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Tuesday, December 28th, 2004, 02:14 PM
It's well known, that Aryan man have created all of world civilisations, travelled to Earth's most distant places and reached the space. This is the obvious proof of our superiority over all other creatures and also means that magical qualities of the race possess the special power, that allow it to rise upon such levels. Sacral legacacy of Aryans has the vast potential. Aryans are descendants of divine beings, that came on Earth in the times immemorial, and occult facilities of the race are inherited from these creatures. But for the space of aeons collisions and interbreeding with inferior and alien species, cataclysms and devastating wars have lead to reducing and fading of these abilities.The wrong way of development was chosen as a sequence, but in all this the role of Eternal Enemy was evident. It's not a secret as well that Aryan race is being crowded out by the offsprings of inferior primary species (dwarves of Sodom) and Aryan consciousness is poisoned by deceitful southern doctrines, leading to mind decay. Caste system of Aries is destroyed and alas, among them Shudders, the waste are predominating. Evil forces of Eternal Enemy have mislead Aryan race by "national", "regional", "linguistic" and "state-territorial" paths , turning it in the result into racial minority. Malicious shadow fell also upon the great Legacy of the Ancients, decomposing and turning it inside out. Venomous fungus have penetrated traditions of volhv sorcerers, druids, priests of the North, turning them into putrid international New Age - mess, made for consumption of the Shudders and human subspecies.

In the thickening twilight of chaos, directed by the Eternal Enemy and his mates as well as "white traitors", it becomes an obvious necessity to create a community of people, that are ready to oppose their will and power of Ancient Knowledge, preserving and supplementing Spiritual Treasures of ancestors along with increasing of the own potential. The occult Knight Order, inheriting the best traditions of medieval Knight Orders, could become this community. In extension of the Middle Ages knights expressed the racial gnosis, turning into order and obedience wild hordes of Saracens and jews. Tampliers fought the inferior races in Far East, while Spanish Orders fought the Moors in the West. Most spectacular were Tampliers, bearing the Inner Occult Doctrine and who were the legendary Knights of the Grail. In general, knighthood was aristocratic and ARIOcratic structure, plunging dark hordes into fear. It stood at the guard of the race and have mercilessly exterminated the human subspecies or have isolated them in a ghettos. The Order of Ansuzgard is a fraternity of people, seeking to collect, to preserve, to supplement the Ancient Knowledge and to unleash it's power unto Enemy. Thus, the greatest forthcoming goal of the Order is the returning of original status of Overman - god-human, that could rationally rule his fate, fates of other beings and surrounding world, to Aryan man. Achievement of the named goals will require the enormous efforts and offerings. With no doubt, only few of those, belonging to noble Aryan Race, are able (and deserve) to stand on this way. So, apart from practical and theoretical work with the Ancestors' Legacy accomplishes the functions of "spiritual security", opposing powers of Chaos upon all levels of existence.

The Order of Ansuzgard is not a political or mystical organisation per se, but this is synthetic formation. National-Socialism in the Order's view is a political form of Esoteric Movement in Europe. The Third Reich is the prototype of forthcoming European Empire and the act of the Higher Will against the baneful forces of Marxism, Capitalism and Christianity.


1. All gods of the ancient Aryan religions are personification of creative/destructive forces of Nature, emanating through the paths of the Seven Spheres.

2. Moral dualism "good-evil" does not exist in the Nature. They are subjective concepts. "Good" is that, what empowers the race, the nation (and humans, who constitute it), while "evil" is what that, what accomplish the opposite action.

3. Contemporary materialistic soulless science (magic of Jotuns) leads the human and the Earth to the perishing. Aryan science (magic of Sir) opposes this.

4. Absolutely all existing in the Universe is being regulating by the cycles of Development and Withering.

5. Human is not supposed to be a toy in the hands of destiny and to helplessly wallow in it's web (not to be a lamb of God), but to possess the Power and Will, to liken the Gods, his Elder Brothers.

6. People, dwelling on the Earth are not equal in any parameters, therefore the caste ethnocracy is the ideal basis for the constructing of social structures.

7. In the all times secret societies of Magicians have invisibly affected the destinies of the world. Between these societies have always occurred occult battles.

8. Nordic European tradition is the most powerful among Aryan traditions.


The highest goal is creation of new type of human being, that possess the Cosmic Consciousness, Homo galactica.

Studying of all aspects of esoteric and traditional directions in European history and culture.

Discovery of the lost and forgotten aspects of Aryan most ancient past.

Preparation of New Aeon arrival with exoteric and esoteric methods.

Source: http://www.vedarya.org/orden/ans_eng.htm (http://forums.skadi.net/redirector.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.veda rya.org%2Forden%2Fans_eng.htm)

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