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Thursday, January 27th, 2005, 06:03 PM
Here's another subject that some here may find interesting.
It is called "Image Streaming" and one might look at it like weightlifting for the mind. Observing a consistent regime of image streaming will reportedly raise one's IQ quotient by as much as several percent. Completely subjective, but I did feel alot "sharper" when I was image-streaming everyday, but I was also doing diving-reflex swimming, and taking nootropic supplements, so any/all of them might have contributed to that.

I wasn't talking aloud when I was image-streaming, I used to write down my IS sessions on a notepad. I bought a dictaphone, but never got around to using it...

I found it hard to visualize when I was feeling depressed too.

I just think that intelligence enhancement should be more widely practiced.



Q005. What is "Image-Streaming"? Does it really work?
Eighty to ninety percent of the brain, by volume, associates by sensory imagery. Less than two percent of the brain associates in words and word concepts, though that is where most of our conscious thinking and perceiving is. Most of our intelligence and nearly all our creativity are found in the unconscious part of our brain which associates in sensory images. Working in the language of that part of our brain wherein resides the vast majority of our intelligence, Image-Streaming accesses resources greater and more extensive than most of us are used to using in Western culture. The practice of Image-Streaming is to "look inside," allowing ourselves to become conscious of whatever imagery happens to be playing in "the back of our mind" or "in the Mind's Eye," and to involve all the senses, not just vision.

To be a true Image-Stream, the visual and sensory content must be "spontaneous" i.e., coming from elsewhere in your brain than where you consciously make your choices and decisions. It must not be a made-up story as in most daydreams; its contents should be free from your conscious direction in the sense that you decide to see a tree and then visualize a tree. Your conscious direction can be engaged in the very general regard that you can think of a question and then let your greater, sensory mind answer that question with unanticipated images. The more surprising those images, the more likely that you have engaged those further, beyond-conscious regions of the brain and mind which you are seeking to consult.

For a true Image-Stream, you also need to be describing those images aloud to a listener while you are experiencing and examining them. A listener will elicit from you the kinds of description which will most strongly, detailedly and effectively develop your conscious perception of your imagery. See Image-Streaming (http://www.winwenger.com/imstream.htm) for detailed instructions.

Besides its entertainment value, besides aesthetics (much of the contents of this sensory imagery are most extraordinarily beautiful), and besides its practical value in answering questions, solving problems and bringing key insights into focus in education, there is some indication that Image-Streaming also integrates the brain and results in permanent gains in both meaningful intelligence and "I.Q."

Formal studies are very much sought to more definitively determine this issue. Also needed are some high-speed, high-resolution scans of the brain during Image-Streaming, which could tell us very much about information-processing in the human brain.

With present methods of Image-Streaming (http://www.winwenger.com/imstream.htm), and with numerous back-up procedures (http://www.winwenger.com/isbackup.htm) to make sure that everyone is able to consciously perceive their own ongoing imagery, better than 99% of those who follow the printed instructions, or who are trained, succeed in Image-Streaming. This near-universality can be expected, given that sensory imagery association comprises the majority of the brains of every living human being. It speaks to a major practical and personal development tool's being within the ready grasp of us all.

Thursday, January 27th, 2005, 06:25 PM
And here's an outline of "The Diving Reflex"

All it basically is, is taking advantage of the reflex that mammals have of their arteries expanding when C02 levels in the blood rise above a certain point (a safety mechanism to ensure the brain continues to receive adequate oxygen) so if you expose the arteries to it enough, they'll expand permanently, perpetually enhancing greater oxygen supply to the brain.

I did two concentrated stints (at the local pool nearly everyday for 3 weeks) when I was really motivated, but haven't done any diving reflex swimming in a long time now. I did feel very sharp and healthy, and the concept has alot of research and study behind it, indeed no-one seems to doubt it, and I must say neither do I.

It was easy to do it when I was training at a gymnasium that had a lap pool in the complex, I just spent half an hour or so (couldn't manage a full hour) at it after my daily workout and killed two birds with one stone.

I'd just swim really slowly from one end of the pool to the other (timing myself with my wristwatch) pause to recover, then repeat. It does take a bit to build up lung capacity, but you get there quicker than you'd think!

(exerpt from the online Ebook on the Project Renaissance website)

The Effect on Intelligence

Why did we say "intelligence?" Another effect of held-breath underwater swimming is upon the Carotid arteries which supply the brain.

Held-breath underwater swimming builds up carbon di-oxide in the bloodstream which, in turn, expands the Carotid arteries feeding circulation to the brain.* The recommended hour per day over three weeks, permanently expands those Carotids and the circulation to your brain. This not only improves your "wind," you see, this held-breath underwater swimming improves the physical condition of your brain and is an easy way to increase intelligence, even your own already-high intelligence.

That CO2/Carotid-expansion relationship is a safety system which was bred into all of us, from a time when our ancestors lived under much more rigorous conditions than we do. Any of our ancestors from such times who did not have the ability, did not live long enough to become our ancestors. We still have that Carotid-expansion trait, a fact that every medical doctor in this country has had to memorize while coming through medical school.

Every doctor had to memorize that fact, that the Carotid arteries expand in relation to carbon dioxide in the bloodstream. Yet organized medical science has always looked in directions far more expensive (and disastrous, as per the examples of hyperbaric oxygen! ?and of certain expensive drugs with unhappy side-effects), in its efforts to treat various forms not only of mental and cerebral deficiency and brain damage but even cerebro-vascular deficiencies!

Is the fact that there is much more money to be made from expensive equipment and drugs, whether effective or not, the controlling motivation in medicine? Make your own test of the matter. Ask your own doctor about the fact of Carotid/CO2 expansion, confirm this to your own satisfaction. Then make your own reading about the motiva-tions of your doctor (and/or of the people who keep him or her informed of develop-ments) ?as to whether these motivations are predominantly medical, professional, humanistic, scientific, personal or mercenary ?by assessing his or her response to the idea of using that Carotid expansion response as an enrichment or even as a treatment.

What has made carbon dioxide enrichment a successful brain therapy in those relatively rare instances when it has been thus applied, especially to brain-damaged children, is this: whether by underwater swimming, baggie breathing, certain special breathing exercises, or by whatever means . . . .

. . . . . If carbon dioxide levels are made quite high quite often over a period of several weeks, the Carotids don't keep on closing back up. They stretch and accommo-date to become permanently broader, supply forever not only more oxygen to the brain but more nutrition and food energy and, most important, more cleansing away of toxins and fatigue poisons. That is why we strongly recommend the hour per day, three-week intensive period of underwater swimming.

This improved circulation to the brain means a physical healthier, more intelligent brain, improving all areas of life and not just the intellectual.