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Tuesday, July 15th, 2003, 05:22 PM
Hell, what's going on in this country!?! Here's what I saw a few minutes ago:

A subway station in a big city, just at a street where the gay quarter of the city starts. I had been in a book-store and waited for my bus. Two athletic men passed the street, with shaved heads, boots, totally skinhead clothing, on their black T-shirts there was written with big, Gothic letters: "Skinhead". I was quite wondering because you really never see in the Ausländer and left contaminated big towns and city centers people running around this way. Behind these two skins in a distance of a few metres there was a bunch of about ten Negroes shouting and yelling some stuff to the two skins. They were truely 100 % Negroes, as we know and "love" them: Hip hop style Negroe clothing, Negro-like behaviour, Negro-like whipping and moving around.
Then the Negroes were walking into the subway station and the skins into the street of the gay quarter: and the two skins suddenly gave their hands one to another and walked hand in hand into the fag quarter. The Negroes now, while walking into the subway station, started yelling around, laughing, behaving even more Negro-like and shouting German words like Schwule (Fags) and Schweine (Pigs) with some African Negro accent to the fags.
I saw the two skins walking hand in hand into the gay quarter when the Negroes already were away in the Subway station.

Disgusting!!! :stop Fag skins and Negroes! What a joke when you think of what happened in this country a few decades ago. These "Skinheads" were certainly real soft ass-****ing fags who just were dressed up "martial" because that's so top and trendy in their fag "community". :rollani
Okay, these fags were moral junk but if I had to take side for someone I definitely would never wouldn't for that a bunch of Negroes. Fags - even if they are a bunch of stupid, degenerated leftists - at least are Germans who work for their money, but these Negroes are parasites in Germany and havn't got in any way the right even to be in this country. What a choice...

How bizarre did the reality of today's Westen societies become. :throwup

Wednesday, July 16th, 2003, 01:03 AM
about an hour ago in town a guy was poncing up the street in a union jack tshirt, it was all i could do not to get out and hurt him, and im weak! :jail

Thursday, July 17th, 2003, 08:19 AM
You think this would be under Hitler?:sad