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Tuesday, July 26th, 2005, 04:28 PM
80% of Belgian export is Flemish

Fri 22/O7/05 - Flemish export equalled some 158 billion euro in 2004. That amount is 8.7% higher than the year before, but the rise can partly be explained by the higher prices. Flanders was accounted for 80.3% of the Belgian export, compared to 15.5% for Wallonia and 4.1% for Brussels. http://www.vrtnieuws.net/html/algemeen/images/spacer.gif It was Flemish Economy minister Fientje Moerman who released the figures. The VLD liberal pointed out that the rise in absolute figures was bigger last year than in 2003.

"The new organisation Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT) is operational since July 1st. It will encourage enterprises even more to sell their goods abroad."

Germany most important recipient http://www.vrtnieuws.net/html/algemeen/images/spacer.gif The export to EU countries represented some 75.47% of the Flemish export. Germany remains Flanders' most important market.

Countries in the top ten becoming increasingly popular are Israel, India, Poland, Turkey and Russia.

Transport material and pharmaceutic goods are among the most popular exported Flemish goods.

link (http://www.vrtnieuws.net/nieuwsnet_master/default/english/overzicht/050722_export/index.html)