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Monday, November 22nd, 2004, 10:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Frodo

These countries are poor due to years of raping and pilfering by your ancestors, so that is why they are coming to your countries to take over your jobs. Get ready there are a billion more back in India and another billion in China just waiting to strike you down! Why don’t you all move down under, you will fit in very well with the murderous racist bunch already there! “Hummm...

Let's put it simply Frodo...

All you said above is true... so what? Yes we conquered the greater part of the world over the centuries... why? It's self explanatory: because we could... we did... Now why was it us instead of the other races? Duh... Maybe it's got something to do with brains and the predatory nature of Whites... Hey! Calm down, it's not our fault, it's in our genes... We can't help being what we are...

Our race was submitted to a brutal genetic "bottleneck" effect during the Ice ages... The greater majority of our ancestors' bloodlines were annihilated... Only the very bright, strong and predatory survived and passed on their genes... Life was harsh in the cold... So when hardened "blue eyed devil" predators (who had developped steel weapons, "on horse" archery, war waggons, etc...) fell upon people who were way far behind them in terms of social organization, ethnic altruism, science, medecine, architecture, strategy,etc... the outcome was a given... It still is...

Europeans will always dominate the world... whether it be militarily, scientifically,or politically... through manipulation of "your" governments if need be... that is, if we are submitted to another "bottleneck effect", this time due to extensive miscegenation with other races, so what? we'll adapt our racial survival strategy on a global scale and no longer on a territorial one... Beginning to understand?

Even if there was a majority non-white number of people living in traditionally white countries, Whites would still be at the top of the heap... one way or the other... either directly or through non-white straw men, just like in Africa... Our best elements are genetically programmed for creative thinking and extreme ruthlessness in combat... Our ancestors didn't conquer the world tossing tulips at their enemies... we were better fighters, we won. What's your problem Frodo, nobody ever told you that life was a struggle for survival of the fittest? Tsk...tsk...

Not for the weak, or stupid... We like to explore, conquer... we're a curious and restless race... deal with it. or don't. We're heading for the stars man... We'll probably leave you the earth when we're through with it, so it's not all that bad... We called ourselves "the noble ones"... You called us "blue eyed devils"...it's all there isn't it?


“...The muds in our countries will soon be in sufficient numbers (less than 15 years) to vote us outta the political control of our lands... At about 30% of the vote they will be in position to take over since they will only need to ally themselves to "progressive" parties in order to find the 21% they will need to rule over us...

In France for instance... the non-white vote is already around 10% and growing at each election, we are starting to see arabs and blacks in elegible positions on right and left wing voting lists...

In my opinion, Whites are exposed to another period of the genetic "bottleneck effect"... This time it isn't because of the extreme living conditions of the Ice ages... Our birthrates are dwindling... miscegenation is widespread and growing... White ethno-masochism is teached to our children in our schools, etc, etc... The list is long.

Only few of us will succeed in maintaining our races' cultures and traditions in the future... WN will have to regroup in PLE entities, with very powerful economical resources in order to enable us to maintain as much leverage as possible over our destinies... The solution is no longer "national"... It's got to be global: physically, economically, and scientifically...

If we acheive in setting up PLEs of this nature, we should have enough $$$ to lure the best researchers and scientists to work on projects destined to keep us on top of the food chain until we gain enough momentum to implement a worldwide "renaissance"... Separatism can only be a tactical move, it's certainly not an end in itself...

"Victory through superior intelligence."


“...It's a struggle dude, not a cakewalk... And it's going to get harder as time goes by... The white race is probably going to be submitted to another genetic "bottleneck effect", because of widespread miscegenation and low birth rates... Our numbers are going to dwindle and only the most intelligent and resourceful Whites are going to prevail and pass on their genes... The rest of us are either going to race-mix or will become slaves of the NWO just like the muds... Fight the right fight, not a dreamworld "racewar" that's only got a remote chance to happen... We're only a handful so lets regroup and take care of our destinies, and not put all our eggs in the same delusional "reconquista" fantasies...

We've only got a remote chance to retake the political control of our lands from ZOG and expulse millions of aliens from white lands in any foreseable future... Ever heard of the UN? remember what happened to Kosovo... So let's get real and set up a "coalition of the willing" and put our resources together in order to create functional PLEs funded by very aggressive "blitzkreig capitalism" techniques... Let's get into outsourcing, offshore banking, etc... Our lands may be already lost, so let's get back to what we used to be... Nomads that go wherever the game goes, let's go secure whatever resources our PLE groups will need to thrive and grow... Let's get back to being "blue eyed devil" high IQ predators...

We need to become elitists again... and leave the wiggers, race-mixers, white trash, etc... to the muds and NWO... Deep thinking, predatory capitalism, creativity in science, economy, military technology will allow an elite minority of racially aware Whites to preserve our culture and heritage in sanctuary-like PLE's...

The Whites that are really feeling the pain these days are low income working class Whites... They are the ones in competition with the muds for jobs, housing, women, etc... They whine about how muds have taken over their jobs and neighborhoods... What did they expect? Life is a struggle for survival... the survival of the fittest... Do working class Whites really think that our elite will fight for them? Naw, our elite fights for itself, it always has... The working class has always been utilized as cannon fodder to protect the elites' interests... I know it's not a pleasant thought, but the truth rarely is.

These days, our ruling class is fighting to maintain its living standards in a globalized highly competitive economy... The ruling class doesn't care who works for it as long as the work gets done... Whites? Blacks? Asians? They don't care as long as they work for the lowest wages possible...so you can be sure that our lands are going to keep on being invaded by muds... Let's save what can be saved... that is, ourselves... the racially aware... Leave the weak, stupid, race-mixers, and multiculturalist whites to their own fate... We're still hundreds of millions on this earth, so...

Only the strong survive... Regroup, divide and conquer.”


Originally Posted by Mirick

I hope all of you die a horrible death. You deserve nothing short of long and extensive torture. However, I still entertain the hope that you might one day grow up. Futile dream, I know. Again, die.

“WE are the blue eyed devils... We are the ones that inflict horrible lives and deaths on Untermenschen like you: yesterday,today and tomorrow... It's not the other way around or we'd have heard about it... The Aryans are "natural born" predators... White men will always rule the earth because nobody is neither strong nor intelligent enough to stop us... So get used to it, loser... Either lead, follow, or get outta the way!”


Originally Posted by Wildcat

Christ, does your american government support your beliefs or what, because if they don't... they are doing a terrible job by not putting you behind bars since history proves that movements like this will eventually end up in massive genocide. All forms all elitism must be stopped!

“You're a laugh... And who's gonna be able to stop elitism, genius? The Untermenschen? Only an elite can chase another elite from power... So it's always a white elite against another white elite thing...

Your low IQ is blatant by the tenure of your post, I'd like to see how losers like you will "stop all elitism"...

You have no idea of what you're up against...”


Original Post: Anyone has BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?

“Aryan greetings,

I run a company that deals in "forcible" outsourcing of Western companies towards South East Asia...

What is "forcible" outsourcing?

In a nutshell:

1. We prospect all over the Western world in order to seek factories who produce items that aren't protected by patents and/or registered trademarks.

2. We request wholesale price quotes and samples from them.

3. We send the samples to our Chinese engineers, they seek production units that have the technical knowhow to make good quality copies of the said items for a very cheap price.

4. We sell the items to the clients of the Western factory (1) for 5 to 10 times cheaper than their cheapest price...another strategy consists of "influencing" the Western company (1) into outsourcing its production to South East Asia utilizing our resources of course...leverage over the decision making process of the Western company is easily acquired when they realize that we are in possession of their clients identities... and that we can sell their clients the same items for a fraction of their current prices...the options are clear, either they outsource and agree to give us a small percentage of the action, or we take 'em outta business.

5. We win.

This set up is our current strategy, it's succeeding better than we ever could imagine only months ago... When we gain enough financial momentum, we will target very specific markets, and progressively take them over until total control is achieved.

I work long hours every day, all of our staff members do too... We need agents in every Western country, no money needed... Only ambition, brains and brawn...

We need collaborators in every Western country... Men and women, either college educated or not having finished elementary school, it doesn't matter... What matters is "drive" and cunning.

If you or any other member of Stormfront is interested in this venture, PM me and we'll get into the details in private.

Outsourcing of Western companies is inevitable, so let's keep it in white hands.

You wanted some advice? Welcome to the real world.”


“... Calm down, I'm traiterous to my race because I'm an economical realist, is that what you're saying? You seem to be deluding yourself, Sir. many people in Western countries will lose their jobs and income in the coming years, there's nothing neither you nor I can do about it... Companies will outsource because if they don't, they're toast... Easy enough to understand... Since you're so righteous and intelligent maybe you got a magic wand to change what will inevitably happen in the coming years, cause that's what you'll be needing, every else has already been tempted...(smile)

Oh, and by the way, there's much more to make $$$ wise than $10,000 in this business...(smile) and let me tell you, I could care less what becomes of the majority of my "race"... I'm a separatist ya see, and an elitist separatist at that! In a nutshell, I'm for separation from the muds AND all the assholes within my race... Many WN I've met are pseudo communists, they whine and cry about how they're losing their jobs to outsourcing, but doing nothing to secure their family's future... The world has always been a highly competitive place, and the trend is worsening... You know the saying: "Only the strong survive"...

Ever heard of the "bottleneck effect"... Natural selection of the fittest... In my opinion, only the most intelligent, ruthless, predatory Whites in small very strongly knit communities will survive and prosper, but even this isn't a given, we gotta fight for our survival, just like in the past... The Ice ages rid us of our "dullest" elements... You either have to adapt to your environment, or be in position to modify your environment to fit your will... I don't see why in the world I must feel a sense of "brotherhood" with all and any White! That's utterly absurd... I only respect Aryans that act like Aryans... "Aryan" means noble, right? We fiercely compete with each other within the white race... Always have... We've killed a hundred times more Whites than we've ever killed any other race!

I'm telling you Sir, the real fight that's being waged these days in the business world is a White against White struggle for economic world domination... But it's not a "nationalistic" thing... It's between monstruously huge international corporations... Sure, the Jews are also competing... I never said the contrary... but they're just one of the entities (whether political, massonic, organized crime families, etc...) that are slugging it out with each other for the best deals... I'm a separatist, but I think that the struggle to acheive and maintain "white only nations" may turn out to be a failure... Don't forget that the extreme majority of Whites anywhere in the world hate our guts... They actually want multiracial societies in Europe and the States, so what are you talking about?

I'm only striving to set up elitist "White only' PLE's, and eventually "White enclaves" (if the $$$ follows) any ****ing where in the world! It's a global fight now my friend, and many Whites will be breeded out of our gene pool through miscegation or fall into poverty due to their incapacity to assess, adapt, and stay on top of the food chain... Our numbers WILL diminish, they already are... Only the best prepared among us will be able through $$$, PLE solidarity and networking to keep our race moving forward and our best gene lines pure through eugenism...

This is my personal choice of "survival strategy" you are free to leaflet, rally, grease your guns for the "race war" (that may never come about), whatever... I only fight for my "clan", my family, and myself, it's a full time job... and we're all White... The rest of the white race should do the same... Hey! Any White man or women is welcome among us, just as long as they get off of their asses and get to work instead of living in a virtual WN fantasy world to get these PLEs up and running... No free rides...

With a lot of hard work, intelligence, and a little luck... Nothing can stop us, nothing ever has... But it's not a journey for everybody... only the willing.”


“... I was expecting some debatting on these issues, some counter-arguments... I "collude with non-whites"... Yeah, so what... I do business with anybody as long as I have the upper hand on the deal... What kinda dream world do you live in? I didn't insult you Sir, people insult you when they don't have any other arguments to bring forward...

I got work to do ya see, and you're absolutely no threat to me, my brothers, or my family... If you were you wouldn't be the kinda dude who threatens people over the internet, you'd be the kinda dude that's already fighting it out with us, not the same... AND, believe me you wouldn't have a clue. Stop the dreaming and keyboard warrioring, get to work... Do something for yourself and your people, nobody's gonna do it for you in your place, either YOU will do what's necessary to secure your family's future, or you and yours will fall into the wastebin of history... I'll give ya some free advice: $$$ = power ; power = control ; control = supremacy. It's all there, always has been... ask the Juden... No hard feelings,...”


“... You didn't address the issues put forward, once again... Debate what I wrote with arguments... You're not thinking, give me a credible argument to explain how you're going to stop outsourcing and keep your job? This is an important issue... Outsourcing will happen with or without your consent... What is your strategy to "save the white race" and keep America white?

Do you seriously think that the USA or the other European countries are going to remain all-White nations? I live in Europe most of the time and I can tell you that massive immigration is rampant and growing... Sure, if a "race war" occurs then the equation will change and we will have to re-assess, and adapt our strategies and tactics accordingly, what's the problem? Don't you think I would prefer to live in a peaceful all-White nation? Problem is, I'm not in a position to change this situation, I simply do not have the means or power to impose my views on racial "purity" and the need to keep my country ethnically homogeneous on the other 99% of braindead whites living here...

Leafleting is getting us nowhere... Neither are rallies... As soon as a WN leader gains some momentum he is framed by ZOG and goes to prison... We don't have access to the media, we don't have $$$ assets to fund any serious projects, etc... the list is long... I'm an optimist but with both eyes wide open, and I don't like to lie to myself to feel good... I'm not a nationalist, I "think" the struggle on a worldwide scale so the whole world is now the arena in which this fight is going to take place...

I've explained why I chose the PLE option, what you don't seem to comprehend is that "we" plan to utilize the $$$ we generate, to purchase mainstream medias or at least control enough of their stocks to begin to outreach to the lemmings... among other projects of the same vein... I deal in reality, not ideological fantasy... Today's weapons are $$$... So we must adapt to this reality and do what we gotta do to make it happen...

You say I'm not an Aryan... ha! Do your homework pal... Aryan tribes weren't very territorial, they were bonded by BLOOD not land... Their strenght came from altruistic love they felt for their TRIBESMEN... not other tribes whether they be black or white... That's why our different ethnic tribes went and conquered the whole ****ing world... Aryans have always competed without pity with each other, that's how we're made to be by "nature"... Aryans were highly mobile, ruthless adventurers, not whining cry babies...

Bottom line dude, if White's can't defend what their ancestors conquered in their place, then they deserve to lose their lands and be submitted to mud rule... (I didn't coin this phrase, Uncle Adolf did.)... I won't allow that to happen to my extended "family" if the worse scenario happens... We will survive and prosper come what may. What are you doing that's changing anything for you or your race? I hope you're not just keyboard warrioring with the wrong dude...

I take $$$ from race traitor white capitalists and use it to fight back... what's the problem? Calm down, have a beer... and "think" for a change...”


“...You are in no position tell me what moniker I am to choose, I chose Mjolnnir because it is the hammer of Thor, meaning Thorburn's weapon right? Today's hammer of Thor is $$$... Tomorrow it may be something else. Aryans are in my eye the elite of the Aryan race not it's lowest common denominator: "white skin"... "European ancestry"...

Make your money and support your people in a way that doesn't destroy their livelihood.My people? Oh so you are qualified to tell me who my people are? If you really think I consider all Whites as my people, I hope you're kidding... Most of "my people" hate my separatist guts and ardently support race mixing and mud immigration... "Brainwashed lemmings"... yeah for some... but for the majority of "my people", diversity is actually something they honestly desire, they think that a "racially mixed" society will abolish racism and war... how sweet... I have no need for them, for they are not "my people"...

Not one of you dudes addressed the ISSUES I brought up regarding what WN strategy and tactics should be implemented to move forward one way or the other...

Alright you oppose outsourcing... It's just like if a dude said that he opposed hurricanes... I do too...great! Now we're getting somewhere (smile)... C'mon, seriously... "I" take jobs away from Whites? huh, huh... Not me dude... Globalization of the economy is...

Me and my people are only striving to survive and prosper in a given context... A context we didn't choose... A context we don't have any leverage on... I don't think I've taken a single job away from a WN, and if I did, I consider it collateral dammage... How many WN do you estimate there are in the States... Do your math and wake up to reality... Decades of leafleting and rallies have amounted to what?

I'll tell ya... there are less WN now than there was back in the sixties or seventies, does that ring a bell? Street demos comprised of 20 or 30 WN, only give the ARA and Sionists positive media coverage not us... duh... Those tactics have failed... They will continue to fail... because we don't have access to mass media... to $$$... to nothing... We have to do something for ourselves and stop trying to convert stupid white race traitor assholes or braindead joe six-packs to something they don't give a **** about... If they did they'd be with us already.

Don't waste your time insulting me over the web...debate...

There is nothing to debate

Ha! doesn't that sound like what antis always say? Yes, there is something to debate... you sound like commies... Kremlin political commissars... So you hold the truth and nobody else?

The nature of the debate is: should we keep on dreaming and keep considering non-WN Whites as our own? (which is getting us nowhere) or should we change totally our strategy to "White Survival" tactics implemented by a "coalition of the willing" and utilize all our energy, brains and brawn to establish wealth power and control at least over our own lives...

I believe in a win-win strategy... If all of a sudden the lemmings wake up by the millions and vote white nationalists into power all over present white lands... Hell, I won't complain... But if it doesn't happen, we will have solid and wealthy PLEs set up around the world to continue the struggle, we will not have been totally vanquished.

Deluded people like you are the real danger our race is facing, you are no match to the Sionists or Massons... You represent no threat to 'em... Your na´veness will be your doom... They are going to gobble you up just like that... Unless you wake up.

Aryans don't whine...they fight!

"Nothing to debate" Eh. eh. eh... Yeah sure...”


“...What?... I hope you don't think I believe in the existence of Thorburn, Odin or the Walhalla... C'mon, they are ancient Aryan archetypes nothing else... They reflect and are an expression of the essence of the White Race... Like voodoo that of the black race... Islam the sand-*******...etc... Nothing more, nothing less...

In other words Odin and Thor are spiritual representations of me and you... Well more me than you actually (smile)... when you worship them you worship me, thanks, I appreciate your devotion (re-smile)...

Thorburn (I) will not protect my race mixing "brethren" nor my braindead or cowardly "lets praise diversity" "comrades"... I like to choose by myself who I consider a "comrade"... I would rather cram my hammer up their traitorous asses with great pleasure... I feel no pity at all for such Whites... but listen well, I would die "yesterday" for a true Aryan brother, for I know I can trust his predatory genes, high IQ, and ferocious clanic racialism to insure the continuum of the great Aryan cosmic adventure...

"Manifest Destiny", you seem bitter and disillusioned... I hope you're not a young man... I'm well over 40 and I'm still a very curious, enthousiastic dude, full of hope and combativity... Life is fun, the struggle need not be gloomy... But we're not going to "save" people (that you call my brethren) that would rather have us hung by the balls on the nearest lampost then to have anything to do with us...
I do not consider you or any other WN as an enemy, I consider YOU like you consider the brainwashed lemmings, I think you are unconsciously playing the Juden's game... They must be laughing their asses off when they watch "20 participant" WN demos on TV... Because it stigmatises WN as nazi fetichist, crypto-homosexual, wife beating nutcases and losers (that is how we are portrayed in the media... Duh, who owns the media?)... It's all benefit for the Zionists... You wanna scare the **** outta the Zionists for good? Go for their wallets!

Blitzkreig Capitalism...Attack by surprise, divide, isolate, and conquer...

WNs should stop all outreach to the lemmings immediatly, and also stop all the mental wanking about the 3rd Reich... The war has been over for 60 years!!! Whether Hitler should've opened a second front to the East or not... blah, blah... doesn't matter anymore... We have more urgent things to do for ourselves, for the willing and able that is...

You will "keep telling me I don't deserve the moniker Mjolnnir until my ears burn"... Hard headed eh? I like that... I bet you are a young man... just an intuition... And I, for myself will "keep on telling you to wake up and fight for your survival, by all means available"

You are welcome to join the fight, I mean it. Just a quote from a famous French corsaire when an English warship captain told him scornfully "the British fight for honor, the French only fight for gold"... He answered "each man fights for what he is lacking of"... I like that one... Come join the fight and have fun... "Manifest Destiny"... C'mon and "manifest YOUR destiny", slash and thrust!”


“... Short term strategy? We'll see... You really don't want to open your eyes do you? You keep talking about all the damage I'm doing to Whites.... Which Whites?... If you're talking about 90% of the Whites on Earth that favor or accept miscegenation and racial diversity, they (once again) are my enemies... Clear enough? I will **** them over and drive them into poverty with as much energy and enthousiasm as I'm capable of...

"White countries" ?... That's a fallacy... There are no "All-White countries" anymore on Earth... Have you been sleeping these last 3 decades? In Europe, about 20% of the population is mud and massive immigration is bringing more than 100.000 legal immigrants a year into France alone...The rest of Europe is no better... And these muds aren't invading us... We're inviting them in and offering them our daughters so they can **** their way into power! In very few years, the muds will be in sufficient numbers to vote themselves into political domination of Europe... With the help of all the White people you consider your kin...

The extreme majority of Whites are willingly surrendering their countries to muds... They are my enemies... My main enemies... and I'm gonna hurt those idiots and cowards very bad for what they're doing and have fun while doing it... We're not only working on outsourcing, we got some other pretty neat tricks up our sleeves...

The muds are no threat to "us".. Too stupid... They would need another 200.000 years of evolution just to figure out the wheel by themselves, so...

"Your very strategy is to canabalize the White Capitalists who are the least treacherous"

No, not the least treacherous... The weakest and less intelligent... Oh, and by the way... How many WN prominent American capitalists do you know?... Eh, eh... I doubt even one... Me neither... so they are fair game... Their employees? Mostly race traitor scum...

I speak my mind freely... I'm not in a popularity contest... Don't you think I know that my views are extremely marginal in the "movement"... but "White Separatist" I am, but certainly not "Nationalist"... that's a thing of the past...”


“... In my conception a PLE is entirely established on private land... Everything is private... Land, homes, schools, clinics etc... The perimeter is fenced and there is a private police force to ensure peace and filter entries... In my mind, a PLE is a place where you don't have to lock your door, where your kids go to all-White schools, where they can play in the streets without danger... Socially kinda like it was back in the fifties and early sixties... Open to non-racialist Whites? Over my dead body. On the other hand, PLE inhabitants should own and run businesses in the community, the idea is to ruthlessly exploit the system in which we live to our advantage, while not having to suffer from its decadence... And consider non-racialist whites like we consider muds... no active outreach to them, let them share the muds' fates, they are muds... Let them fall into poverty... All Aryans are white, but not all Whites are Aryans (noblemen)... Only Aryans will prevail... The greater majority of Whites are already lost anyway... Good riddance!
Let them mix, let them celebrate diversity, let them also feel the burn of the Aryan fire when we economically destroy them and their chosen allies.

Forget the "saving of our homelands" neurotic fantasy... They aren't "our" homelands anymore, they belong to muds, jews and race traitors now (how much of "our" lands belong to WN? Get the picture)... Maybe some day we will be in position to take them back... But not anywhere in the near future...

We don't need to be in the hundreds of millions to preserve our race's future, not by far... We only "need" to maintain ourselves on top of the food chain, and emerge into very economically and scientifically powerful entities... Nothing else... And we will have preserved our best blood lines and secured their futures... The actual bottleneck effect is actually good for our race's genetic health... So stop whining about other Whites' race-mixing, who cares... The struggle is fun and adventurous when properly understood.”


”... You say you know some PLE activists... Well, you know me and my friends then... If you don't, you don't know all PLE activists.. We are actually funding our first PLE with real dollars from very agressive business ventures, not just words or ideology...

The funding process has begun... When we dispose of enough $$$ to actually purchase the land and start the housing constructions, school etc... we'll get back to you and see what your "activist" have actually done... Ya know... like a race or a competition... The first large functional PLE will set the ideological foundations for the rest of 'em... And ours won't be set up at all like you stated in your post sir, not by far...

We do not, once again consider non-racialist whites as our kin... We do not consider "our" nations as our own, because they aren't anymore... but as alien entities to be economically exploited to the core by any means possible to enrich our own racialist and elitist entity... This radical line of thought is an ideological pre-requisite in order to be a part of OUR project. You do as you wish...

We don't believe in numbers, nor that we're going to "save the white race" like if the "white race" was a homogenous entity, which is a falsehood... We believe in the creed of will and power, we are bounded by blood not land... Our PLEs can and will exist anywhere in the world since we plan to implement no direct political action other than supporting any platform that is good for our PLE, and makes us either more powerful or richer $$$.

We do plan to accept defectors from the multiracial paradise though, but only people that can contribute more than their "white ethnicity"... Like if it gave them some kind of superiority over muds... it doesn't, some muds are way more intelligent than some Whites... If you're superior, prove it!

$$$=power power=control control=Aryan rule... Only a small fraction of Whites will make it to the stars... We hope our childrens' children will be on board, that's what we're fighting for today... Name of the game is natural selection through the survival of the fittest, remember? Even Uncle Adolf said so...

The competition is going on in and out of the white race... Come join the only realistic fight going on... Stop dreaming, the "white nationalist" paradise is as futile as the "multiracial paradise" it won't happen...

Harsh but true.”


“... I wasn't criticizing the author of PLE, only people who talk about setting up PLEs but aren't preoccupied by the essential part of such projects, which is the financial aspect... Autonomous or semi-autonomous PLEs of, let's say 100 to 300 members, require millions of $$$ to ensure the purchase of a good location, the construction of decent housing, a well equipped school and medical facility... Because it's all got to be on private land in order to ensure security, control and well being to its inhabitants... "And the pursuit of happiness...", remember?

And yes, I do agree sir, that all the real estate should not belong to one entity whether it be a man or association for a lot of reasons... We don't need gurus... a PLE isn't a sect thing...Anyway, such a set up would be despotic in nature and counter productive, despotism doesn't work well with essentially individualistic Aryans... We want to keep the population to the size of a small village in order to ensure "tribal" altruism and solidarity...

If and when a PLE's population becomes too important, then it should split into 2 separate entities like a blood cell, (small is beautiful) but still maintain it's economic and scientific assets in a synergetic networking process in order to keep its economic power base in constant progression... Alterning phases of expansion and consolidation... The 14 words can no longer be implemented on a national level, if we keep on dreaming that we will somehow prevent massive immigration, race-mixing etc... We will lose... and when I say "we", I mean racially conscious Whites... We must save ourselves and our children, if we don't do it, who will?

As soon as a "WN" abandons 2 notions: 1. nationalism 2. that all whites are his kin (even non-racialist whites!), all the frustrations, bitterness, and hate dissapear... They leave way to joyful optimism, positive energy, peace of mind, and a predatory "Blue Eyed Devil" mentality... The semi-nomadic Aryans are back, make way for the sons of Odin... The Zionists, muds, and race traitors won't have a clue as to how to get to our throats anymore... Since we will no longer oppose their agendas other than by our "counter example" experiments... We will be political opportunists utilizing existing laws in our favor instead of opposing the multiracial agenda which isn't working and only serves ZOG's agenda by stigmatizing us as neurotic nazi losers, cut off from reality.

This is our credo.”


“... Don Black's "Grenada" type venture was and still is a necessary move to be implemented after a few PLEs have been successfully set up... But not the way he did it at the time though... You live and you learn.

I don't think that a forceful power grab will ever work though, not with the UN, Zionists, and their American cronies around... What may be successfully implemented is a WN progressive economical power grab of a small third world country... Once "we" are at the helm of the economy we will be in position to ensure the election of a WN friendly government...

Once this is accomplished the next steps are self explanatory so I won't get into that here... But the whole idea revolves around stealth and cunning... Utilizing ZOG's own laws and contradictions against him... And last but not least, stopping all political activism so as not to catch any heat from our friends the Zionists and their race traitor white allies... The Juden and white race traitors will never let Uncle Adolf die... He is the only "moral" justification for what they're doing... Let them play with Hitler it's easier to do now that he's dead then when he was still around, eh?

They label us "neo-nazis"...they don't have a clue as to how "neo" we actually are, though... They won't see us coming until we decide it, and when they do it'll be too late... What's it called again? "Blitzkrieg"...

When we finally emerge from the shadows, the game will already be lost for our enemies... Multiracialism will have ethnically eliminated many of our blood lines and economically impoverished the Western world and we will be there to pick up the pieces and rule over the Untermenschen... Whatever color he may be. Let's stop fighting our enemies... Let's dance with them all the way to the edge of the cliff...”


“... I have an "isolationist" conceptual approach of a PLE... Which fits me just fine... This doesn't mean at all that I am in favor of some sort of autistic lifestyle... Not at all... I think that "we" should conduct our business dealings everwhere in the world, but I want my family to live in a decent and secure all white environment, a PLE... With a private school facility ensuring our kids' education all the way up to a high school education level, and a well equiped clinic... These facilities could eventually be made accessible to other whites under certain financial conditions... This type of "outreach" is the only kind of action I am still willing to utilize as "propaganda" for separatism...

"Lead by example"... It's all there... If we manage to prove that dynamic all-White societies are safer, more competitive, wealthier, have the best schools, clinics with competent doctors, etc...than the multiracist paradise in which they dwell... Then some whites, maybe a great number... will realize that all the propaganda they have been submitted to was a lie, the greatest lie ever, a lie that is destroying their lives...

In any case, the general living conditions of Whites will worsen as more and more immigrants flood their countries and bleed their welfare systems to death, corrupt their daughters, destroy the education systems and incite European education authorities to lower the academic standards (by displaced ideological Aryan altruism) in order to insure effective, albeit artificial "equality" between the races...

When this trend begins to take a clearly visible toll on the living conditions of non-racialist white families, they will maybe look our way when they need medical treatment... We should be able to offer an impeccable and highly competent response to their needs with "all white" elite medical teams...

They may also look our way when they get tired of seeing their kids getting a very poor education distorted by leftist self-hating, apologetic white teachers all the while being abused and degraded by their 80 IQ Baluba schoolmates...

You can repeat eternally to a brain dead White that multiracialism is destroying his nation and way of life... He just doesn't hear you... The newspapers, TV, his next door neighbor, wife, kids, teacher, scientists, moral authorities, everybody tells him the exact opposite...

Only a small fraction of Whites (mostly in large cities) actually feel the pain of multiracialism, and even then most of those people voluntarily "repress" any racist thought or feeling they may entertain, actually... If we had been invaded at a much bigger scale and shorter laps of time, people would have reacted immediatly... But it is all deeply thought out, very well coordinated... insidious...

I sincerely wish you well steiner42 in your own venture... PLEs are actually a very modern and innovative concept... I hope all kinds of PLEs will emerge in the coming years... The PLE concept forces us to re-think many ideological pre-conceptions we may have had in the past in order to move forward... A real adventure on a new frontier...”

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004, 12:30 AM
A few notes to this debate:
First of all this White elitism idea is very American and un-European. 'Predatory capitalism' will in no way promote Racialist interests, nor form an aware racial elite of any kind. Why? Because 'Whites' aren't genetically superior for business. Also because East Asian governments, backed up by hard-working millions, back up their large-scale industries and corporations to the extreme.

Secondly this war between the 'turd world' (what a immature and idiotic expression really...it's ahistorical, and proof of non-knowledge, to claim that the 'turd world' never has accomplished anything) and the 'Western world' is a mythical image, idealistic. It's apparent that the Tolkien theme of the racial brotherhoods in the West against the subraces of the rest is being projected by many. This clearly shows however that many WN's live in a fantasy world.

Last I must claim that the 'West' is on decline, geopolitically. Focus is clearly shifting to the Pacific instead of the Atlantic, which is rather reasonable if one reflects that more than half of the world population live around that pool. Globalization, economically, is the movement of capital from industrialized nations to 'less industrialized' in eastern Eurasia. This is also the highest stage of the 'predatory capitalism' some WN's seem to eager for.

If focus shifts from Atlantic to Pacific, Europe and Russia is the short-term losers politically, economically. These regions will become perifery. It's in this perspective the returning rise of Europe is possible.

...just my (occassionally) OT thoughts.

Thursday, November 25th, 2004, 12:08 AM
Why separate America from Europe? They are just two Aryan settlements; we belong to the same civilisation. We are all European racially; americans have developped a specific technological and business efficiency that Europeans should imitate, and Europeans have kept diversity, cultural heritage and higher intellectual/philosophical level. We should not oppose but rather walk together.

"Whites" main virtues are creativity and organisation. These are the key for every struggle. Capitalism is nothing but the current form of the eternal struggle for life of the human specie. We still don't know if East-Asia will become anything else than our big factory for goods. In fact, maybe are they just accessing to mass-comsuption and it's spectacular because they are so numerous. Chinese are bulding shopping malls, hughways, creating planes, war ships, etc...

In fact, they are just entering into the materialist era. And we are just getting out of it by the top. Creation of value in the West is inceasingly due to the sole creation and trade of information and new ideas. The most precious capital is increasingly our brains and nothing else. We can let the Asians enrich themselves a bit through producing our goods, nevermind. We will see later if they are really able to innovate too.

So we have good reasons to think that racialism nowadays is a coordination of racially conscious individuals who are again nomads and live in a distributed manner, retrieving the mind of the nomadic aryan tribes. Each one of us is more bonded to people through the internet that with most of his village of block neighbours. You probably won't breed with a woman from your city, but rather with someone sorted out through her racial and spiritual assets through the internet. The future is distributed.

Thursday, November 25th, 2004, 01:04 AM
First of all this White elitism idea is very American and un-European. 'Predatory capitalism' will in no way promote Racialist interests, nor form an aware racial elite of any kind. Why? Because 'Whites' aren't genetically superior for business. Also because East Asian governments, backed up by hard-working millions, back up their large-scale industries and corporations to the extreme.

Thats right, but even more important is that "Predatory Capitalism" isnt good for any biological elite. This is not just a racial question, but its a fact that in this kind of Capitalism without Eugenic and with radical Feminism "the better" mainly work, earn and consum more, but never win biologically - they die out with their success.

Its the same all over the world...its contraselection like it was never before and for sure never on this scale.

"Predatory Capitalism" is the evil of the world and as long as the US promotes this neoliberal ideology of destruction they will be the devil for all sane and moral people of the world.

Hopefully this can be changed in the future, but if not, better the USA will be completely destroyed than they destroy Europe and probably the whole world/mankind as well...

Their system just doesnt work and everything good or at least acceptable could be reached with other means as well, but without all the negative effects.

I can defend racial kin, but I can never defend this culture, this culture, "the American way of life" and "predatory Capitalism" is an error of nature which should be eliminated as soon as possible.

Thursday, November 25th, 2004, 03:38 AM
Concerning Mjolnnir's views, I find it quite refreshing to know that people from all over the world, without any apparent connection, have reached the same conclusions and follow ( or, in some case, plan to follow ) the same methods.

A certain circle here in Greece plans to release a small book with theses quite similar to those of Mjolnnir.

But, Mjolnnir's text, as shown above, is quite passionate and very straight.
It might prove to be more appealing than other, colder texts.

With this in mind, I would like to ask you, dear Ahnenerbe, to ask Mjolnnir ( whom you personally know ) if he would allow his theses, as shown above, to be translated in Greek and appear either as a series of magazine articles or as a separate booklet.

As for the views quoted below, they are indeed correct, but it should be taken into account that the "predatory" or "blitzkrieg capitalism" strategy proposed by Mjolnnir, concerns our stance towards the others, the outsiders, those outside our tribes, those who are either enemies or two-legged natural resources.
This stance is no different than the old European tradition of the robber-barons.

. "Predatory Capitalism" is the evil of the world and as long as the US promotes this neoliberal ideology of destruction they will be the devil for all sane and moral people of the world.

I can defend racial kin, but I can never defend this culture, this culture, "the American way of life" and "predatory Capitalism" is an error of nature which should be eliminated as soon as possible.

Thursday, November 25th, 2004, 04:20 AM
Why separate America from Europe? They are just two Aryan settlements; we belong to the same civilisation. If we separe America from Europe, it means that nation-states have more importance than race.

No, it doesn't. It shows that politics and nations (realism) is more important than idealism. The United States won't let Europe loose, and it's unfit to be somekind of Eurasian neo-imperialist power, and certain is that American nationalism is playing a high-risk political game all over the world.
Second, the evolvement and purification of European cultures is essential for a new, independent and strong Europe. Also this so-called Western Unity is a dream, which will not only murder whole Europe but also bring it to its knees. No, death to the 'West', I proclaim! America renew the doctrines of Monroe! Europe autharchic!

So an American White would be closer to an American Black than to an European... The alleged misunderstandings between Europe and USA are good for leftists and democrats, speaking without end arounfd the Iraqi question.

I don't know about that, but I'm talking realpolitics now, not racial idealism. Note that I didn't say European nations and America should remain hostile to eachothers, just that the division is politically necessary.

We are all European racially; americans have developped a specific technological and business efficiency that Europeans should imitate, and Europeans have kept diversity, cultural heritage and higher intellectual/philosophical level. We should not oppose but rather walk together.

We can walk together next to each other. Still, I care for Europe and its lack of political initiative, and potential to be overrun by Yanks, demographical crises and the Pacific block.

Regarding business efficiency, your proposal is truly wrong. Are you a Yankeephile or what? European societies aren't at all fit for the American-branded 'economic vitalization' it proscripts as miracle cure to its patients. I only have to look at my own nation, or your Germany, to realize that.

"Whites" main virtues are creativity and organisation.

This is rather subjective, I would say.

These are the key for every struggle. Capitalism is nothing but the current form of the eternal struggle for life of the human specie. We still don't know if East-Asia will become anything else than our big factory for goods.

Struggle? Struggle of whom against what, exactly? Regarding eastern Asia, I don't think it will be some "big factory". I'm more worried about East Asians absorbing all work, leaving Europeans without them. And even if you paint up a wonderful future of our potential service and network society, it's just economic idealism which in the long run won't mean much. This form of global racial/geographical hierarchism isn't a very new idea though, and has rarely work. To me it's old Adam Smith garbage from a decadent age.

Innovations? 'Political power grows of the barrel of a gun', Mao Tse-tung said. Chinese, Koreans and Japanese are hard-working, and if the last of this trio is innovating, then the two others probably is too.

Thursday, November 25th, 2004, 09:36 PM
Thats right, but even more important is that "Predatory Capitalism" isnt good for any biological elite. This is not just a racial question, but its a fact that in this kind of Capitalism without Eugenic and with radical Feminism "the better" mainly work, earn and consum more, but never win biologically - they die out with their success.
Yes, this is the case in most cases. I know what you mean. Useless idiots like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, ... But imagine Racially Conscious Predatory Capitalism... managed by dedicated racialists... That's what we are talking about yet. That's why the other threads on this subforum are about transhumanism etc. Transhumanism as a goal, NS as a way of life and Capitalism as the way to get there... Genetics and eugenics are not possible concretely without money.

"Predatory Capitalism" is the evil of the world

"predatory Capitalism" is an error of nature which should be eliminated as soon as possible.
Brute Capitalism is just nature itself. It's not a "system" nor a conspiration.

I don't know about that, but I'm talking realpolitics now, not racial idealism.
And so am I. I mean, maybe nations are no more the background we have to imagine ourselves. The elites are now transnational. The real power doesn't belong to nation-states anymore. Rather to transnational companies, mafias, sects... It's maybe a luck in fact, because anyway they are being conquered by non-whites and low-level Whites are multiplying (egalitarism). So, racialist transnational companies, why not? So we could "secure a future" quietly and keep the resources coming from our work to continue the long "march of the Titans" instead of paying taxes which will continue to be wasted by the governments. Non-whites are coming into our lands, getting EU and US passports, accessing to what was previously known as the "western" standards of life, so what? Real Whites are already further, not attached to material anymore, belonging to online communities, developping new concepts.

it should be taken into account that the "predatory" or "blitzkrieg capitalism" strategy proposed by Mjolnnir, concerns our stance towards the others, the outsiders, those outside our tribes, those who are either enemies or two-legged natural resources. This stance is no different than the old European tradition of the robber-barons.
You've understood everything :)

Thursday, November 25th, 2004, 11:26 PM
Brutal Capitalism has some positive effects as well, yes, but all positive effects could be reached in a better planned and human, racially conscious state as well, even much better.

Its an mistake to think that the technological developments of the last years wouldnt have been possible WITHOUT social and economic measures before the Neoliberal ideology came up!

The Neoliberal ideology or "predatory Capitalism" is in no way effective if its about evolutionary goals.

If you say, if racialists would lead the state it would be better, I say, in a brutal capitalistic system racialists and idealism will never have a place on the long run.
Therefore its just an illusion and like many other already pointed out, an American mistake to confuse right wing, collective or race ideas with radical Liberalcapitalism.

Liberalcapitalism leads to a plutocracy and indifferent exploitation, contraselection and environmental destruction, social injustice and borderless crime.

Only a planned capitalism can be useful for a collective and for racial and human needs or goals.
In fact liberalcapitalism makes (stereotypical) "Jews" in the most negative sense (plutocrats, greedy, destructive etc.) out of even the best parts of the society. Nothing I want to have even if it would be a racialist state though I believe, like I explained here and in other postings, that radical capitalism and collective spirit, idealism, positive Eugenic and racialism destroys, only destroys and never build up.

Even the USA were a better state when not the money and capital only controlled its policy. Thats some time ago, but in such a condition like today - worse is almost impossible for an advanced society - the USA were not always...its the result of hyperindividualism and brutal capitalism first and before all. Even if the Jews had a negative impact, they wouldnt if the system wouldnt have been as corrupt as it was...

Liberalcapitalism is highly individualistic in a negative sense and extreme individualism, egoism and greed exclude higher moral and goals.

Dr. Solar Wolff
Friday, November 26th, 2004, 04:28 AM
I am an American but I have to agree with Deling. America has seperated itself, as evidenced in our last election, form main-stream, rational thought which has prevailed for centuries. The USA is on a mission from god. Our President is a Christian soldier. He and his neo-con friends judge themselves on how well they can protect Jews and usher in biblical prophesy. They want to do with by the utter subjection of the Middle East, calling it domacratization.

Bush wants your bodies in motion. He wants NATO muscle. He wants your wives and mothers to follow every battle, every city name, every body count in the Mid-East because you have loved ones there in combat. Bush can't find enough of those "blue-eyed devils" in Jesusland so Uncle Sam (Saul) wants you. Do you Europeans really want to get aboard this train?

If not, Europe should be taking steps to distance yourselves from it. Not just France, Germany and Russia but all of Europe and you should be vocal about it lest your silence imply agreement.

Friday, November 26th, 2004, 05:04 AM
Great post Dr.SW ! :thumbsup

No Code
Friday, November 26th, 2004, 03:55 PM
"Whites" main virtues are creativity and organisation.
Really? Portuguese colonization isnt a good example so...and dont say bullshit about "race mixing" that Brazil were always ruled by white people. Reading some history i think that "whites" main virtue is to kill and fuck up each other