View Full Version : Massacres In History

Wednesday, December 14th, 2005, 11:01 PM
It is incomprehensible that so many could have been killed when one scrolls through the list of massacres in history, even as it is represented on "wickedpedia". if the 5.1-6 million number be true, one cannot yet imagine it, it is incomprehensible and without precedent or antecedent as such. Where btw are the records of the 20 million dead in soviet massacres before 1929? should we be disgusted by the reputed destructions, or if they are real, would we really stand in quiet awe at the unimaginable power required?

Also, where is the resource for a reference to "6 million" in connection with world war I, and the possibility that this reference was simply blindly repeated for the next war?