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Saturday, November 19th, 2005, 09:12 PM

take this article for example. it truly shows that animosity between chinese, korean, and japanese in fundamental in all three east asian societies. the scars that WWII left have never healed, and japan is hated more than ever by china and korea. recent anti japanese riots in over 40 chinese cities have also revealed the extent that china is rabidly anti-japanese. china is willing to forgive britain, france, and other european powers for the unequal treaties and the two opium wars and embrace sino-european friendship, but china will never forgive japan for what it did during WWII. a china-european alliance seems more plausible than a china-japan one. not that japan nor china wants rapproachment with each other, evidenced by continual japanese PM's visits to yakusuni shrine, where one thousand war criminals are honored. france and germany was able to make up after WWII, it's highly unlikely that china and japan will be able to do so same, before another major world war. we know that WWI and WWII were the result of misunderstadings between european nations, i think it's highly likely that WWIII will occur due to a misunderstanding among east asian nations.

not that china and korea are best of buddies. koreans and chinese have long argued about the ancient kingdom of Koguryo (present day north korea and manchuria) and korean scholars are bitter over chinese textbooks telling of koguryeo as a chinese state and china's negligence in preserving koguryeo artifacts. the government of korea recently changed how its capital, seoul should be written in chinese hanzi in chinese maps, so that it sounds more like the korean form, instead of the traditional chinese form. (most korean words can be written in hanja, which is similar to japanese kanji due to the fact they both use chinese ideograms. china also have seperate names for korean geographic locations, as korea was part of the chinese cultural sphere for millenia) the chinese government has resisted this change and many koreans have accused chinese of trying to play down the "independence of korean culture." riots and chinese backlash have occured all over korea due to the perceived chinese "sinification" of korean history, culture, and nomenclature.

recently, korean tv dramas have been very popular on the airwaves in east asia and many tv stations have favored airing korean shows over local shows (phenomena known as the "korean wave").



in fact, so many japanese women have gone gaga over the "sharp, manly features" of korean men, that this cultural phenomenon is dubbed "young-fluenza" after the famous korean actor in hit tv series "winter sonata." in fact some japanese women have gone as far to say they will clean the streets of korea so they can meet up with a handsome korean man with refined features.

thus there have also been popular sentiment against this cultural phenomenon in both china and japan, "hating the korean wave." this of course, have contributed to much more misunderstandings across the korean border and sea of japan.

Monday, November 21st, 2005, 04:38 PM
Well, East Asia has no "Union" and is more nationalistic, with all advantages and disadvantages. Whats worst about Europe is that with Nationalism not just useless inner disputes decreased but also any kind of real ethnic, cultural and racial consciousness and resistance if the own group is threatened.