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Sunday, October 2nd, 2005, 09:21 PM
In the part of test there is a "profile personality test" with 102 questions, very good and aqurate :D

Here are my results:


One of two most goal driven styles (other is aggressive), leaders, shining lights, attention-getters, adds go-getting power to other styles, political.

TypePercentVigilant64%Solitary64%Idiosyn cratic56%Adventurous36%Mercurial50%Drama tic75%Self - Confident83%Sensitive43%Devoted17%Concie ntous72%Leisurely56%Aggressive56%Self - Sacrificing19%
Self-regard:The Self-Confident individuals believe in themselves and their abilities. They have no doubt that they are unique and special and that there is a reason for their being on this planet.The red carpet:They expect others to treat them well at all times.Self-propulsion:Self-Confident people are open about their ambitions and achievements. They energetically and effectively sell themselves, their goals, their projects, and their ideas.Politics:They are able to take advantage of the strengths and abilities of other people in order to achieve their goals, and they are shrewd in their dealings with others.Competition:They are able competitors, they love getting to the top, and they enjoy staying there.Dreams:Self-Confident individuals are able to visualize themselves as the hero, the star, the best in their role, or the most accomplished in their field.Self-awareness:These individuals have a keen awareness of their thoughts and feelings and their overall inner state of being.Poise:People with the Self-Confident personality style accept compliments, praise, and admiration gracefully and with self-possession.Sensitivity to criticism:The Self-Confident style confers and emotional vulnerability to negative feelings and assessments of others, which are deeply felt, although theymay be handled with this style's customary grace.

here are the exact link http://www.personalityonline.com/tests/tests.html

Sunday, October 2nd, 2005, 09:47 PM
Your Personality Profile Type(s): Self - Sacrificing (http://www.personalityonline.com/analysis/profile/)


(Relationships) To live is to serve, to live is to give, their needs wait until others' needs are met.


Vigilant 21%
Solitary 43%
Idiosyncratic 44%
Adventurous 23%
Mercurial 69%
Dramatic 50%
Self - Confident 44%
Sensitive 57%
Devoted 39%
Concientous 56%
Leisurely 39%
Aggressive 19%
Self - Sacrificing 75%

Generosity: Individuals with the Self-Sacrificing personality style will give you the shirts off their backs if you need them. They do not wait to be asked.

Service: Their "prime directive" is to be helpful to others. Out of deference to others, they are noncompetitive and unambitious, comfortable comingsecond, even last.

Consideration: Self-Sacrificing people are always considerate in their dealings with others. They are ethical, hones, and trustworthy.

Acceptance: They are nonjudgmental, tolerant of others' foibles and never harshly reproving, they'll stick with you through thick and thin.

Humility: They are neither boastful nor proud, and they're uncomfortable being fussed over. Self-Sacrificing men and women do not like being the centerof attention, they are uneasy in the limelight.

Endurance: They are long-suffering. They prefer to shoulder their own burdens in life. They have much patience and a high tolerance for discomfort.

Artlessness: Self-Sacrificing individuals are rather naive and innocent. They are unaware of the often deep impact they make on other people's lives, and theytend never to suspect deviousness or underhanded motive in the people whom the give so much of themselves.

Sunday, October 2nd, 2005, 11:14 PM

(Relationships) Possess an exceptional awareness of their environment, Survivors, antennae, Naturally assume role of social critic/watchdog.

TypePercent Vigilant79%Solitary64%Idiosyncratic50%Ad venturous14%Mercurial13%Dramatic25%Self - Confident33%Sensitive29%Devoted17%Concie ntous78%Leisurely67%Aggressive19%Self - Sacrificing19%

(Relationships) Possess an exceptional awareness of their environment, Survivors, antennae, Naturally assume role of social critic/watchdog.
Autonomy: Vigilant-Style individuals possess a resilient independence. They keep their own counsel, they require no outside reassurance or advice, theymake decisions easily, and they can take care of themselves. Caution: They are careful in their dealings with others, preferring to size up a person before entering into a relationship. Perceptiveness: They are good listeners, with an ear for subtlety, tone and multiple levels of communication. Self-defense: Individuals with Vigilant style are feisty and do not hesitate to stand up for themselves, especially when they are under attack. Alertness to criticism: They take criticism very seriously, without becoming intimidated. Fidelity: They place a high premium on fidelity and loyalty. They work hard to earn it, and they never take it for granted.

Monday, October 3rd, 2005, 04:04 AM

(Relationships) Possess an exceptional awareness of their environment, Survivors, antennae, Naturally assume role of social critic/watchdog.
For the full profile of your type click here (http://www.personalityonline.com/analysis/profile/profvigil.html).
More Personality Profile resources (http://www.personalityonline.com/resources/cathome.html?cat=3).
TypePercent Vigilant71%Solitary36%Idiosyncratic28%Ad venturous32%Mercurial31%Dramatic44%Self - Confident56%Sensitive43%Devoted44%Concie ntous67%Leisurely61%Aggressive56%Self - Sacrificing31%

Monday, October 3rd, 2005, 04:48 AM

(Work, Relationships)
I'm the boss, strong & forceful personality, take huge responsibilities, fear failure, never back away from a fight, competitive. TypePercentVigilant36%Solitary36%Idiosyn cratic56%Adventurous32%Mercurial63%Drama tic63%Self - Confident50%Sensitive29%Devoted33%Concie ntous61%Leisurely33%Aggressive69%Self - Sacrificing56%Aggressive

(Work, Relationships)
I'm the boss, strong & forceful personality, take huge responsibilities, fear failure, never back away from a fight, competitiveCommand:Aggressive individuals take charge. They are comfortable with power, authority, and responsibility.Hierarchy:They operate best within a traditional power structure where everyone knows his or her place and the lines of authority are clear.Tight ship:They are highly disciplined and impose rules of order that they expect others in their charge to follow.Guts:They are neither squeamish nor fainthearted. They can function well and bravely in difficult and dangerous situations without being distracted byfear or horror.Rough-and-tumble:Aggressive people like action and adventure. They are physically assertive and often participate or often enjoy playing competitive sports,especially contact sports.
Hmmm....interesting....Only part of my persoanality:-):valkyrie I have other parts too :knitting :redrose :dork :nut

Monday, October 3rd, 2005, 08:30 AM
Hmmm....interesting....Only part of my persoanality:-):valkyrie I have other parts too :knitting :redrose :dork :nut

ha, but i still don`t know nobody with too many facets like i have, i am practicaly interested in everything, my profile shows it perfectly! :)

Monday, October 3rd, 2005, 12:55 PM
(Self, Self-Control)
Throw caution to the winds, venture where most mortals fear to tread, not bound by typical worries and terrors, risk is the reward.

Nonconformity: Men and women who have the Adventurous personality style live by their own internal code of values. They are not strongly influence by other people or by the norms of society.
Challenge: To live is to dare. Adventures love the thrill of risk and routinely engage in high-risk activities.
Mutual independence: They do not worry too much about others, for they expect each human being to be responsible for him- or herself.
Persuasiveness: They are silver-tongued, gifted in the gentle art of winning friends and influencing people.
Sexuality: Adventurers relish sex. They have a strong sex drive and enjoy numerous, varied experiences with different partners.
Wanderlust: They love to keep moving. They settle down only to have the urge to pick up and go, explore, move out, move on.
Free lance: Adventurous types avoid the nine-to-five world. They prefer to earn and independent, free-lance living, do not worry about finding work, and live well by their talents, skills, ingenuity, and wits.
Open purse: They are easy and generous with money, believing that money should be spent and that more will turn somewhere.
Wild oats: In their childhood and adolescence, people with the Adventurous personality style were usually high-spirited hell raisers and mischief makers.
True grit: They are courageous, physically bold, and tough. They will stand up to anyone who dares to take advantage of them.
No regrets: Adventurers live in the present. They do not feel guilty about the past or anxious about the future. Life is meant to be experienced NOW.

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Type Percent
Vigilant 21%
Solitary 64%
Idiosyncratic 33%
Adventurous 86%
Mercurial 31%
Dramatic 38%
Self - Confident 50%
Sensitive 57%
Devoted 33%
Concientous 6%
Leisurely 61%
Aggressive 69%
Self - Sacrificing 31%