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Saturday, August 23rd, 2003, 09:41 AM
What would your perfect society look like? How would it work? Politically, economically, militarily, socially, ethically, religiously, everything.

I think this topic could be useful to discover the political alignments of the new members since PE.

My society would be a politically united Occident, but decentralised to the extent that most power falls to local provinces and city states. I would like to see a restoration of aristocracy (that is, rule of the best), and a general decline of consumer capitalism, leading to free development of individual's potentials free of the influence of the dollar. I would have tradesmen organised into guilds, who would elect their own leaders and form the governments of the city states. Citizens militias would take the place of police, and industries would be run by workers united under syndicates (i.e. industrial unions), who elect their own managers to their businesses. Leaders of the syndicates would also represent their workers in the governments of the city states. The city states would be ruled by a prince, backed up by the citizens militias and the syndicates and guilds. Private enterprise would also be permitted, but the syndicates and guilds would be encouraged at the expense of large corporations. My society would be religious in the sense of European Christianity (that is, the Christianity that drove the Turks from the gates of Vienna, Christmas, in other words, white christianity, not Judeo-Christian rubbish, etc.) but religion would not be forced. Victorian style (i.e. traditional European) ethics would be strongly encouraged, infidelity would be frowned upon, large families would be encouraged and homosexuality would be outlawed. The city states would be organised in a confederacy, with each prince (elected from amongst the officers of the citizens miltia by the members of the syndicates and guilds) meeting once a year in the Occidental capital to decide matters of peace, war and trade between the Occidental confederacy and the outside world.

And... that's my utopia. Obviously it's white and Jew free :sing

Saturday, August 23rd, 2003, 10:32 AM
Where do I sign up? :)

It all sounds good to me. My only difference might be that it's a bit too feudal for my tastes. I wouldn't mind a bit more centralisation (though not much more) but on the whole it does sound like paradise :metal

Saturday, August 23rd, 2003, 11:48 AM
Where do I sign up? :)

It all sounds good to me. My only difference might be that it's a bit too feudal for my tastes. I wouldn't mind a bit more centralisation (though not much more) but on the whole it does sound like paradise :metal

I like it relatively feudalistic, I'm a traditionalist, and I have some libetarian tendencies, hence the city-states idea. I think it's pretty good, I'd love to live there :king

Saturday, August 23rd, 2003, 11:28 PM
I like your idea except for the Christianity part. Will there be witch hunts for those who worship the devil?

Sunday, August 24th, 2003, 01:02 AM
Yes, let's bring back witch hunts and burning at the stake! Sounds good fun to me.

Sunday, August 24th, 2003, 02:35 AM
...but religion would not be forced.

No witch hunts :p

Sunday, August 24th, 2003, 03:20 AM
My ideal society is very hard to determine, because I value individual liberties but there are a few issues demanding widespread enforcement on which I will not compromise. I fear, though, that once one curbs some civil liberties, he has laid the groundwork for eroding all rights. I also fear that no government whatsoever would only lead to bloody chaos followed by the rise of a new dictator promising to restore order

Here goes though:
The government would be a mostly decentralized republic with electoral representation limited to individuals with IQ's higher than 120 and no felonies on their record. A few inviolable precepts would be unambiguously encoded in a constitution: the right of non-felons to bear firearms, the right to alcohol/drugs (Prohibition and the "war on drugs" are massive failures and wastes), the right to freedom of association, the right to free press and free speech. One supreme office would not exist; rather a unicameral legislature would be elected proportionate to voting populations in a district. Representatives could be recalled by district referenda ever 6 months (more frequently would disrupt the process of government too much; less frequently would allow them to do too much damage). Supreme Courts and appointees would not exist; a judicial committee would be nationally elected and each member could also be recalled every 6 months by nationwide referendum among the elite (voters).
The population would be encouraged to be self-educated in literature, philosophy, history, etc. I believe public schools are largely a waste of money and that stupid children hold back the intelligent ones in a classroom environment. Therefore elementary and high schools would have to be private and governed by the customer. Institutions of higher education would still exist for the pure liberal arts and sciences, but business-minded individuals and engineer types would also have the option of specialized college-type training in a private environment run by potential employer companies.
The economy would only be regulated to comply with extremely strict environmental laws, and to prevent monopolies. Labor unions would be allowed but not encouraged. I believe unions lead to corruption and reduce productivity. I also believe that big-business boss market-cornering reduces competition and thus inflates prices and lowers quality. I only believe in enough regulation to let the free market operate as it should; centrally-planned economies always fail and result in human suffering. Corporations do have the right to fire employees without explanation.
Nowhere are monopolies more dangerous than in media, as we know. Therefore, no media corporation/publishing house/conglomerate shall be permitted to have more than a 10% share of the viewing/listening/reading market. Companies that exceed this limit will be forced to donate additional profits into general budget reserves for education or environmental regulation.
Corporate profits would be taxed at a moderate rate; personal income would be taxed at a low, possibly flat, rate. Welfare, public education, social security, Medicare/Medicaid and similar entitlements would be abolished.
The government would not violate religious or civil liberties. Abortion would be legal, because it's going to happen anyway. Separation of church and state would be strictly observed. I would like to see a general decline in organized religion and an increase in spirituality and occultism, but the government wouldn't force this. Private eugenics programs would be acceptable, but the government does not have the authority to violate a family's decisions. Unfortunately, *some* race-mixing will always happen due to fallible human nature. I think the best solution is for miscegenators to move voluntarily into communities where that is the norm, and for instinctually healthy people to live in communities where their views predominate. The government would promote this but not force it. I respect individual rights enough to tolerate them making those mistakes. I can't order them to think a certain way.

I'll post more as I can think of it.

Oh, and while I'm dreaming, I'd like the population to be a combination of Baltid, Battle Axe/Danubian/Hallstatt, and Falid.

Sunday, August 24th, 2003, 05:40 AM
Since others will cover the political approach, I'll present the separatist/long-strategy avenue.

reference point: Amish minus pacifism

Religion/World View based rural separation

Organization: Household/Family --> Tribal/local --> Congress
Local Institution: Combined religious/secular council of elders
State, National, World: Congress of Representatives (of tribal units)

Insularity: maintained by internalized social 'services' and limited technology
Endogamy: socially enforced
Discipline: (by council decision)
1) Estrangement (reduced contact)
Example violation: marrying outside community but inside race
2) Shunning (contact forbidden)
Example violation: marrying outside community and outside of race
3) Outlawry (declared enemy)
Example violation: hostile action against community as in lawsuit, treason
(could be applied to other outsiders, as fatwa)

Technology: (determined by local council under suggestions of higher congresses)
Likely tech excludes: family and 'personal' electronics (TV, radio, computer, etc), private auto
Likely tech includes: electricity, ag automation

Maximum self-sufficiency
consumerism vilified
agricultural/labor for hire --> goods/services --> pooled endeavors (private)
'low' initial overall individual earnings offset by austere living allow accumulation
land ownership: communal --> private
pos. communal living at startup/tribe fission
Zero debt
Communal obligations by tithe/time.

Medical Care: (US) pooled group insurance, eventual clinic, midwifery, first-treatment

Education: in community, K-12, emphasis 'euro-centric', history, math, science, latin. Eventual universities.

Language: local (Latin as lingua franca across language lines)

Religion: initially loose/ill-defined. Aryan historiography, co-creative ethic, racial progressivism, Nietzschean cosmology/overcoming, pos. abstract Aryan creator trilogy (Father sky, Mother Earth, "Dhatar"), pos. metemphycosis.

Status of Christians (?): in small numbers, integrated. in large numbers, separate tribe

separation icons: by dress (Western, colonial, Viking?) and/or other markers. personal transport mode (horse/oxen).

Political involvement: initially none. eventual behind-the-scenes. pos. eventual acquisition of local/other media outlets, businesses (see pooled endeavors)

Sunday, August 24th, 2003, 07:38 PM
<describes utopia>

Mine's pretty similar, except for the Christianity part. I would rather see a revival of ancient European paganism than of medieval Christianity. In my eyes, the only good things from medieval Christianity were remnants of the old pagan ethics.
Some constructive criticism: I do not think the police can be entirely replaced with a people's militia. We'll need policeman to investigate murders, fight fraud, etc. I too however would rather see a people's militia maintaining security on the streets than the modern police.

Monday, August 25th, 2003, 12:32 AM
Sounds good to me except for the christianity part. I want a return to the gods of our race, aristocracy (I would most definitely be part of it), and thralldom, but a general sharing of wealth in good times, and giving of gifts.

The reason I say this is because not all among us are equal. Some people are well mannered and clean, well behaved and intelligent, others are vulgar, lazy, and bad. In a more natural society these classes would simply fall into place alone. It's the natural way of things to work in this manner.

Monday, August 25th, 2003, 12:46 AM
I agree with you there, the Equality of Man is one of the most ludicrous fallacies of our times. It goes right back to the French Revolution, the author of countless errors.

You only need to look around you to see the differences in ability, intelligence, etc.

Also, I agree with Stribog's comments on education to a large extent.
Less intelligent children do drag others down and classrooms tend to run only has fast as the slowest child.

Monday, August 25th, 2003, 01:12 AM
Siegfriend and Ve - I only included Christianity because I'm a fan of what Oswald Spengler called the second religiosity, and because Gothic Cathedrals look cool, lol. People's militia could work well enough with a court system, where the people could elect the jury (or the jury could be randomly selected, or could be formed from the representatives of the guilds and syndicates), which would decide whether a person was guilty or not guilty, and the prince would act as judge, who hands out the sentance. Investigations could be carried out by the officers of the militia, and the prince would be leader of the militia, as well as ruler of the city-state and representative to the Confederate council in the Occidental captial city. I would certainly agree with education based on innate ability, rather than "all men are created equal" rubbish.

Saturday, August 30th, 2003, 06:42 PM
In a book I read a few days ago I was remembered of Spengler's antagonism of Dasein and Wachsein. (Dasein would be "existing" or "being" literally, and Wachsein "being awake". I don't know how it's translated in the English edition, so I'll keep it in German here.)

Dasein would be directly the biological condition of "living" that a people, a folk, tribes or a culture has. Dasein would cover the natural existance: blood and soil, staying strong, race: staying racial on a high level or even getting better through selection, keeping racial and eugenical aware, not living against nature. All in all: as a folk not diseasing
Tribes in a prehistorical stadium have only got such a Dasein.

Wachsein is culture, building up a high culture and civilization, not body, but brain.
In "late" societies with a high luxurious civilization, the brain (Wachsein) gets more and more power over the body (Dasein). The alarming signals that a society lives against life, against nature itself are first ideological: racial and folkish unawareness, a morbid atmosphere in the society, humanitarian "world"-ideologies etc. Societies that have got only intellectuality, only Wachsein, but no Dasein anymore, are dying societies. The directly biological signals are sinking birth rates, the flooding-in of racial alien people who take over more and more the country, the rising of inferiority through a negative selection etc.

My ideal society would have both: Dasein and Wachsein in an harmonical balance. It would have a high culture and also technology, but it would never become so weak in its believes that the decline would begin.

A renewal movement of today must highly stress all aspects of Dasein, because this is the great threat that already did start. Without our European Dasein in a directly biological sense, our Wachsein, our European culture will perish forever.

Monday, September 1st, 2003, 02:26 AM
I would say my ideal nation is a bizarre amalgam of NS Germany, USSR, Libertarianism and Taliban Afghanistan. Where freedom mingles with totalitarianism. We would only be involved in war if attacked first, otherwise we would be totally neutral and not even involved in giving aid to other countries. Absolutely no asylum seekers, one of the state mottos could be "Not our problem." Any foreigners are there for reasons of necessity, for instance, I want some real Chinese people cooking my sweet and sour chicken. :chinese I'd be a fool to turn away boatloads of Japanese tourists. Anyway, with the racial standards present in my nation, any foreigner attempting to sponge off the state would be easily identified and ejected. Main ethnic groups would be of Germanic, Slavic and Finno-Ugrian descent. Mediterranean and Altaic minorities, for diversity's sake. :wsg Mixed people have to be cleared for entry by the Racial Science Center. No subracial preferences but race is part of education, which is handled locally. I'm Supreme Leader unless I decide to quit or until I'm assassinated. :platoon

Population: 45 million

Ethnic groups: European descent 98%, (2% tagged nonEuropean guest workers, extended visit tourists)

Capital: Volksfreiheitstadt

Languages: Indo-European 80%, Uralic 18%, Other 2%

Official state language: English

Political parties: National Socialist Ladygoethistan Worker's Party, National Revolution, People's Socialist Party

Main industries: Copper, Iron, Lumber, Fish, Tourism, Handicrafts, Physical Anthropology

Religion: European Heathenism 50%, Christianity 20%, Atheist 18%, Shamanism 10%, Other (Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, Mithaists, Muslims and Zoroastrians) 2%

State government: The People's Parliament - Government at a county level, each county has local leadership with free elections, serves the people. Members of government must represent the average wealth of the county they represent. CEOs of large corporations and those with high stakes in corporations would be ineligible as they would be making decisions based on materialistic self interest.

The Parliamentary Forum - Members of Parliament and citizens meet weekly to discuss issues, policy and grievances

Social organizations: Anti-Zionist Action, Volksgemeinschaft, National Youth, Heathen Jihad.

Social order: Prostitution is illegal, drug use is punishable by a fine of $1000, capital punishment is enforced on violent offenders. Rapists, pedophiles and murderers are publicly executed (by members of the victims' family if they wish). Police will make use of technology to prove guilt beyond any doubt before a person is executed. The whole nation is the jury for larger crimes. Via phone and state judicial website citizens will be able to vote guilty or not guilty. The state takes care of sentencing. Prisoners work and do not receive perks. Just a bed, clothes and nasty (..I mean vitamin rich and healthy!) gruel to eat.

Problems: Ladygoethistan is persecuted by the UN. Added to the Axis of Evil in 2015 by United States of America President Moishe Goldfarb. Our satellite stations broadcasting pro-European racial propaganda are blocked by several governments.

Economy: Peasants own their own land, shops and smaller industries and distribute the products locally, larger collectives produce items for the nation. Average yearly salary is $25,000 and more than sufficient. Life is affordable for all citizens. Nationalized healthcare, all drug companies are owned by the state.

Visitors must undergo a psychological examination, criminal bachground check, HIV/AIDS test, be tested for rudimentary English skills, submit a front and profile photo of yourself and details of your ancestors going back at least 3 generations. If you are not of European descent you will need to wear a badge identifying yourself as a foreigner. Only Caucasoids and a restricted number of East Asians are permitted entry to Ladygoethistan. Jews and negroes are strictly forbidden. :D

Homosexuals and transgendered people are regarded as perverts and mentally defective people who are potentially (probably) diseased. They are not permitted entry.

In my nation you can enjoy such things as hiking, skiing and climbing in the Mountains of the Farkasistan Territory. Sightseeing in the glorious capital Volksfreiheitstadt. Swimming in the clean waters of Lake Nordhammer. The folk culture of the peasant villages. The Turkish Baths of Turan City. Visit to the Heathen temples and Christian churches. The best authentic international cuisine in the International Market of Volksfreiheitstadt. The National Museum of Art. The National Museum of Historical Truth. The State Theater of Performing Arts. The Racial Science Center. :D

We have hosted several international chess and archery tournaments, concerts at the State Theater, The World Anti-Zionist Conference, talks between heathen and pagan rights societies, and educational seminars for totalitarian leadership.

Shamanoislamicist Atheism (surprisingly similar to shin tao) is the official state religion of Ladygoethistan though we allow all religions to practice and don't force our views or let our bizarre morality effect the laws. :smilies

Thulean Imperial Inquisitor
Saturday, July 10th, 2004, 10:25 PM
Fortress Evrópa

Fortress Evrópa will be a pan-european empire. The empire will have three mega-capitals. One in iceland, one in italy and the third in russia. In iceland the nordish race would have a fortress, in italy the meds would have a fortress and in russia the slavs would have a fortress.

Everyone in Fortress Evrópa would have to do service for the empire. They could serve as wisemen, warriors or workers. Theese would be the three arch-classes of europe. A person who would refuse to do service would only have 4.th class citizenship. The longer a person serves the empire, the higher citizenship he would gain. A decade in service would promote you to 1.st class citizen. People can service one year at a time and then take breaks or just serve the decade and be done with it.

Fortress europe would be ruled be three emperors. A nordish Emperor in Capital Iceland, a slav emperor in russia and a med emperor in italy. Emperors would be choosen by all men with 1.st class citizenship.

Poeple of non-european races would only be allowed to live in Fortress Evrópa as slaves. If a non-european person would reject his status as a slave, he would have a choice between being executed or exiled. But, if a slave were to do 50 years of service for the empire he would be granted 4.th class citizenship.

Dont have time to write more right now, will write more later.

Wednesday, December 15th, 2004, 03:29 AM
My society would be Libertarian. I think only Germanics can attain this kind of freedom and liberty without having things fall apart completely. I find it's only Germanics that have this quality that we call 'social virtue' that makes us fair, objective, and virtuous. Having been to China and seeing a society full of inveterate deception, willful shoddiness, and mutual attrition, it really made me see what a difference in mentality can make. I suppose the Japanese have something analogous to this in their "honour" which also makes them a successful society.

And labour-free venues of making money will be banned, like lotteries, gambling, usury, etc. And of course a gold standard :D

Thulean Imperial Inquisitor
Friday, December 17th, 2004, 06:30 AM
labour-free venues of making money will be banned, like lotteries, gambling, usury, etc
I like this idea pretty much. I think I would also implant it in my reich. ;)

Sunday, March 13th, 2005, 05:38 AM
What would your perfect society look like? How would it work? Politically, economically, militarily, socially, ethically, religiously, everything.

Schools would hold manditory courses in politics, integrity of [character/honour] and a course outlining community relations. The educational system would be steered toward co-operation among people and a stronger bond of identity. Communities would be friendly and tightly-knit. Ethically, settlements would be designed to have mutual respect for all members. Firearms and any other weapons could be carried without the fear of irrational usage. The formation of any "ghettos" or "slums" would be corrected by any force necessary. We'd have money, and payment would be judged on a personal level. People would be paid for the exact amount of work that they have accomplished. Religion would be irrelevant. Religious buildings would finance themselves and they would play very little role in anything besides reinforcing our social values. Every person would recieve military training, if not experience in the field. Warriors/soldiers would be held in high respect- commanders would be held in high esteem, recieving high salaries and given jurisdiction over many foreign affairs.

Ideally, the gov't wouldn't involve itself in the lives of the people very often. Nonsense laws and intentionally trivial systems would be thrown out. People would have the right to travel freely and, once graduated by school system, the right to bear arms. The people would settle disputes through small courts, but matters of self-defense or defense of another would be acceptable, even if the criminal died as a cause of the defense.

Sunday, March 13th, 2005, 06:37 AM
It would look like this:










fms panzerfaust
Sunday, July 3rd, 2005, 12:53 AM
Ressurect the ROMAN EMPIRE in all it's glory, with the pagan rites, senate, etc, combined with powerful technological advances towards a galatic empire. As Nietzsche says, that was a structure to remain a long time solid.

Thursday, February 4th, 2010, 04:50 AM
The Puritan Society. :thumbup:thumbup:thumbup:thumbup

Thursday, February 4th, 2010, 11:59 PM
My ideal nation would be Nationalistic and proud, but strictly passifistic as well i.e. we'll never attack anyone in any way unless they attacked us first (like Japan).
We would be quite neutral in our foreign policy and maintain a moderately-sized military that relies on the most high-tech equipment available, and of course a nuclear deterient is important; particularly as no nuclear-armed nation has suffered a full-scale invasion.

Economically everything must be done for national interest. In other words: No outsourcing work unless it cannot be produced domestically at a practical cost (stops worker lay-offs, foreign exploitation & price under-cutting), Workers must collectively be given at least 51% of the shares in any corporation they work for (stops worker exploitation), A flat tax for everyone (no punishing success), no GST (stimulating growth) and unemployment benefits would be limited to 6 months at a time (to stop welfare abuse).

Immigration would obviously be restricted to very small numbers, and only to people from allied nations that are also ethnically & culturally related.
Religion would be mostly free and open with a few exceptions - No Islam whatsoever PERIOD! and no other religions that are likely to be socially/culturally incompatible or disruptive to society.
All race or religion-based employment programs would be illegal (and impractical in an homogenious society).
Furthermore it would be written into the consitution that any policy that under-mined the demographic intregity (homogenity) of the state would be paramount to treason.

No foreign languages can ever become official and no domestic foreign language tv shows or stations.

The government itself would be similar to the one they have in Switzerland, however it would also be Non-partisan (no political parties) where candidates would be elected purely by individual merit and not by association.

Ragnar Lodbrok
Friday, February 5th, 2010, 12:42 AM
My society would be centered around states-rights instead of so-called "human rights", "civil rights"...etc. that exist today. Decentralized authority and self-ownership would be the golden rule, there would be no social safety net for the weak and no "child left behind" laws, the only people not allowed to own (untaxed) firearms would be the insane, dissident, foreign and criminal. No forced integration laws or affirmative action laws to stand in the way of meritocracy and cultural harmony, Queers would be given their own separte cities away from the rest of us to live as they please. Fetish pervs of any orientation and Zoophiliacs would have their lives condemned by the state.

Abortion and Euthanasia would be completely legalized. Weight loss and drug addiction clinics for the obese and junkies would be legally able to use euthanasia on incurable patients and anybody with a genetic disease would be required to go through sterlization. Animal experimentation would be replaced with human prisoner experimentation and crimes like pooching and creating genetically modified foods would be punished with a death sentence.

Fiance capitalism and usury would be abolished in favor of profit-sharing between businesses and state investment into key industries. The country would be pulled out of NAFTA and the UN and our alliance with Isreal would be severed. The FBI would be abolished in favor of giving the CIA and state police a heavier hand in law enforcement, there would be security cameras on every street corner. Anyone with an IQ falling below 120 would be forcibly relocated to Ethiopia and traffic safety laws severed to kill off those too stupid to drive. Any open land and forest or wooded area would be set aside and protected as national parkland by the state.

Concerning religion I'd have to say that getting rid of tax-exemption and protection status for all faiths would be the fairest option. This way Non-theism and culturally european paganism would have an easier time, slowly replacing and subplanting Christianity.

InvaderNat I love your positions on foreign policy and making elections completely meritocratic. :)

Monday, February 8th, 2010, 06:57 PM
An essentially libertarian state, which protects individual rights, uses police for this, and has a military (which is used only in defence), and also has a court system. Government is decentralized. No government social programs. Freedom of speech, the press, and association, as well as the right to life, liberty, the pursuit of ones own interests, and private property are enshrined in a constitution.

Socially, the family is highly valued, as well as traditional values. This is, however, socially enforced, and not by law. People's brigades would help keep law and order in small areas, such as neighbourhoods. An Uncle of mine who lives in South Africa lives in a neighbourhood which uses a similar system. Radios are used for contact between residents, and volunteers patrol on bicycle.

Thats a rough outline, I don't really have a clear picture yet.

Just google the old Icelandic government structure.

Monday, February 8th, 2010, 07:33 PM
You can't change society without changing the people first, therefore things wouldn't be much different (even if I could change it then it would just revert back to its current state because of the will of people in it). I would mainly start to work on holding people more responsible for what they do, work on eugenics, tax credits for smart people breeding, free sterilization for the stupid. As well granting more local power and programs to combat liberal opnions (like TV programs, school etc.)

Thursday, February 11th, 2010, 01:56 AM
Not too much different from Feudal England.

Sunday, July 18th, 2010, 11:29 PM
I'd like to go back to the old days. Each village has a council (a Thing), and each Thing sends a rep to the Althing. The territory ould be as homogineous as possible (at minimum PIE, and at best Germanic) and only similar peoples would be allowed to join (and only after agreeing to the provisions of the charter [including free religious practice except for monotheism] ) Asatru would be the national faith (much like Englands "Church of England", though minus an official head of the faith).

I'd love to see a real Asatruan culture grow up in the US.