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Fraxinus Excelsior
Saturday, February 5th, 2005, 08:35 PM
The Welsh Society of Sydney, Inc. (http://www.wss.org.au/)

The Society aims to encourage and promote Welsh culture, language, music, eisteddfods, art, sport,social and business in Sydney and in greater New South Wales.

It aims to promote co-operation and unity among all Welsh and Celtic organisations in Sydney and greater New South Wales.

The Society assists Welsh migrants to assimilate into the community of Sydney.

Translation services from Welsh to English and vice versa are provided.

The Society prepares submissions giving the Welsh perspective and outlook to a range of organsiations and to the Celtic Council of Australia.

It also prepares submissions for organisations in Wales reflecting the Australian Welsh perspective.

The Society is a non-profit association. All its activities are conducted without the intention of a profit being realised.Also, the society runs an online journal, Beth Nesaf (http://www.bethnesaf.com/).