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Monday, October 25th, 2004, 04:17 AM
Psychopathology and Dark Haired, Light Eyed Females
Dark hair and light eyes in female college students: A potential biologic marker for liability to psychopathology

Cohen, David B

Journal of Abnormal Psychology. Vol 87(4), Aug 1978, pp. 455-458

Informal observation suggested that dark-haired/light-eyed females (target group) might have a higher liability to psychopathology. Questionnaire data obtained from 8 large undergraduate classes during a 4-yr period yielded consistently higher percentages of target group individuals reporting hospitalization of 1st-degree relatives and of self. Speculations about the role of organicity in left-handedness suggested that there might be a link to the factor of eye/hair color. A combination of target characteristics and pure (nonfamilial) left-handedness in females was associated with an extraordinarily high percentage of reports of significant hospitalization for self and 1st-degree relatives, suggesting the synergistic effect of a hypothetical organicity factor marked by 2 sets of traits.