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Wednesday, December 29th, 2004, 06:46 AM
The topic of which religion should Western (Nordic) man follow has come up often. And, if you believe that the "cult" is the source of culture (Christopher Dawson), it certainly is an important topic. One man who has thought deeply on this topic is William Gayley Simpson, who had been a committed Christian in his youth but abandoned his faith later on. This is what he writes in "Which Way, Western Man":

Our supreme need is indeed for a new religion, a new religion of our own. ... Anyhing consciously worked up and artfully fabricated, with a view to an end, would be artificial, and as such, totally devoid of life. Any real religion, really new, really our own, it it comes at all, will have to come gradually and organically, for a long time almost without anyone knowing of its existence, and taking a shape of its own, taking it silently and invisibly, mysteriously feeding on forces in the racial soul by which it has been conceived and within which it is moving toward birth. ...

Every one of us who undertakes to be, in the profoundest sense, true to himself, to recognize and to throw off alien influences, to plumb and to set free the innermost being of our race as it seeks to find expression and come to flower in him, will be making his sure contribution toward the final consummation. He will be adding his modicum of experience and of strength by which the new life will take shape and build up size and energy to do something titanic, beyond the power of the old forms to contain, so that it will at last burst forth a new comprehension of life, a new vision, a new faith, a new discipline for every side of our life, personal and social ...

... we shall form our own Bible, our own Book of Life. Why should not the Laws of Manu or one or two of the books of Nietzsche be our Leviticus; Zoroaster or Aristotle our Moses; Homer and some of the Icelandic sagas our Exodus and Judges; Dante or Goethe's Faust take the place of Job, and Shakespeare take that of Ecclesiastes; the Revelation of St John give way to William Blake, the Psalms to the Songs of Kabir; and the Gospels of Jesus be supplanted by Nietzsche's Thus Spake Zarathustra, or by the record of some man or men yet to be born, whose life and teaching prove to be the most satisfying and inspiring epitome of our racial soul?

... out of this will come our own, our Aryan, Nordic Bible ... that will hold up before us our own ideals and traditions, the record of our supreme achievements and triumphs, the story of our saints and heroes, the admonitions of our great wise men and guides, the vision of our own hopes and dreams and purposes pushed deep into a distant future. It will be the Book of LIfe not of the poor or the weak or the meek, but of the strong and masterful, who by their mastery over themselves will shape their life into something every more beautiful, in soul and in body, until at last they deserve again that name wit which they began, the proud head-lifting name of "Aryan", "the noble ones".

Friday, December 31st, 2004, 03:16 AM
Very powerful. I must get this book.