View Full Version : Noerrebro District Scares Denmark

Friday, June 17th, 2005, 07:53 AM
Kamal Qureshi of the socialists thinks that Noerrebro as a district as been turned into a bogey the Danish People's party employs to create fear in people.

- When Soeren Krarup from the danish people's party talks about Noerrebro as a place where there is contantly war, shootings and murder, that's because the party sees Noerrebro as a symbol of what they fear. A place where people live together and live in peace and quiet, says Kamal Qureshi, who thinks that the accentuation of Noerrebro as an especially violent and criminal area is out of proportions.

Soeren Krarup (DF) could not disagree more with that vision of Noerrebro. -Noerrebro intimidates me. It's a district ruled by some kind of anarchy, where gangs operate more or less unhindered. If Noerrebro doesn't intimidate every single Dane, then it's because he or she is blind or deaf, said Soeren Krarup.