View Full Version : Danish Resistance to Turkish EU-Membership

Thursday, September 22nd, 2005, 04:47 AM
A majority of the danish voters are opposed to the fact that the EU is initiating discussions on the admission of Turkey, according to a poll made for Ritzau by Catinét Research.

Only 33.1 percent of voters support the initiation of talks on the 3. October. 52.4 percent er against, while 14.5 percdent aren't sure.

Resistance to Turkey's EU membership is receding however. In june another poll showed that 30 percent of the voters were directly against Turkish membership, 33 percent wanted to have the talks put off, while 22 percent like the head of the EU wanted to go on with the admission talks. The latest poll shows that there is only support for the decision on initiating discussions of admission among the Enhedslisten, SF and Radical Left voters.