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Tuesday, March 11th, 2003, 07:58 PM
In this highly Materialistic world corrupted by Capitalism and Liberalism we are faced with a Spiritual void which the organised Religions cannot fulfill unless we are blinded by ignorance and follow strict faith. As such what does fulfill our Spirituality? Should we yearn for a new Spiritualism to restore our non-Material existance? What is the answer to this and how do we deal with it? Perhaps a new Racialistic form of Spiritualism must be created!

Tuesday, March 11th, 2003, 09:28 PM
It's important not to confound the terms Spirituality, which refers to a general search for enlightenment, and Spiritualism, which refers to a specific movement in the 19th century which revolved around psychic phenomena and communicating with the dead. I believe that most Aryan spiritual traditions, from paganism to Deism to Platonism to Spiritualism, have some value in our search for spirituality. I am agnostic but I do not categorically denounce traditions involving God(s). I try to remain open-minded about phenomena which materialistic empiricism can not accept/explain.

Tuesday, March 11th, 2003, 09:44 PM
I made an error out of unknowing or ignorance on the matter. What I intended with Spiritualism was a rediscovery of our Spirituality and not the Spiritualistic Movement of the 19th. Century.

I found these definitions for Spiritualism :

The belief that the dead communicate with the living, as through a medium. The practices or doctrines of those holding such a belief.
A philosophy, doctrine, or religion emphasizing the spiritual aspect of being.

The second one, applies to my interpretation of Spiritualism.

Tuesday, March 11th, 2003, 09:59 PM
Being a major figure in spiritualism meant being a prominent psychic medium. The most famous that I know of are D. D. Home, Edgar Cayce, and Leonora Piper. Cayce was probably the most remarkable. He was an America psychic who could diagnose the illnesses of patients and prescribe cures after going into a trance. He did not even have to be anywhere near the patient to do this. Doctors marvelled at his ability and he did save many lives. He was also known for his prophecies and theories about Atlantis, which perhaps can be tied in with the Theosophic theories about Atlantis. I advise all racialists to investigate Theosophy. It was a spiritual, Aryan, openly anti-Jew doctrine, discovered, created, or channeled, depending on your perspective, by Madame Helena Blavatsky, a Russian woman who emigrated to the United States around 1870 or so, I believe. It had a considerable influence on pre-NS Teutonic paganism/spirituality, such as the Thule Society, which also invoked Atlantean theories for the Aryan in some cases. I would recommend looking into Spiritualism, Theosophy and the Thule Society for all who are interested.

Tuesday, March 11th, 2003, 10:07 PM
I found this regarding Theosophy, is this the Theosophy you mention :

Religious philosophy or speculation about the nature of the soul based on mystical insight into the nature of God.
often Theosophy
The system of beliefs and teachings of the Theosophical Society, founded in New York City in 1875, incorporating aspects of Buddhism and Brahmanism, especially the belief in reincarnation and spiritual evolution.

Is this the Theosophy you mention? I found these definitions at http://www.yourdictionary.com.

Wednesday, March 12th, 2003, 06:55 PM
A version of Theosophy called 'Ariosophy' [literally 'Aryan Wisdom'] should be even more interesting to us.

I read a good Theosophic interpretation of the Norse Eddas some years ago in a book called 'The Masks of Odin' [by E.Brichnell (?) - I no longer have the book].

Looking at the essence of 'spirituality', I think of the following;

The word itself means to me something like 'Life-Force' [metaphorically 'breath'].
I take this in the widest sense as the Life-Force which pervades the known [and unknown] Universe.

One can have a sense of Awe about this Life-Force without adhering to any 'spiritual system'; however, I believe that we always need to focus our Being if we are to make anything of such things, lest they remain mere 'vague feelings'.

For my own part, I think that Symbols are the best means to focus and pin-point what are vast conceptions. An obvious example of this is the Swastika, which in just a few lines, carries a whole world of meaning.

Such symbols should link the spiritual with the political struggle.
I think it to be somewhat stunted to just use a few of these symbols such as the Swastika, without exploring them as an organic whole.

The Runes provide such an organic symbology.

The Runes are usually seen as purely Teutonic, however the evidence points to their origination in the ancient Estruscan alphabet.

The sense of 'spirit' is exemplified in the 'Mannaz' or 'Man' Rune, sometimes called the Life-Rune.
It can be seen as a concise graphic of Aryan Man standing erect and holding his arms aloft as he embraces the Universe.

As each Rune is looked at in-turn, and coherence sought between them as an organic system, we arrive at a way of focusing our spiritual yearning via a symbolism which implies the whole range of Aryan philosophy.
As well as personal meditation, the runes should be used in image-making to symbolise the cause.

I see this as a start.

Wednesday, March 12th, 2003, 09:07 PM
Ariosophy sounds highly interesting and fascinating, we should divulge further information on it, especially here at Aryan Dawn.

The use of Symbolism is highly encouraging and invigorating for followers of an Ideal, and it really becomes Organic with the Blood and Folk. The Swastika springs to mind as an Organic Symbol. Every Revolutionary Movement requires its Symbols, the Swastika has been used already and it has been highly vilified by the Anti-Nationalistic and Anti-Racialistic forces of the Liberal and Leftist Corrupted European Societies. We require new Symbolism, something Youthful but Ancient, Noble but of the Masses, Aggressive yet Harmonious, we need a symbol that symobolises inner and outer balance of opposition. The Swastika is such a symbol but it is not applicable in a Political Context.

Thursday, March 13th, 2003, 05:49 PM
The plight of the Swastika symbolises our political/spiritual paralysis. It is as if the Cross were banned, that sacred symbol for Christians, or the Star and Crescent of Muslims were banned, or the Jews' Star of David ...

What an intolerable state of affairs when our symbol cannot be openly invoked!

That is a form of castration ... or is it circumcision?

Also, many of the Runic symbols have been usurped by the Left; the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament use the Life Rune inverted, while in Britain, the liberal democratic Scottish National Party use the Othal Rune - the Rune of Homeland, as their symbol.

Indeed, the cusomary AIDS ribbon is twisted in the shape of this Rune, which in various colours is used to symbolise a slew of liberal causes.

What a disgusting state of affairs!

Our Runic symbolism is banned for ourselves and yet used and abused by the enemy!

Until we can use the Swastika and the Runes with a 'good conscience', we are ham-strung.

That's how important symbolism is - and that's, as I said, just for a start.

Sunday, March 16th, 2003, 05:29 PM
No doubt that we are hated and our symbols are soon going to be replaced or turned upside down. But only if we can come up with a discreet manner in which we can present our expressions and hit the nail on its head, we can and we shall!

I think of a completely honest way of approaching this.
But we have to be discreet as well.
When someone is seen as a 'racist' and victmised, it actually becomes quite impossible for such a person to maintain his/her mind's calm in the face of everything whcih means basically nothing yet it is an attack to undermine and vilify one's self.

We have to revert to nature thus. And that is where we draw our strength from. Our entire world conception and universe conceptions/cosmologies-cosmogonies are as truthful. We have respect for one and all. But most of all, we have respect for difference.

In another thread, Moody Lawless talked of the anti-racial attitude of the jewish/zionist boobmakers, but only when it comes to other races.

We have to counter that or destroy that without ever talking directly of it.

We need to get one step ahead of this kind of slander.

That calls for some confidential meeting a discussion group.

I feel we are close to giving a shape to the expression for religion.

Remember that the true meaning of the word religion is and should be seen in Aryan context only.

Will continue.

Sunday, March 16th, 2003, 07:46 PM
Originally posted by Moody Lawless
The sense of 'spirit' is exemplified in the 'Mannaz' or 'Man' Rune, sometimes called the Life-Rune.
It can be seen as a concise graphic of Aryan Man standing erect and holding his arms aloft as he embraces the Universe.
The Mannaz Rune represented in this website seems different from what you are referring to. You seem to be referring to the Algiz Rune the way you describe it.

Mannaz Rune
(M: Man, mankind.) The Self; the individual or the human race. Your attitude toward others and their attitudes towards you. Friends and enemies, social order. Intelligence, forethought, create, skill, ability. Divine structure, intelligence, awareness. Expect to receive some sort of aid or cooperation now. Mannaz Reversed or Merkstave: Depression, mortality, blindness, self-delusion. Cunning, slyness, manipulation, craftiness, calculation. Expect no help now.

Algiz Rune
(Z or -R: Elk, protection.) Protection, a shield. The protective urge to shelter oneself or others. Defense, warding off of evil, shield, guardian. Connection with the gods, awakening, higher life. It can be used to channel energies appropriately. Follow your instincts. Keep hold of success or maintain a position won or earned. Algiz Reversed: or Merkstave: Hidden danger, consumption by divine forces, loss of divine link. Taboo, warning, turning away, that which repels.

Is there some misunderstanding here?

Sunday, March 16th, 2003, 09:33 PM
So, in Star Wars talk, are you guys more Jedi than Sith?

I don't really know what the Sith mean by 'dark forces' sounds like something Lovecraft or Wheately would use.

I tend to think that what actually makes Humans special is not a soul or any other metaphysical term, rather it is the fact that we can question, understand and develop as a species, this to me is a sense of enlightenment.

I wear an Algiz rune as it looks like a man stretching his arms, not in praise of some far off 'God', but in extending his will and conscience, thus expanding his knowldge of the great mystery.

The swastika is a symbol that unfortunately carries far too much excess emotive baggage so is one I tend to not use.

Naz, a good author on Runes is Dr. Stephen Flowers or as he is also know, Edred Thorsson.

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Sunday, March 16th, 2003, 09:34 PM
oh, that shape didn't come out too well, sorry. :)

Monday, March 17th, 2003, 04:59 PM
The 'Algiz' Rune Nazzjonalist describes is used in the shorter Viking Rune Row for 'Man'.

This was the Rune Row used by the Vikings of course, and adapted by Guido von List in Ariosophy.
List paralleled this Rune Row with the Elder Edda, particularly the Havamal.

The Man Rune was used in this context by the SS as a Life Rune, and turned upside down, was the Death Rune - you will see it used on grave markings etc.,

This Listian/Viking Rune Row is the mainstay of the Knights of the Runes, whose website is;


I think that Algiz, seen as Protection, is a development of the Man Rune concept which split off from the main, resulting in the double stave Rune being substituted for Man as Nazzjonalist shows.

As Tacitus tells us, to the Germans of his day [the first century AD], 'Man' was the son the earth born god Tuisto [see the Thorburn Rune] and the progenitor of the Germanic Race [cf, Sanskrit Manu].

Monday, March 17th, 2003, 06:41 PM
You will see the MAN symbol used in protection if you look at the 'Aegishjalmher', which I've most probably spelt wrong.

This is the symbol of power or 'helm or awe' worn by Sigurd when he slew Fafnir the dragon / wizard.

If you look at my flag, it's got it on it.

Also Bjork has this symbol as a tatoo.

Tuesday, March 18th, 2003, 05:55 PM
This is good - when we introduce symbolic thinking, connections begin to be made (and Bjork is a Rune-Name!).

Those Man-Runes, making a circular fence of Protection, as in the Helm-of-Awe, are like a Legion of the Folk.

The Man-Rune, in its Life-Rune aspect, dips down as it clings to the rim of the Circle. It thereby becomes up-ended and appears as the Death-Rune; here the Cycle of birth-life-death are symbolised.

Just to expand on Tacitus's reporting on the Germans nearly 2,000 years ago; his description of the basic Germanic mythology is closely allied to the Runes;

"In the traditional songs which form their only record of the past, the Germans celebrate an earth-born god called Tuisto".

Notice that the Germanic history is passed down in oral form, and that Tuisto could be associated with the god Tiw, who has his own Rune;

"Tuisto's son Mannus is supposed to be the fountain-head of the Germanic race".

I link this Mannus with the Man-Rune, which bears a clear connection with the Tiw-Rune.
The Germans always regarded THEMSELVES as descended from gods;

"Mannus himself is said to have begotten three sons who gave their names to three groups of Germanic tribes;
The Ingaevones, nearest the sea,
The Herminones, in the interior, and
The Istaevones, who comprise all the rest".
[Tacitus, 'Germania' 2]

In all of this remember that Tacitus was trying to put into Latin approximations Germanic names that he had HEARD.
Scholars have since related these three tribal names to the following;
Ingvi, Irmin and Askr.

These three also have Runic correspondences.

So we see that the basic Germanic Racial Mythos of the First Century AD is reflected in the Runes.

I tend to go along with List et al, and think that the shorter, and so-called Younger Futhark, or the Viking Rune-Row, is the earliest, and that the so-called Elder Futhark is a later expansion of the former.
As Tacitus relates, the Runes were cut only into wood, and it wasn't until much later [probably under the influence of the Romans] when they began to be inscribed on metal and stone. Therefore records of the ancient Futhark are non-existent before the Roman period.

By these simple symbols we are connected across thousands of years.

"Man is earth's increase,
And ship's adorner.
The hawk's grasp is great".
[Nordic Rune verse on the Man-Rune]