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Saturday, June 21st, 2003, 09:23 PM
Anyone read this book (https://www.amazon.com/Jews-Twentieth-Century-Ireland-Dermot-Keogh/dp/1859181503)?I came across lots of sensible statements:

"Our first duty is to ourselves and to our own people,and no sympathy with the suffering and persecuted Jews can avail to free us from this obligation.If the influx of the Jews into Ireland constitutes an economic danger to the industry of the wealth-producing classes amongst us,then it would be a duty to resist - not out of hatred of the Jews,but out of concern for ourselves."
Fr.Thomas Finlay in Lyceum magazine,1893

"...it would be madness for a man to nourish in his own breast a viper that might at any moment slay a benefactor with its poisonous bite.So to it is madness for a people to allow an evil to grow in their midst that will eventually cause them ruin."
Fr.John Creagh,Limerick 1904

"They go about as pedlars from door to door,pretending to offer articles at very cheap prices,but in reality charging several times the value more than they were bought in the shops.The Jew is most persevering and barefaced in his statements as to the value of his goods.He does not mind to whom he offers his wares...They force themselves and their goods upon the people,and the people are blind as to their tricks."
Fr.John Creagh,Limerick 1904

"No thoughtful Irishman or woman can view without apprehension the continuous influx of Jews into Ireland and the continuous efflux of the native population.The stalwart men and bright-eyed women of our race pass from our land in a never-ending stream,and in their place we are getting strange people,alien to us in thought,alien to us in sympathy,from Russia,Poland,Germany,and Austria - people who come to live amongst us,but who never become us.When fifteen hundred of our strong men and good women sail on the liner from the Cove of Cork,we can count on receiving a couple of hundred Jews to fill their places by the next North Wall boat.But has Ireland gained or lost by the exchange?"
United Irishman newspaper,1904

"Ireland is,at present,being drained of its Gaelic population by emigration,and Jewish colonists are trooping in to fill up the places of the emigrants,and to turn Ireland into a filthy Ghetto."
writer in The Leader newspaper,1904

Saturday, June 21st, 2003, 11:32 PM
I have to check it out.