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Monday, December 6th, 2004, 04:12 AM
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What is PhysOrg?
PhysOrg is online resource, totally dedicated to scientific discussions on physics, including such areas as nano- and quantum physics, applied physics, and semiconductor technology. We also have the news section about the latest scientific achievements in these areas.
I want to join a discussion or ask questions. How?
There are several way to do so. First, you may join PhysOrgForum, and post in any forum you want. Note, that most of the forums require registration before posting, except the news discussion topics.

Second option, is to join our mailing lists. At this moment we provide four mailing lists: general discussions, nano&quantum physics, applied physics, and semiconductor technology.
Ok. I am interested. How much do I have to pay?
Nothing. All services are absolutely free of charge. And we will not use you information to send you any commercial offers and will not disclose information about subscribers, including names and e-mail addresses. If you wish, you may donate (via PayPal) to help us to improve of this resource and keep it alive.
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What is publications discussion forum?
This is the dedicated resource for discussion and commenting on scientific publications. We will also try to contact authors, when possible, so that they may comment on yours post. Sorry, but now it is only available via PhysOrgForum, not via mailing lists.
I am not interested in physics or technology. Can I discuss something else here?
Main discussions are on scientific topics. However, there is an off-topic forum at PhysOrgForum, you can post there.
The area of scientific forums you have are rather broad. Can you be more specific?
It is difficult for us to maintain larger number of forums. If you want to start you own discussion forum (e.g. on numerical simulations) please contact us by e-mail, we will arrange it. We are also looking for moderators who want to help us to maintain this resource. Please contact us, if you are interested.
I rather want to discuss other scientific branches, than physics and technology.
We can arrange forum on any scientific topic, related to physics and technology (e.g. chemistry or mathematics). However, we are looking for moderator to supervise these discussions. If you want to become a moderator of new discussion forum, please free to contact us.
I have some comments about PhysOrg.com.
We would be glad to receive your feedback or hear your suggestions on how to improve this resource. Contact us