View Full Version : The Fire Ritual of Britain (Guy Fawkes Night)

Friday, November 12th, 2004, 05:50 PM
Sorry I'm a bit late posting this. I had a busy week last week and I forgot to post something about the 5th November, Guy Fawkes Night, an old tradition celebrated in England on this date, with fireworks, bonfires and burning effigies of the Guy. This is somewhat a modern version of the ancient Wicker Man rites. It isn't just a weird tradition of people setting off fireworks, but also a deep rooted one, with spiritual feelings of the burning effigies such as the Wicker Man. The spirit of the burning rituals linger up and down the British Isles.




....Shortly after November first is Guy Fawkes Day on the 5th of November. Fawkes tried to blow up Parliament when King James I was in the building. The gunpowder was in place when the plot was discovered. Now Guy Fawkes Day is celebrated with fireworks (it's like the 4th of July in the US), and big fires are lit and effigies of this poor guy Fawkes are burned all over England - shades of the wicker man. While all of these Cross Quarter Days are all Fire Festivals, I feel each of the Celtic Cross Quarter Days is also associated with one of the four elements for the purposes of scrying. At Imbolc one looks at a bowl of Water to scry the future. Beltane is the time to look in to the Fire and burning embers to ruminate about the past. Lughnasad/Lammas uses a bowl of Earth to look at the now. The element of Samhain is Air. The veil to the other side is so thin at this time that you can see the spirits in the Air. You don't need any scrying tools! Use the intuitive skills you already have inside. Be sure to use protection if you plan to scry at this time. You can do this by surrounding yourself with Love. Only Love may enter. All else will be turned away....http://www.geomancy.org/quarter&cross/samhain.html (http://www.geomancy.org/quarter&cross/samhain.html)