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Mac Céin
Saturday, December 4th, 2004, 02:42 PM
A Y chromosome DNA test will tell a man his paternal ancestry back to the beginning. They are not too expensive these days, some excellent labs doing the test. I located my distant cousins in Europe by doing this.

No need to classify one's self... just do the DNA test. Ladies can have a male relation from their father's family test. (Y chromosome is only passed from father to son).

Old concepts of European racial groups, largely Victorian era paradigms, are obsolete in many ways. The DNA test reveal a large population of R1b haplotype found in the Isles, parts of Western Europe from the southern tip of Norway to northern Spain. Then you have a few other patterns I, R1a, etc., that very pecisely show you you European origin.

You can also find your maternal acestry via a mitochondria DNA test, which is also easy and not too expensive. Several labs in the US and UK doing excellent work.

To date much of the population of the Isles and costal Western Europe (including parts of Germany) are largely R1b. There is with in the R1b family a Celtic pattern which concern the values of certain DNA loci... to sum the populations of Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, parts of Scotland and England, southwest France and northern Spain and northern Portugal are the same root people.

This is science, black and white.

Rather than archaic rhetoric about race (or in addition to perhaps) I suggest Europeans men and women to the DNA tests. They are fun, like having a time machine to the distant past. Not only will you locate lost family in Europe and the European Diaspora... but you will have very distant matches that show you where you paternal ancestry lived a thousand years or more ago.

I have worked with several DNA projects, very successful ones, to study clan, tribal and family histories. They are amazing. You will find out exactly who you are and who are your people back to the Beginning.

Family Tree runs a good lab, excellent quality.

Sorrow for any typos. It is against my practice to proof and writing I do for free.

Mise Mac Céin

Sunday, December 5th, 2004, 08:35 PM
are the test 100 % accurate. how much do they cost. how do i get it done?