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Friday, December 16th, 2005, 01:27 AM
LONDON Ancient tools found in Britain show that humans lived in northern Europe 200,000 years earlier than was previously known, at a time when England's climate was warm enough to be the home of lions, elephants and saber-tooth tigers, scientists announced Wednesday. The 32 black flint artifacts, found in river sediments in Pakefield in eastern England, date back 700,000 years and represent the earliest unequivocal evidence for human presence north of the Alps, the scientists said.
The finding dashes the long-held theory that humans did not migrate north from the relatively warm climates of the Mediterranean region until half a million years ago, the scientists said.

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Haplotype I
Friday, December 16th, 2005, 07:41 AM
White skin. Light hair. Light eyes.

Latitude 54.00

No tropical sun to make them dark skinned like Negros.
The sun’s ultra violet rays stimulate skin cells to produce
a dark pigment called melanin

So I think we can safely say there were White humans. White Europeans actually since Britian was periodically connected to Continental Europe.

700,000 years ago, that sure predates the Jew's Abraham story that we all descended from two-live-Jews, Adam and Eve.

As a Druid, this establishes my people and their religion as coming long before the Jew's story of Adam and Eve.
No longer do we have to drop a Gold Coin in the pot of the Jews religion every Sunday, then scratch our heads and wonder why the Jews buy up the press and media.

We've got to change all the Anthropology exhibits in museums that show these early Humans, Man, as dark skinned. Why should they have dark skin if they lived at 54 degrees North latitude? Why even dark hair?