of "Happy Christmas".
We want Santa Claus and Christmas carols in our kindergarten and school concerts.

We are sick of the anti-Australian policy of Multiculturalism.
We are sick of teachers and journalists attacking Australia's history and lifestyle.
We want Australia's way of life, history, and culture taught in our schools - respectfully.

We are sick of walking into suburbs that look as if they are a part of the Middle East or Asia.
We are sick of being strangers in our own land.
We want an end to Third World immigration.

We want an end to Multicultural "political correctness".
And we aim to do something about it.
We are Australians fighting back!

Fight back against those who would destroy Australia
Join Australia First
We need you! Australia needs you!

Do something worthwhile with your life
Fight for Australia!
www.australiafirst.net (http://www.australiafirst.net/index.html)


Saturday, December 17th, 2005, 10:23 PM
It's also worthwhile looking at the list of media articles at

And there's some other Cronulla articles at

Saturday, December 17th, 2005, 10:59 PM
Good article. How large are the Australia First? Are they represented in parliament?

And how radical are they? Do they have a standpoint on the racial issue for example?

Monday, December 19th, 2005, 08:30 AM
The Australia First Party (AFP) was founded by Mr. Graeme Campbell, Member of the House of Representatives for Kalgoorlie, in June 1996. Mr. Campbell had been a member of the Australian Labor Party and was critical of the political, economic and cultural internationalism being imposed upon Australia. In the period 1994-5, he lent support to the Australians Against Further Immigration party and used his position to speak out on the need for true Australian independence. For this and other political 'sins' (read honest appraisals of internationalism), he was expelled from the Labor Party.

They are relatively small. Although they began in 1996, most of the members and officers joined with One Nation to provide a united patriotic organisation when Pauline Hanson broke upon the Australian scene.

Unfortunately, One Nation came to be run by those who were "civic patriots" rather than "nationalist patriots". It ended up as a party dominated by a leadership which was against multiculturalism, but was also pro-multiracialism - as was Pauline Hanson herself. Pretty much it was a case of "as long as they speak English and adopt our way of life, they are welcome here" - no matter if they were hordes of Asians and Africans. What began as a patriotic party against immigration, turned into a conservative bunch of flag-wavers who spent half their time trying to prove that they weren't "racist" (ok, not 1/2 their time, but you know what I mean). Lots of Nationalists eventually left One Nation because of this.

So, many Nationalists returned - or newly came - to Australia First, which began a process of reactivation, around early 2002. That reactivation is probably in the throes of completion now. I would guess there's a membership of about 1000, but I couldn't say for sure (2000?), that's just my general impression from what I've read and heard.

Graeme Campbell is no longer in parliament, and AF has no presence in parliament.

Re the race issue, AF has:
Supported the pro-Australian Cronulla rally

Campaigned against:
- So-called boat-people / asylum seekers (demanding their deportation).
- Lebanese racist rapes.
- The employment of refugee contract-labour.
- The opening of a Moslem Prayer Hall

And has an interesting list of leaflets:
- Fake refugees are criminals! Deport them now
- Mass immigration is now a national disaster!
- Multiculturalism is destroying our country!
- Multiculturalism is anti-Australian racism

And their Sydney Branch has a prominent quote from Graeme Campbell at the end of their homepage:
"Australia Must Remain Predominantly White"

[Predominantly? Don't forget we have the native Aboriginal people here.]

Monday, December 19th, 2005, 01:02 PM
Farq. I'd forgotten all about Graeme Campbell. I had that book he wrote, though misplaced it at some point. He was an alright bloke. Didn't the Labor Party turn on him like Bodysnatchers on a Human when they realized he actually BELIEVED in something genuine and clean! I remember a controversy over some smear or other, when they were desperately trying to sling mud by the barrow load at him, then suddenly never a whisper again.

Talk about being killed by silence.

Tuesday, December 20th, 2005, 10:40 PM
Talk about being killed by silence.
Yeah, I think that's true. Much of the media has an unofficial policy about not giving "publicity" to racists, unless it is unavoidable. I have had this indirectly confirmed by many people, and directly confirmed by four media people:

1) Muriel Cooper (was a big wheel on 3AW talkback radio) stated it on during a radio interview (about 1983-84). She said there were two schools of thought amongst journalists re "racist" groups: one wanted to "expose" them, the other wanted to keep them small by giving no publicity.
[So much for journalistic impartiality and integrity - but you all know they are mostly race traitors anyway]

2) I was personally told it by a member of Derryn Hinch's production team (was a big wheel on 3AW talkback radio; 1980s).

3) A friend of mine (not a Nationalist, by the way) did a radio host course at a public radio station, because he was getting into the media. They were specifically told not to give publicity to "racist" groups. [As an aside, he said that everyone on the course were "leftist" types, communists-socialists-anarchists etc., he was the only non-political one there]

4) A newspaper journalist who wanted to do a story, he was not happy when his editor stopped him from doing it (1990s).

I was speaking to a bloke the other day who was a strong Graeme Campbell supporter, when Campbell was in parliament. He said that Campbell was/is an intelligent nationalist, was experienced in politics (having been in parliament for so many years), and was making headway when Pauline Hanson came onto the scene.

His point was that Hanson was largely a media creation. Her and her party, One Nation, achieved popularity and made it big purely because the media were giving her heaps and heaps of publicity.

Hanson was a political infant, was a "civic patriot" rather than a nationalist (she didn't mind what races came into Australia so long as they spoke English and assimilated), but attracted so much support because she was painted as being a racial-nationalist, which she was not.

He said that Hanson was the perfect vehicle for the media to give mega-publicity to, because she would divert Nationalists down a dead-end street - which she did.

Graeme Campbell and Australia First existed before Pauline Hanson came along. He supported her both inside and outside parliament, yet - instead of joining with him - she started her own party. One has to wonder WHY? Maybe she thought he was too "racist"? Who knows?