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Saturday, November 20th, 2004, 06:43 PM

Excerpt from site's homepage:

Welcome to Memes.org: Memes are Mind Viruses!

We are all about the meme here at Memes.org but we are also about two other things: The exploration of memetics and the concept of the idea virus as it is reflected in our history, our governments, our enterainment, our purchasing decisions, our belief systems, and our popular culture is the first. Memes.org is also a testing ground for new, old, and emergent memes that are either being flown as a trial balloon or are sweeping the memesphere, the mediasphere, or the buzzsphere. So Memes.org is a lab and each article is a petri dish and each idea either fails to replicate and dies or becomes an idea pandemic. Please suggest your ideas -- your memes -- and share with us the memes that are thriving,. trying to get a foothold, or spreading like wild fire. Memes.org is neither part of the problem but we're not part of the solution either!