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Tuesday, March 8th, 2005, 10:26 AM
René-Louis Berclaz, A Swiss Political Prisoner

A dissident to Jewish power, René-Louis Berclaz, 54, is now entering his 4th month in prison in the Swiss alps. He was sentenced 17 months of prison to satisfy the Jews.

René-Louis Berclaz arrived in Chatel Saint Denis, in the canton of Fribourg, in 1993. Since 1997, he has been publishing mischellaneous newsletters and booklets criticizing the Jewish points of view about history and criticizing the Jews.

Debating an aspect of history might seem innocent enough. However, debating on this specific point of history (the gas chambers during WWII) is forbidden in Switzerland since September 1994. At this time, an anti-European law was adopted following intense Jewish pressure and campaigning. This law makes illegal any attempt to think about a defense against the millions of alien invaders flooding Europe, and to question the central tenet of the ideology underlying present-day Jewish power, the "Holocaust" story.

For this newsletters and brochures, Berclaz was brought to court by Jewish organizations. On basis of the September 1994 law, he was sentenced in 1998 to 4 months prison, deferred.

Berclaz then became secretary of the association 'Truth and Justice,' which was presided by another revisonist historian, Juergen Graf. After the two colleagues had published several brochures criticizing the Jewish intellectual terror campaign targeting Switzerland at this time, the Jewish organizations marshalled a new court attack. Under their pressure, the Swiss judiciary authorities dissolved Berclaz's and Graf's association and sentenced Berclaz (as well as Graf) in May 2002 to 8 months of prison, not deferred, for White-wickedness ("racial hatred"). During the same court ruling, the tribunal revoked the deferral of 1998, so that Berclaz ended up with a 12 month prison sentence for having solely challenged Jewish power!

After a recourse in front of the Federal court, Berclaz succeeded in lowering this sentence from 12 to 10 months. This was only a preposter "faults."

Unabated, and before he had to start his prison sentence, Berclaz renewed his attempts to establish his freedom of thought. He expressed his opinion that the gas chambers had not existed in his newsletter in June 2003. He also published his opinion on a website bearing the name of his (now forbidden) association Truth and Justice (www.verite-justice.com). This won him a supplementary 3 month sentence, bringing his total prison sentence to 13 months.

To escape the wrath of the authorities, and the inical sentence, Berclaz had nothing to do but to disappear. He fled Switzerland and sought shelter in Romania and in Serbia. He started to live in clandestinity in these countries. From somewhere there, he somehow managed to supply his website, regularly delivering courageous anti-Jewish editorials and articles.

In Eastern Europe, Jewish propaganda has not been at work for such a long time as in the West. While Jewish propaganda sapped the morale and willingness for defense of Western European peoples, Eastern Europe remained protected for decades from this brainwashing. Hence the Romanians and Serbians welcomed Berclaz warmly. They knew about the shenanigans and the huge power of the Jews worldwide.

However, after 10 months of clandestinity, René-Louis Berclaz was exhausted. To make matters worse, the Swiss government emitted an international arrest warrant against him. This heightened the stake. Berclaz could now be arrested anytime by Serbian or Romanian police like a dangerous international criminal!

On November 26, 2004, Berclaz surrendered to the Swiss embassy in Bucarest, the Romanian capital city. The Swiss government immediately sent for him, just as if his emprisonment was a national priority. He was whisked away to Zurich per airplane on the very same day.

The courageous opponent to Jewish power stayed for a few days in a prison in Zurich. Then he was transferred to Sion, in the canton of Wallis/Valais, in the middle of the Alp mountains. Sion, because of its name, looks like a suited place for the sionists to jail their victims, indeed. Berclaz was admitted at the prison of Crête-Longue in Sion. He still languishes there now.

The Swiss judiciary authority revoked in February 2005 another earlier deferred sentence of 4 months, expanding Berclaz's total sentence from 13 to 17 months.

Berclaz, it should be reminded, never harmed anybody. His only 'fault' is having enraged the Jews. He tried to shake Jewish power by putting into doubt one the main tenets of the ideology with which they hold European people under their grip. For this mere criticism, for his mere independent-mindedness, Berclaz is spoiling 17 months of his life in prison. In prison. Right now. For real. Seventeen months in prison for having dared to talk freely, to think freely.


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