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Tuesday, February 1st, 2005, 09:04 PM
In the quest for more practical freedom - to get bureaucratic bludgers off your back and reclaim your life and money - there is, as they say, "more than one way to skin a cat". And the starting point for such a freedom strategy is always about finding ways to hang on to more of your own money. Money is your primary freedom tool - so the more of it you can keep, the more freedom-related choices you'll be able to make.

With that in mind, here are four ways you can escape from your incarceration as a tax slave and increase your practical freedom. Four different routes you can choose from. The fundamental assumption here is that your money belongs to you. And so finding ways to keep it is a perfectly moral quest, though increasingly deemed an "illegal" one by our "masters".

Each route is likely to suit a different psychological type, providing a possible solution to your own freedom quest - one that's compatible with your own personality and circumstances.

1. Structuring

This is the strategy of choice for most people (who think about such things), as it provides many benefits - without disrupting your lifestyle too much. It's also designed for those who want to stay on the "right side of the law".

Structuring simply means utilising certain legal strategies, in conjunction with various entities - trusts and corporations etc. - to minimise one's tax to the extent of what is possible, without breaking the law. This is like walking a tightrope of course, because the law is infinitely elastic and changeable. However, it is certainly possible to arrange one's affairs in such a way that you don't have to lose sleep at night, worrying as to whether the "man from the government" will come knocking at your door.

This strategy does require the assistance of legal professionals if you want to do it right. The more money and other assets you have - the more you need to get the structuring right. However, there are some basic moves you can make that are generally applicable, and will give you some obvious advantages.

The downside is that effective structuring is often only available to those with considerable assets. For such people, the cost of setting this up is negligible - and can be done by hired hands. It is, of course, the tax reduction and asset protection strategy of choice for the wealthy.

2. Un-Tax

This strategy has become more commonly known as the "sovereignty" option, where you rely on constitutional or other legal precedents to opt-out of the tax system - becoming, in effect, a tax-protester. This strategy is mainly promoted in the USA, and is essentially about seeking and employing a legal/constitutional defence for opting out of the tax system.

This tactic can be likened to the famous image of the Chinese student standing in front of the tank in Tiannamen Square - a defiant refusal to cooperate with the authorities. That, of course, is a very positive analogy, as the tank in question did actually stop! There are risks of course, as your "tax rebellion" is plain for the authorities to see - and act on if they wish. You also need to have a head for legal argument. For to be effective in this way requires that you have a considerable amount of knowledge of the basis for your rebellion. That will demands a lot of reading
and research on your part.

Personally, I'm very sceptical regarding this option, as I believe that in many cases, the authorities have not bothered to act - and therefore the strength of the various cases has not been tested fully in court. However, it is certainly true that if enough people were to apply this strategy, then it would move into the realm of civil disobedience, and would very likely succeed in undermining the tax authorities - which largely function only by virtue of society's voluntary compliance.

The other obvious weakness of this strategy is that it pits you, as an individual, against an armed opponent. For at the end of the day, the state has the guns - and will use them to force your compliance, or lock you up trying. The downside is that ending up in jail is a real possibility - especially if you go around making a loud noise about your activities. It's one of those ideas that would work if everybody did it. But they don't, and won't.

3. Disappear

This is the total privacy strategy - where, instead of becoming a "challenger" of the system in direct confrontation with the authorities, you simply make plans to disappear off the government's radar screen, so they don't notice you any more. There are various levels of privacy you can aspire to - the most obvious one being to become "unfindable" by never disclosing your residential address. You just use a PO Box number or maildrop, and when asked for a physical address, you simply quote the street where your mailbox is!

To become completely private, you would also need to close all your domestic bank accounts, work from a cash base only, and get rid of all your debts. You would need to make sure you aren't on any public rolls - like for voting. You would also need to develop your own offshore money sources - and keep them private. You'd want to make sure all your communications were private - and that you didn't keep paper/data records of anything that could incriminate you. And one more thing, you wouldn't want to own any physical property in your country of residence.

You may find this method very "extreme" and not want to use it fully. However, it is possible to enhance one's privacy by applying many of the "lower level" strategies as suggested. Each step towards increased privacy, is a step towards more freedom. The downside is that, once again, you may be breaking specific laws - and risk the resultant penalty if caught.

4. PT

This is the "Perpetual Traveler" option - where you become a non-taxpayer by exploiting the "resident for taxation purposes" laws in various countries. The essence of this strategy is that you need to divide up your "life" into different jurisdictional bases. For example, you would want to become a resident in a place which has little or no tax. Ideally, this should be a tax haven, or perhaps a country which doesn't tax worldwide income. This lays the foundation of your lifestyle - for as a legal resident of such a place, you are not liable for any (or very little) tax on your income.

The next step is to arrange your financial affairs (banking) in yet another jurisdiction, while protecting your assets in a different one again. Finally, you would set up your legal business structure in a different jurisdiction from any of the others. And once you have achieved all of that - you are free to actually live anywhere on earth - as a visitor.

Most developed countries will allow you to stay up to 6 months as a tourist. And as a tourist you are not liable for any taxes (apart from sales taxes of course). When your time is up, you simply move on to your next favourite destination - and repeat the process. You don't have to move to a different country all the time, but can choose say three places which you will spend your time in each year (or even two places). The only proviso is that you mustn't stay longer than the prescribed time that qualifies you as a tourist. Stay longer - and you may be deemed a "resident for tax purposes", and be liable for tax.

Naturally, this option is not for everybody, as many people would feel uncomfortable uprooting themselves and living in different countries as a matter of course. But it does offer a legal way to live a tax-free lifestyle, and to reduce bureaucratic influence on your life. The other advantage is that most countries actually treat tourists better than their own citizens. You'll find you are mostly welcome - as is your spending! The downside is that it is necessary to change your life somewhat and rearrange your affairs. The upside is that when done properly you will not be breaking any laws - and can sleep easy at night.

Important note for US citizens: to benefit from this strategy, you would need to give up your US citizenship and acquire a new passport. The reason is this: The USA taxes on both the basis of residency AND citizenship (one of the few countries in the world that does) - and expects you to pay tax, no matter where you live on the planet. There are some financial concessions for being outside the US, but you are required to continue filing a tax return - and paying taxes as due. The only way out of this dilemma is to forego your US citizenship - and start over in a new country.

So you can see, from the brief overview of each strategy, that there is something for everyone - something to suit differing personalities. And all you need to do is take your pick and work towards it.

Source: THE SOVEREIGN LIFE (http://www.sovereignlife.com) REPORT - 5 January 2005

Sunday, December 6th, 2009, 03:42 PM
[This is (mostly) the original document as published in the “P.T. book (http://forums.skadi.net/local_links.php?action=jump&id=1030&catid=27)” by Hill. It has been in the public domain since around 1980, and has been reprinted on countless websites. A few parts have been updated to reflect historical developments. This Chapter may be reprinted without permission if you give the publisher credit for this version, i.e. "From Bye Bye Big Brother, By Grandpa & Others, Published by Verba Verba."]

PT stands for many things: a PT can be a "Prior Taxpayer", "Permanent Tourist", "Practically Transparent", "Privacy Trained", "Priority Thinker", "Positive Thinker", "Prepared Totally", "Paranoid Together" or "Permanent Traveler", "Prepared Thoroughly", etc


Do you want to escape the control over your life and property now held by modern Big Brother governments? The PT concept could have been called Individual Sovereignty, because PTs look after themselves. We do not want or need authorities to dominate every aspect of our existence from cradle to grave.

The PT concept is one way to break free. It is a coherent philosophy, a plan for a stress free, healthy, prosperous life -- not limited by government interference, the threat of nuclear war, the reality of food and water contamination, litigation, domestic conflicts, taxation, persecution or harassment. Whether your problem is an unacceptable child custody decree or an unwarranted accusation by some Gestapo style government agency, PT offers escape. It is a way out of any negative situation created and imposed upon you by any government. Many individuals choose to vent their frustrations with acts of violence. The PT merely avoids conflict by refusing to play where the rules are unfair to him. We move our ass and our assets out of the forum.


PT stands for many things, Perpetual Traveler or Permanent Tourist, for instance. However, a PT need not travel all of the time, nor any of the time for that matter. A PT merely arranges his or her paperwork in such a way that all governments consider him a tourist, a person who is just Passing Through. In the eyes of government officials, the PT is merely on a temporary sojourn or vacation. The advantage is that by being seen as a person who is only Parked Temporarily, the PT is not subjected to taxes, military service, lawsuits or persecution for partaking in innocent, but forbidden pleasures. Unlike most citizens or subjects, the PT will not be persecuted for his beliefs or lack of them.

PT is a concept, a way of life, a way of perceiving the universe and your place in it. One can be a full time dedicated PT or a part time PT. PT is elegant, simple and requires neither accountants, attorneys, offshore corporations nor other complex arrangements. It's the Perfect Thing.

The Threat Called Government

Governments, under the guise of protecting us, have intruded into every area of life, taking the largest part of our earnings in taxes and then rewarding us with little aside from restrictions and harassment. All modern governments these days have virtually eliminated individual privacy. They continue to increase limitations on freedom of choice in many areas of human activity. Each country has its own unique restrictions. Even Western democracies are growing increasingly fond of keeping their citizenry on very short leashes, if not completely shackled.

The constitutions of most nations give lip service to the absolute freedom to travel, but in practice every government severely limits travel with passport, visa and other requirements. A few passports even bar their holders from visiting certain nations at all. By imposing entry restrictions on foreigners, most nations invite tit for tat measures. Personal finances, currency controls, domestic situations and job requirements make the freedom to go anywhere at anytime just a dream for most people.


The properly equipped PT operates outside the usual rules, gaining perfect mobility and a full slate of human rights. PT is the logical and natural path to freedom from proletarian dictators, ambitious politicians, emperors, occupying armies, ruling classes and the tyranny of the majority. Indeed, freedom from the arbitrary whims of sometimes deranged politicians and the destructive powers of rampant bureaucracy is the essence of PT.

PTs, People of Talent, can, at a few strokes of the pen, be truly free of Big Brother. Oppressors and exploiters in the modern world exercise control with paperwork and computers: One of your first and prime objectives is to get your (real) name off of all computer lists. customer lists and official registers of any kind. This is easy to accomplish. PTs first drop off voter lists, then vanish from the roster of property owners or taxpayers. Your present government will no longer be interested in you if they think you have left the jurisdiction and have ceased to be a citizen or subject. It is the goal of the PT to achieve invisibility by taking on a new nationality and acquiring an offshore address. For some citizens, like Germans or Swedes it is necessary to first acquire a legal residence elsewhere. For others, Americans, for instance, just notifying the home country that you are no longer living within their jurisdiction is enough.

Being a PT opens up all sorts of previously unknown possibilities for the PT. For instance, US banks are not permitted to encourage or even tell US customers that they can keep accounts abroad in foreign currencies. Foreign banks are not permitted to advertise such accounts in the US. Regulated financial institutions are forbidden to advertise the fact that when the dollar or any currency is devalued, all local bank accounts, stocks and real property decline predictably in relative value. A dollar decline of 50 per cent against most other currencies occurred between 1985 and 1987. Similar predictable declines in the dollar and most other major currencies have happened many times since then. The vast majority of US citizens are kept in the dark about the simple procedure for avoiding very predictable losses. PTs made a sure 100 per cent or more on their money in one year by buying property or things in the places where currency had just been devalued --- or by switching from dollars into yen, Swiss francs or Euros.

PT freedom extends much further than monetary concerns. Neither the PT nor his family need be inconvenienced by government instigated wars or military service that they would rather avoid. The flexibility and mobility inherent in being a PT means that one will never be an unwilling draftee, victim, jailbird, concentration camp inmate, casualty, refugee or displaced person. PTs choose their own fights and surroundings. They are not swept along in torrents of hysteria caused by forces beyond their control.

Rest assured that by making PT theory, your secondary religion, you will be able to remain comfortably beyond the reach of Big Brother's ever extending grasp. It is impossible for any government to attack or wipe out PTs. Why? Because we are an amorphous group without consistent behaviour patterns. From the point of view of any government official, we appear to be the most desirable kind of tourist, respectful of local laws and authority, low profile and prosperous. PTs cannot be identified, classified or isolated from the general run of tourists. Thus, unlike some publicity seeking individualists or tax rebels, the PT courts no danger and invites no confrontations.


A Canadian investor with a large income from his stocks and bonds would normally be obligated to sacrifice almost half of his earnings to the Canadian government. He could choose to reduce his tax burden in the most common, but ill advised way, the fiddle. He would then become a criminal -- at least in Canada. Many countries have only civil penalties for tax violations, but Canada, the UK and the United States have made tax evasion into a criminal offense, resulting in what are in effect debtors prisons for those who refuse to pay taxes. It would be far more sensible for this Canadian investor to break free and become a PT. Similar possibilities exist for all citizens of all Big Brother governments.


By merely moving themselves and their assets abroad (possibly by establishing a legally recognized residence and domicile in a tax haven), most investors are able to legally avoid handing over half their income to the bureaucrats. As a PT, he would then also be free to roam the world as desired, provided he did not remain anywhere outside of his new tax haven home long enough (or in such a visible way) as to be considered resident for tax purposes. Thus, the PT avoids all income taxes without resorting to fraud. [Publishers Note: There are of course other ways to handle the situation depending upon individual circumstances and desires. Find an existing PT to be your mentor. Contact the publisher or see the resource list.]


Fraud is not necessary. A theoretically perfect PT need never file tax returns, government required disclosure forms --- nor any other paperwork. The major exception to this scenario is if you are a US passport holder. Americans, to become PTs, have to divest themselves of what is commonly known as the most expensive passport in the world. [Publishers Note: The book, Bye Bye Big Brother discusses the particular problems faced by Americans in greater detail. But as a general rule, Americans who earn (as a couple) over approx. $160,000 a year or any unearned income from dividends or interest are taxed by the USA at the same rates whether they reside within or outside of the USA. It is not illegal to acquire a second passport or to give up USA citizenship. But its a complicated issue and how to handle (and whether to consider a renunciation of citizenship) depends on individual needs.]

If you don't enjoy forcible extraction from your bank account or restrictions on your basic human rights, then you can easily move and either register in a tax haven or declare yourself to be a legal resident of anywhere you please. If you don't like paying taxes, they can legally be avoided. There is no government that has the legal right or the practical ability to tax a PT who neither lives within its borders permanently nor has any assets there.

The PT is free to enrich the world with his talent, skills, invention, industry or artistry and then enjoy 100 per cent of the fruits of his work or enterprise. Unlimited, untaxed wealth and the power to dispose of it as you please is one of the major benefits of becoming a PT. PTs can produce good things, be paid in full without withholdings or deductions and then spend their earnings on what gives them pleasure.


As PTs, only restrictions imposed by ourselves can keep us from experiencing the wonders of the world. The PT can and will drive, fly or sail across international frontiers when and where he wants, alone or with anyone he chooses. PTs move freely without exit permits or visas. As PTs we should be mentally, financially and physically prepared to leave anywhere we happen to be and go to the other end of the earth at the first whiff of danger -- or just in search of greener pastures. The PT is able to move fast and decisively; to disappear and resurface anywhere, anytime.

As PTs we can read what we want to read, eat what we want to eat, see what we wish to see, imbibe or ingest as desired and invest anywhere in anything. We are completely free from restrictions placed upon us by governments. We can buy or sell what we please. We can associate with, employ or live with people whom we find agreeable and pleasing. If we want to change friends, employment or climate for any reason, we can do so almost instantaneously without the need to get any sort of permission from the state. Until you become a PT, the range of opportunities denied to you is inconceivable. We don't miss the things of which we are unaware. This report will raise your consciousness as to the nature of freedom. It is one way to rid yourself of limitations. This includes mental baggage as well as the restrictions imposed by Big Brother.

Upon becoming a PT, I discovered that I could drive at top speed on a public highway without ever getting a ticket. The secret was merely using the German autobahn where there are no speed limits. Fast motoring may not be your cup of tea, but the point is whatever your particular pleasure or peculiarity may be, there are always going to be several places in the world where it is legal and available. In Germany, the land of BMW and Porsche, the vast majority of the locals feel that it is their inalienable human right to zip along as fast as their cars can go. A PT need never be tempted to break any laws. If he feels like doing something illegal, like smoking a joint or playing a hand of high stakes poker in a town where gambling is not permitted, he simply goes away and does it where it's legal. A PT seeks out places where he can do as he pleases, legally and openly.


Many men and women in Ireland were forced to become PTs because divorce is not allowed. The thought of being forced to stay married for life to a much disliked spouse was enough to send them far across the seas. The Irish still consider many types of physical contact between two consenting adults to be a crime. This list includes adultery (even if one party was deserted by his or her spouse thirty years ago), fornication (sex before marriage) abortion (even if the result of a rape) and even oral sex between married couples. All of these activities are punishable by jail terms in Ireland. Many other Christian and Muslim countries controlled by God fearing fundamentalist moralities have restrictions on human behavior that we believe is a private matter. Ireland is a great place for a PT to have a passport from, but in marital, sexual and reproductive matters they are still in the Middle Ages.


With PT, gone is all the fear of fines, censure or jail for victimless crimes. Gone is the fear of eating certain natural vitamins, turtle soup or roast pork or drinking wine -- illegal activities in almost half the world. Gone also is the fear of violating such laws as prohibition against peeing in a toilet reserved for members of a certain race or category. Goodbye to all such laws. Goodbye also to all censorship and managed news. Goodbye to government forms in quintuplet. Our personal finances, the medical treatment we need, our personal domestic life and relationships are strictly our private affair, not objects to be manipulated by government against our personal interests.


As PTs we can study any philosophy, raise and educate our children in our beliefs and opinions without contradiction from our government controlled school curriculum. We can pass on our knowledge and point of view according to our inner lights. We need not follow the dictates of an obtuse school commissar who bans our favorite books and forbids mention of those truths we find most self evident.

As PTs we finally become able to invent, improvise, abandon, reject or follow any religion, personal morality or way of life we choose. We can shop, have a drink or eat when we want, not just when the local laws allow restaurants and stores to be open. For those with unconventional thoughts, habits or beliefs, PT is the answer. Life can be lived spontaneously, free, without state imposed restrictions. Becoming a PT means never again having to ask permission or submit to any higher authority. Life is free of permits, licenses, exit permits, visas, currency restrictions, taxes, record keeping, bureaucrats, social workers, litigation, filing and reports.

PTs need not put up with rules, regulations or laws they find personally offensive, inconvenient or immoral. Thus if it suits him or her, without any government or church dispensation, the PT may have as many spouse equivalents as can be managed. The range of possibilities for greater freedom is expanded to whatever can be conceived. A PT may be celibate and need not own a car or acquire any other status symbol -- unless so desired.

On the other hand, the PT can live in a highly controlled society if he so chooses. Perhaps for some reason this sort of community gives him a sense of security or perhaps even superiority. PT is all about options. The more options you have, the more free you are. A PT can live under whichever system suits him best.

This freedom, however, does not mean that a PT should be or can be irresponsible by causing problems, injury or pain to others. The message of PT is not to encourage greed, lust, irresponsibility, immorality or any of the other seven deadly sins. On the contrary! To avoid government's heavy hand is to avoid violating local laws and morality. We must go physically to those places where doing what we want to do is accepted as ordinary behavior. No point in spending time where our lifestyle, appearance or conduct will cause moral offense or get us into difficulties with local authorities. Thus, a PT who likes to drive fast can push his Ferrari along at 175 mph on the German autobahn where it is legal. But when in California, the PT will poke along at the legal limit.

The PT concept involves discovering those places where your particular pleasures are legal and accepted. Fortunately, there are few possibilities in human behavior, no matter how bizarre, that are not considered "normal" somewhere on planet earth.

You need not worry any longer about what the neighbors might think because you can move to where your neighbors will think you are just terrific, or better yet, where they ignore you. You need not worry if your local laws or politics seem to be irrational. Is the mainstream morality incompatible with your own needs? Do you not like litigious lawyers? Nosy social workers? Alimony prone ex wives? Misconceived programs for the "good of society"? Why put up with them?

As PTs we vote with our feet, but the trip doesn't have to be irrevocable or permanent. A PT can leave until things get better, then return. A PT gains the world, while giving up nothing except, of course, his rut, his treadmill.


PT is merely an arbitrary set of initials we have chosen to identify a certain lifestyle, belief system or whatever you choose to call it. There are no dues to pay, no membership cards and until recently there were no meetings or conventions. However, quite a few PTs exist already, perhaps a million, perhaps ten million. No one will ever know how many PTs there are, because we are all invisible. Many PTs have not heard the initials PT, nor would they use them to describe their lifestyle. Many will never read this report. They are nonetheless PTs, though they have stumbled into this path of enlightenment and freedom on their own.

In terms of politics, the PT may be a supporter of any party or political philosophy. Most likely he is not a registered voter anywhere for he certainly never marches in demonstrations. He probably believes in free trade and minimum government. Fascists, democrats, socialists and communists all end up producing centralized bureaucracies with severe restrictions on personal liberty. Most PTs tend to be individualists of libertarian stripe interested in maximizing their own personal freedom. PTs seek the full and free enjoyment of life without robbing, defrauding, exploiting or leaning on anyone else.

A PT may be religious, but unlike most governments who sponsor official religions he will (hopefully) not force his views or personal morality down anyone else's throat. A PT may, and certainly should, be moral according to his own lights, but he need not retire at night with gnawing fears that someone somewhere might be enjoying life more than he is.

PT is all about opening up options, avoiding coercion. It is not about cowardice. If you want to fight for some cause, preferably freedom, you can certainly do so, but as a willing volunteer, not a draftee to be sacrificed as cannon fodder. Harry Schultz, the originator of the PT concept became the honorary commander of an anti-Russian Communist Afghan rebel military unit in 1987 at great personal risk to himself. This was long before the Afghan Freedom Fighters were a popular or winning cause. "Some things we must do, because they are right," said Harry at the time. But considering what happened when the anti-Russian forces won power and became the Taliban, Harry has since decided that any involvement with guns or bombs is never a good option for a PT. Personal survival and prosperity is the only rational mode for a PT.

All changes wrought by man have beneficiaries and perceived victims. Since PTs are tolerant people who do not impose their will on others, more harm than good must inevitably come out of our activities. Cutting loose from a strait jacket, escaping from a life of parochial limitations has to be a good thing for the individual. It will not harm society at large to have a few more rugged individualists and original thinkers doing their own thing. Not everyone can seek or handle such complete freedom. PT is for an elite minority. A PT needs inner direction and the ability to operate within reasonable, self imposed limits.

By exercising reasonable judgment, PTs unlock the best kept secret of the modern Big Brother era: PT or Individual sovereignty is a path for all people who know and understand its concepts to be truly free from bureaucratic shackles. There is no need to become a hermit or a recluse. You don't need to abandon civilization to eliminate its negative aspects.

The PT Lifestyle

A PT can be any age, gender, race, size, shape or religion. PTs can be married, attached or single, with family or without. The PT will not work at a conventional job but can and will make infinitely more money than those who do. As already mentioned, without any income taxes or other government deductions, we keep 100 per cent of what we earn from providing others with valuable things. As a result, the PT standard of living and quality of life is stress free. A PT will be more healthy, materially richer and should always have the best quality of life obtainable on earth.

The PT philosophy releases creative souls from the many burdens of coping with Big Brother. Hopefully, once governments realize that they cannot afford to lose their best and most productive citizens, they will become more responsive to the needs of their people. The only historical precedent for individuals going off on their own due to dissatisfaction with government was in Central America. The ancient Mayans of the artisan and productive classes, apparently without any leadership or destination, simply said No to high taxes; No to the sacrifice of their young virgins. As individuals, having better uses for their money and their virgins, they just drifted off into the jungle. A ruling aristocracy was then left without a population to pay its bills. The Mayan Empire disintegrated. Cities with eight lane boulevards, palaces and impressive monuments were abandoned. It happened within a few years.

What If Everyone Becomes A PT?

The reality is that not enough people will become PTs for it to make any noticeable difference in the world. Paris, Rome, London and New York with populations in the millions will not become ghost towns. Mass migrations have been going on for thousands of years. One of the big realizations for PTs is that as foreigners, we are treated better and usually have an enhanced legal status better than in their native land. If everyone with a taste for travel, an independent income or a portable job became a PT there would probably be nothing more than temporary international exchanges of talented and productive individuals. The best talent, the most productive people are always drawn to places offering peace, prosperity and a suitable climate for creativity. Major cities, economic opportunities and good weather will continue to attract many non conformists and individualists. Becoming a PT expands the mind and increases the list of possible destinations. Virtually anywhere in the world can be a good destination for a PT as long as it is NOT at the place you are starting out from.


An immediate full scale PT lifestyle is appropriate only for those who have developed either a sufficient asset base or a source of income that allows them to be mobile and independent from government licenses and a permanent, full time job in a high tax country. However, there are many exceptions to this. Virtually any individual can become a PT with a few months preparation. Reading this book is the perfect way to start making your own preparations.

By adopting the unconventional but consistent and logical set of ideas set forth here, you can gain power and freedom. The enviable status of PT is available to all, but few individuals will snatch this prize. Why? Belief systems foisted upon us tend to ensure that unnecessary taxes, an aggressive military establishment, intolerance of minorities and redistribution of wealth by government, i.e., theft, will be among the many popular injustices perpetuated by most governments. Who among us has not (at one time) accepted these falsehoods?

We are told that taxes are inevitable and inescapable and that a powerful and aggressive military establishment is needed for our protection. Never mind that with the end of the cold war even military leaders find it difficult to defend the lunatic policies and military budgets of previous decades. Big Brother governments will always find a new bogey-man to justify greater control of the populace and higher taxes. Productive and creative people are needlessly forced to give away the major part of their earnings each year. What happens to this money? It is poured down the toilet, spent on huge bureaucracies that only seem to succeed in creating more of the problems they are supposed to be solving. Big Government is the problem, not the solution.

Fortunately, Big Brother need not intrude on the PT's world. What is the PT's world? It is an individual person, supreme, unfettered, making his own decisions, leaning on no one and allowing no one to lean upon him. If you travel, it is customary to first visit your doctor for the necessary vaccinations. How many people similarly look for an inoculation pill to avoid being harassed, robbed and possibly incarcerated at the hands of Big Brother? It is not natural disasters nor disease that has been the cause of most premature death and suffering in the last 5,000 years of recorded history, it has been Government! Is there any magic dust or silver bullet that can eliminate all government interference from our lives? PT life does not eliminate every vestige of Big Brother control, but it does free the individual PT from the most onerous of it.


PT can show you a new way to experience the world. The Germans have a word for it: Weltanschauung. Even if you dont immediately understand what this word means (roughly, world-view ), you will change your Weltanschauung as you make the transition to the PT lifestyle. For starters, as the income of most PTs is immediately doubled and most frustrations of life with Big Brother are instantly eliminated, the more logical question is, "Can you afford not to become a PT?"

Source: Bye Bye Big Brother (http://forums.skadi.net/www.byebyebigbrother.com)