View Full Version : Rock Paintings and Petroglyphs in Finland

Sunday, December 11th, 2005, 03:57 PM
Rock paintings are tourism object of many values, with the rock and images on it living in concordance with the weather, seasons, the Sun and water. Expecting to find grandiose paintings and depiction of high aesthetic value in rock art will inevitably cause disappointment. The paintings convey us the thoughts, beliefs and traffic routes of the “ordinary” people who lived by these water bodies.

It is not the product of high arts, as it is, but an unadorned “folk song”. The rock paintings of the North offer the best kind of environmental art to those who travel and perceive things with an open mind. Finding one’s way to the images requires overcoming many perceivable and imperceivable boundaries. To view the paintings one must free his mind of established cultural stereotypes, welcome nature and stand still to listen – rock paintings are silent pictures, their voice reaching us over thousands of years.