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Monday, August 5th, 2002, 12:34 AM
VNN is baaaaaaccccck Kikes! Surprised? Sure is harder to deal with white folks than it is 12 year old Palestinian schoolgirls ain't it? After years of everything we see, read, or hear filtered through some all-knowing Kike somewhere, it sure is refreshing to know that you turds can't keep it silenced!
Heritage and Hate

by N.B. Forrest

August 4, 2002

"Heritage - not hate!" Has there ever been a more pathetic 'please-jews-don't-call-us-racists' pule than that? The organization that came up with that wretched excuse for a slogan, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, has just had an election for "commander" of the "Army of Northern Virginia" (one of the three divisions of the group). As most readers know, this year's election raised quite a stink in the image-obsessed association. Kirk Lyons, a "controversial" lawyer who has represented pro-White clients under the guns of ZOG, ran as the candidate of substantive change. Rightfully disgusted with the way the SCV has been totally ineffective in its mission of defending the Confederate flag & other symbols, he wanted to revitalize the moribund group by adopting a far more aggressive stance in response to the relentless attacks of the Media Hebes and uppity nigras like the NAACP's Queasy Mfume. Lyons is the sort of hard-line rabble-rouser that appalls the cringing New South-types who imagine themselves to be refined Southern Gentlemen valiantly holding the line against the white trash hordes. They just hate to offend anyone -- least of all the enemy -- so their candidate was a poodle named Charles Hawks; thoroughly paper-trained and guaranteed not to lick his balls in front of Aunt Cordelia. After a campaign during which this mint julep faction constantly howled that the election of Lyons would forever brand the organization as a passel o' toothless rednecks (as if the Choos hadn't already done just that), they finally got down to bidness on Thursday in Memphis: Chicken Hawks won, but by a mere 17 votes after a runoff.

An unfortunate result, but this much is certain: there are a hell of a lot of bitterly disgruntled Southerners in the SCV, just as there are outside it ( I bet quite a few of these boys read VNN, too). And they're sick to death of always being on the defensive; of one retreat & humiliating defeat after another at the hands of smirking niggers & kikes. They're starved for victories that an SCV "commanded" by Taxpussy Hawks just ain't gonna deliver.

So what's the answer? The one & only answer is for them to begin once again to espouse the TRUE racial views of their Confederate ancestors. They vehemently deny the racism of the Confederates because they're afraid that if they come clean the jews would use it to alienate "mainstream" White Southerners whose support they want, but I think the opposite would happen. Southrons! Away with this "oh no, we're not like those filthy racists -- we jes' WUV African-Americans" horseshit! What has that garbage ever gotten you but a well-deserved contempt? The coons ain't buying it because they know it's a lie. The truth is that you hate them every bit as much as the racists you pretend to despise. And, deep down inside, you burn for the opportunity to make them pay for their constant insults, for their rapes & murders, for Atlanta and New Orleans and Memphis, and for Mahtin Loofer Kang . To crush the stinking black bastards and the hairy yids who control them like Ol' Bedford did at Fort Pillow; just wipe those infuriating smirks off their thick lips once & for all time.

As Alex Linder has said, we can redeem the cause of the Founding Fathers, of Germany and the Confederacy. All it takes is the will to fight like our ancestors did. Attack these blustering, kinte rag-wearing assholes at every opportunity. Openly guffaw at their stupidity. Prepare the ground for our vengeance with the searing heat of Racist Truth.

THAT is our heritage.



Tuesday, June 1st, 2004, 04:27 AM
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First of all Nathan Bedford Forrest didn't hate blacks in fact he had 80 of them riding with him, and 20 of those still worked for him after the war. He and others founded the Ku Klux Klan as a response to Union League.Forrest was a warriour not a butcher if you fought he killed you if you surrendered he protected you. I am a member of the S C V my great-grandfather fought in the Stonewall brigade. The people of that time both North and South believed that Negroes were inferior to whites. The vast majority of them did at any rate, including Abraham Lincoln. Most did not hate blacks,any more than they would hate a horse, certainly My great-grandfather didn't.They were not all that relevant to him,nor to most southerners, as the vast majority of whites did not own slaves. Certainly Robert E. Lee nor Stonewall Jackson expressed any animus towards blacks. most of the real hostility came after the war because of reconstruction. In fact Forrest was invited to speak to a Negro group after the war. In the context of that speech he said it did his Heart good to see them in their stores and farms.

I know in my S C V group there is no racial hostility expressed. Of course no one is happy with the radicals in the NAACP. As for jews,10,000 Jews fought in the confederacy, the Secretary of State and later Treasury Judah P. Benjamin was a Jew. Sir Moses Ezekiel a Jewish graduate of VMI and a famous sculptor designed the Confederate monument, and requested that he be buried alongside his comrades at Arlington.
My father fought against the Nazis and the beaches of Normandy, as did several of his brothers. He was proud of his Germanic blood, but did not want a bunch of Goose' stepping morons running his life. The racail philosophies of Hitler and Himmler and Goebbels have turned out to be scientifically preposterous. Having been a soldier, a Marine to be precise I respect any brave warrior, and despise butchers and baby killers I respect all the brave soldiers of the Wehrmacht and of the Waffen SS who did thewri duty. if someone makes themselves my enemy that I shall deal with him. Heritage is not synonymous with hate. Hate is a sign of weakness, I may have contempt for certain people because of their values or lack thereof, but I'm not going to waste my energy hating them. Anti-Semitism is almost always symbolic of someone mentally weak. if a Jew makes himself my enemy than he is my enemy. the same could be said of someone from my own clan.,
My mother's people were Reivers. They fought blood feuds with each other race not withstanding.
I salute all the Jews who fought for the Confederacy, and all the Germans who fought for their fatherland, and the samurai of the Japanese. As long as they don't try to take what is mine I have no problem. But as for the infantile guttersniping and name calling do what you will, but do not identify yourself with my Confederate ancestors.
My great-grandfather saw his own brother cut down,at Winchester and his first cousin he died at Gettysburg, and three other family members surrendered their livesl for the Southern Nation and the Old Dominion. They did not fight for slavery, nor against it, they fought to defend their homes against the vicious invader.
As for you Sir and your necessary antagonist, the NAACP cultural terrorists, you deserve each other.I call no man names,I wll not sink to that, if a man wishes conflict then I am ready, steel for steel, blood for blood. Moreover, I have seen too many honorable black men in combat to deny all of them respect and honor,just because they are black. HONOR and Duty are everything.
Deo Vindice

Tuesday, June 1st, 2004, 04:29 AM
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