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I saw a recent interview of former U.S. President Carter pertaining to his new historical novel which has just come on the market relating to the so-called "American Revolution" as it was fought in the American South. He pointed out a few things about that war including, that in his opinion, that was the most hate-filled war Americans have ever fought. That got me to thinking was that really the most intensely hate-filled war and more importantly was that the only hate-filled war 'Americans' (in the sense of being born in North America) have ever fought? After pondering, considering, and analysing it all; I have to disagree with Pres. Carter. In my opinion, the long list of Noršvestrid-'North-American' versus Amerindianid wars consists of some of the most intensely hate-filled wars Noršvestrid-'Americans' have ever been involved in. Only in the sense of the BIG/HUGE wars can the "Revolution" be considered the most hate-filled. Below is in my opinion a complete (or near complete) list of Noršvestrid-"America's" top hate-filled wars along with quotes, my commentaries, etc. My primary source of information on all of the below has been The Encyclopedia Americana, 1957, s.v....various (specifics available upon request) & all highlights/bolds are my stresses. Also, as a general rule (and as aptly pointed out by Pres. Carter), what made MOST of these wars so 'hate-filled' was the general/widespread adoption and use of 'black-flag' policies whether on the battlefields among combatants or off the battlefield on civilian non-combatants (typically completely innocent people) wherein surrender was typically not allowed--thus, no quarter was taken...no quarter was given. 'American' Noršvestrids have for the vast part, not been involved in wars of this nature since the late-1800s. Also, without question, almost every 'race war' Noršvestrid-'Americans' have ever fought in (the vast majority being with Amerindianids) have been the most intensely hate-filled.

Colonial Wars of Hatred

Jamestown-Indian Wars (English vs. Amerindians) {1607-21 in Virginia--from this war "to the battle of Lexington, [Mass.] April 19, 1775, scarcely a generation in the several [Noršvestrid] colonies reached manhood without knowing the horrors of war."}...this was just the beginning of centuries of Noršvestrid vs. Amerindianid war and conflict. This was Noršvestrid-America's first collection of 'racial wars.'
Plymouth-Indian Wars (English vs. Amerindians) {1620-1670+ in Massachusetts--fought "with exacerbations of varying ferocity."}...racial wars
Virginia-Indian Wars (English vs. Amerindians) {1622-24+ in Virginia--in 1624 the Jamestown Colonists "escaped annihilation by the warning of a [Christian] converted Indian. On 22 March at midday 347 men, women and children were slain by supposedly friendly savages, among the scattered hamlets along both banks of the [Jamestown] river."}...racial wars.
The Pequot War (English vs. Amerindians) {1633-37 in New England--at the battle of Pequot Hill, Groton, Connecticut on 26 May 1637 "Nearly 800 Indians were slain in one hour; only two English were killed and 20 wounded."}...race war
Maryland-Indian Wars (English vs. Amerindians) {1642}...racial wars
Kieft's War (Dutch vs. Amerindians) {1643-47 in New Netherland--involving massacres and conflagrations...the Long Island tribes near New Netherland were routed..."In March 1644, [English Captain John] Underhill...[commanding]...150 Dutch soldiers, landed at Greenwich, Connecticut, attacked an Indian village of 700, slew 180 in an hour, then set fire to the village, causing the death of 500 Indians by fire and sword. [Dutch colonial governor] Kieft proclaimed a public thanksgiving for this victory. Nearly all Dutch farms and 1,600 Indians had been destroyed when Peter Stuyvesant succeeded Kieft [as governor] in 1647."}...racial war
Virginia-Indian War (English vs. Amerindians) {1644 in Virginia--"On Holy Thursday, 1644, Opechancanough and his [Indian] warriors killed 500 White settlers in Virginia. Vigorous measures were taken by settlers, and the Indians were dispersed, their villages and the Powhatan confederacy (embracing nearly 50 petty tribes) destroyed, their chief captured and shot."}...racial war
Peach War (Dutch vs. Amerindians) {1655-57 in New Netherland}...racial war
Esopus Wars (Dutch vs. Amerindians) {1675-76 in New Netherland}...racial war
Bacon's Rebellion (English vs. Amerindians & English infighting--"in 1675 many plantations were ravaged by Indians and White people [were] massacred [300 victims perished],"...Nathaniel Bacon without colonial authority waged war and successful disersements against Indians including a "crushing victory at Bloody Run {near Richmond}," and in the end "thoroughly stamping out the [Indian] danger to the colony," as well as leading a rebellion against the Royal/colonial governor, Sir William Berkeley...Bacon died of malaria...his rebellion then collapsed, and Gov. Berkeley "wreaked a frightful vengence upon Bacon's adherents.")
French-Indian Wars (French vs. Amerindians) {1666-1726--"[the French] coming down from Canada, [invaded] and [destroyed Indian] villages. As a result, peaceful White settlers suffered from Indian retaliation."...see below}
King Philip's War (English vs. Amerindians) {1675 in New England--many [b]murders, atrocities, calamities, town burnings, etc....the war ended with the killing of [Indian] King Philip on 12 August 1675.}...racial war
Port Royal War (Scots vs. Spaniards) {1680 in South Carolina--"Spaniards from Florida attacked the Scotch settlement at Port Royal, S.C., in 1680, completely destroying it."}
French-Senecas War (French vs. Amerindians) {1687-89 in Montreal--The French waged war with Senecas...defeating them. Indians then destroyed Fort Frontenac. In 1689 the Iroquois attacked Montreal, causing great devastation and loss of about 1,000 French."}...racial war
Leisler's Rebellion (English/Dutch vs. Amerindians) {1689-91 in New York--during a New York insurrection against Royal colonial rule led by [German immigrant] Jacob Leisler; Indian vs. English/Dutch conflict ensued resulting in atrocities including the massacre by Indians of Whites at Schenectady, N.Y. in 1690}
King William's War (English/Dutch vs. French/Amerindians due to global war between England/Great Britain & France beginning 1689) {1690 in North America--the French "came down from Canada with Indian allies; attacked Schenectady [N.Y.] 8 Feb. 1690; Salmon Falls, 27 March; horrible massacres ensued..."}
Frontenac's Expedition (French vs. Amerindians) {1696 in Canada}...racial war
Queen Anne's War (English/British vs. French/Amerindians due to global war between England/Great Britain & France beginning 1702) {1702-25 in North America--various atrocities on various parties whether White vs. Indian or White vs. White}
Southern Wars (English/British/Southerners vs. Spaniards) {1703-15 in South Carolina--"On 15 Jan. 1703 a battle was fought between Carolina troops under the command of Colonel Moore and the Spanish forces under Don Juan Mexia, and 800 of the latter were killed."}
Tuscaroroa War (English/British/Southerners vs. Amerindians) {1711 in North & South Carolina--"On 22 Sept. 1711 Tuscaroras & Corees [Indians] slaughtered [White] inhabitants along the Roanoke River and Pamlico Sound. During several days they killed the Whites along Albemarle Sound."...numerous atrocities}...racial war
Yemassee War (English/British/Southerners vs. Spaniards/Amerindians) {1714-15 in South Carolina--the "War was instigated, so it is claimed, by the Spaniards. A series of Indian outbreaks occurred in 1714-15, in one encounter 400 South Carolinans being killed. The Yemassees were driven out of Carolina into Florida, but disasterous warfare continued, hundreds suffering brutally at the hands of savages."}
War of Jenkin's Ear (English/British{including Highland Scots of Georgia}/Amerindians vs. Spaniards/Amerindians due to global war between England/Great Britian & Spain beginning 1739) {1739-48 in North America--various atrocities on various parties whether White vs. Indian or White vs. White}
King George's War (English/British vs. French/Amerindians due to global war between England/Great Britain & France beginning 1744) {1744-48}
Seven Year's War/French & Indian War (English/British/Amerindians vs. French/Amerindians due to global war between England/Great Britain & France beginning 1756) {1755-63 in North America--manifold atrocities...see Cherokee War below}
*"* Cherokee War (English/British{including Scottish-Highlanders}/Southerners vs. Amerindians/Cherokees) {1759-60 in Georgia/the Carolinas/Virginia--manifold atrocities..."[i]the South Carolina Assembly offered £25 for each Indian scalp"..."In June 1761 the Highland-Scots regiment...defeated the Cherokees with great slaughter" in S.C.}...racial war
Pontiac's War (English/British vs. Amerindians) {1763-64 in Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York}...racial war
Lord Dunmore's War (English/British vs. Amerindians) {1774 in Virginia & Pennsylvania}...racial war
The War of Rebellion I/"The American Revolution" (American Insurrectionists vs. British) {1775-83 in North America}
Pres. Carter points out that this war was chock-full of intense hatreds for several reasons including: 1.) there were few boundaries in this war, so the 'battlelines' weren't always clear; thus it was not uncommon for even individual neighbors to be "Insurrectionists/Rebels/Patriots/Continentals" at odds/fighting with "Loyalists/Royalists/Tories"; 2.) contrary to popular belief/view, MOST of the combatants on BOTH sides in the war were born and raised in NORTH AMERICA (not Europe); thus, the 'American-on-American' hatreds and violence were FAR MORE common than European(born)-on-'American' hatreds/violence & vice-versa (in fact, most Europeans in Europe were indifferent/apathetic to the war, even in the British Isles--it was VERY MUCH an 'American-on-American' war/conflict); 3.) there were mild racial dimensions/implications (both Amerindianid and Negroid) to it; 4.) for the most part and on both sides black-flag policies were commonly/typically employed on the battlefields--no quarter was widespread/common; etc.

Here are a few examples of the above: 1.) the first 'Rebel' governor of the emerging/future 'State of Georgia (rather than the Royal Colony of Georgia)' was the German/Swabian-born Johann Adam Treutlen [ http://www.georgiasalzburgers.com/treutlen.htm (http://www.georgiasalzburgers.com/treutlen.htm) ]; who was so utterly hated by 'Tories' that even when the war was lost for them and was nearing it's end, certain of them tracked Treutlen down to near his farm/home near Orangeburg, South Carolina and murdered him (he "was cut to pieces 80 English miles from his plantation in South Carolina by the British."); & 2.) when the British/Tories under General Cornwallis were surrounded in the latter stages of the war in their fortifications around Yorktown, Virginia in the battle/seige therein; they found themselves blockaded by a besieging French Royal fleet at sea; thus in time, their supplies ran low to the point that Gen. Cornwallis ordered that all Negroid workers/helpers/sympathizers/hangers-ons/etc. be forced out of the British fortifications (due to lack of food/supplies)...these Negroids were forced to run through the "no man's land" between the opposing forces...none of these Negroids (mostly civilians) were allowed to surrender by the "Rebels/Patriots" and as many of them as possible were shot dead/killed/murdered, and the only ones who survived were those who managed to escape death by running away--thus, were the RACIAL HATREDS which were afoot during that war/conflict. Thus, the black-flag policies were even MORE INTENSE for non-Whites than for Whites.

That all said, as Pres. Carter points out aptly, it surely had to have been "America's" most HATE-CHARGED LARGE! war.

Post-Secession from Britain Wars of Hatred

Again, most if not all of the below "Indian Wars" were filled to the brim with intense hatreds (on both sides), black-flag policies, atrocities, fanatical injustices, etc., etc.

Northwestern Indian War (Americans vs. Amerindians) {1790-95 in Ohio}...racial war
Northwestern Indian War (Americans vs. Amerindians) {1811 in Indiana}...racial war
Florida Seminole Indian War (Americans/Georgians vs. Amerindians) {1812 in Florida}...racial war
Peoria Indian War (Americans vs. Amerindians) {1813 in Illinois}...racial war
Creek Indian War I (Americans/Southerners vs. Amerindians) {1813-14 in the American Deep South}
Seminole Indian War (Americans/Southerners vs. Amerindians) {1817-18 in Florida & Georgia}...racial war
Arickaree Indian War (Americans vs. Amerindians) {1823 in the Missouri River/Dakota Territory area}...racial war
Fever River Indian War (Americans vs. Amerindians) {1827 in Illinois}...racial war
Winnebago Indian War (Americans vs. Amerindians) {1827 in Wisconsin}...racial war
Sac & Fox Indian War (Americans vs. Amerindians) {1831 in Illinois}...racial war
Black Hawk Indian War (Americans vs. Amerindians) {1832 in Illinois & Wisconsin}...racial war
Creek Indian War II (Americans/Southerners vs. Amerindians) {1836-37 in Georgia & Alabama}...racial war
Florida (Seminole Indian) War (Americans/Southerners vs. Amerindians) {1835-42 in FL, GA, & AL}...racial war
Sabine/Southwestern Indian War (Americans/Southerners vs. Amerindians) {1836-37 in Louisiana/Indian Territory}...racial war
Cherokee Indian War (Americans/Southerners vs. Amerindians) {1836-38 in American South}...racial war
Osage Indian War (Americans vs. Amerindians) {1837 in Missouri}...racial war
Cayuse Indian War (Americans vs. Amerindians) {1847-48 in Oregon}...racial war
Texas & New Mexico Indian Wars (Americans/Southerners vs. Amerindians) {1849-55 in the American Southwest}...racial wars
California Indian War (Americans vs. Amerindians) {1851-52 on the American West Coast}...racial war
Utah Indian War (Americans vs. Amerindians) {1850-53 in Utah}...racial war
Rogue River Indian Wars (Americans vs. Amerindians) {1851, 1853, & 1856 in Oregon}...racial wars
Oregon Indian War (Americans vs. Amerindians) {1854 in Oregon}...racial war
"Kansas Troubles" (inter-American {Southern & Northern} infighting) {1854-59 in Kansas...vicious hatreds & atrocities between pro-slavery & anti-slavery elements}...'wars' in part over race
Yakima Indian War (Americans vs. Amerindians) {1855 in Washington State}...racial war
Klamath & Salmon Indian War (Americans vs. Amerindians) {1855 in the Oregon & Idaho River area}...racial war
Florida Indian War (Americans/Southerners vs. Amerindians) {1855-58 in Florida}...racial war
The War of Rebellion II/"The American Civil War" (generally Southern Confederates/Insurrectionists/Secessionists vs. generally Northern-Federalists/Unionists) {1861-65 in North America}...war in part over race
This, in essence, "second war of American insurrection" was surely not as hate-filled as the first (i.e., the above "American Revolution"); but there was a substantial level of raw/sheer hate involved in it. For one thing, there were a few black-flag policies adopted here and there by various forces during this conflict/war; but nowhere near the extent that occured during the "Revolution." For example, the Confederate General "Stonewall" Jackson adopted a black-flag policy for his units early in the war until the Confederate Government forced him to cease such activity. Moreover, the race-hatreds against Negroids (on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line) were fairly widespread through the whole of the conflict, especially among Confederates/Southerners. For example, throughout the war Confederate combatants hardly ever took Federal/Union Negroid troops as prisoners of war under any circumstances due to their almost universal (though I suppose non-legal) black-flag policies toward "Negoid-Yankees"--virtually all Negroids who attempted to surrender on the battlefields were shot dead/murdered by Confederate troops out of the utter/sheer HATRED said the VAST-MAJORITY of Noršvestrid-Southerners had for any Negroids who "dared" to go to war with them. ---This given/said level of "WAR-HATRED" toward enemies (in this case against Negroid combatants) was probably the most INTENSE ever at ANY time experienced by Noršvestrid-'Americans' in the WHOLE realm of their war-making history--no doubt.---These acts occured time and time again through the whole of the war and any and all sides were POWERLESS to stop these policies and actions by individual Confederate combatants in the fields and seas of war.

Moreover, Southerners/Confederates also had a WIDESPREAD black-flag policy toward Federal/Unionist "scalawags," who were Southerners who served the cause of the U. S. Government whether as combatants or civilians...almost universally said scalawags were dispatched/shot/killed/murdered upon capture. Southern/Confederate hatreds of scalawags were only exceeded by their complete and UTTER HATREDS of Negroid-Federal/Unionist combatants, who were commonly viewed as some of the WORST examples of "TRAITORS."

Northern/Federal war-hatreds of Southerners/Confederates were less intense although they did flare-up from time to time and here and there, but were as a general rule isolated to specific incidences some of which included massacres/murders of Confederate combatants and civilians.

This war was probably the SECOND! most HATE-FILLED BIG! war in the history of Noršvestrid-'America.'

Post-"War of 1861-65" Wars of Hatred

The (during and) post-'War of 1861-65' continuation of the centuries old Noršvestrid-'American' vs. Amerindianid hate-filled/atrocious wars were probably less hate-filled than the previous ones, but that by no means made them 'decent wars.' The reputations of these late-19th Century hate-filled wars are world famous/infamous far beyond the borders of the "United States." It was sheer and utter mutual hatreds which drove so strongly Noršvestrid-'Americans' to 'subdue' what remained of 'Indiandom' and the subsequent widespread Amerindian violent reactions against said efforts.

Cheyenne Indian Wars (American Federals vs. Amerindians) {1861-64 in the American west}...racial wars
Sioux Indian War (Americans Federals vs. Amerindians) {1862-63 in Minnesota...racial war
Indian Wars (Americans vs. Amerindians) {1865-68 in Oregon, Idaho, & California}...racial wars
Indian Wars (Americans vs. Amerindians) {1867-69 in Kansas, Colorado & the Indian Territories}...racial wars
Modoc Indian War (Americans vs. Amerindians) {1872-73 in Oregon & California}...racial war
Apache Indian War (Americans vs. Amerindians) {1873 in Arizona}...racial war
Indian Wars (Americans vs. Amerindians) {1874-75 in Kansas, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, & the Indian Territories}...racial wars
Cheyenne & Sioux Indian War (Americans vs. Amerindians) {1876-77 in Dakota}...racial war
Nez Perce Indian War (Americans vs. Amerindians) {1877 in Idaho}...racial war
Bannock Indian War (Americans vs. Amerindians) {1878 in Idaho, Wash. Territory & Wyoming Territory}...racial war
White River/Ute Indian War (Americans vs. Amerindians) {1879 in Utah & Colorado}...racial war
Cheyenne Indian War (Americans vs. Amerindians) {1878-79 in Dakota & Montana}...racial war
The Cheyenne Indian War was probably the last of of Noršvestrid-'America's full-fledged "wars of intense and FULL hatred." All wars since that era have for the vast part been conducted 'tamely'/'civily' as a generally rule (disregardling the employment of weapons of MASS destruction); and the great proof of this is the almost complete cessation of black-flag policies toward enemy combatants in war and almost universal cessation of them toward enemy civilians. The "hatred-levels" of all Noršvestrid-'American' involved wars/conflicts since ~1880 pale in comparision to all of the abovementioned wars/conflicts. In other words, in terms of RAW/SHEER HATRED, said wars involving said group have diminished SIGNIFICANTLY since the 'olden days.'

Post-"Indian Wars" (semi-) War of Hatred

U.S.-Japanese War (Americans vs. Japanese) {1941-45 in the Pacific Ocean and Asia}...racial war

I conclude this piece by also mentioning this modern, 20th Century war, which was to a small degree, a "hate-filled' war (in comparision to the above wars). This is true do to the limited and mostly isolated use (mostly in specific battles/campaigns) of black-flag policies strictly within the battlezones themselves. I'm not certain if the Japanese ever employed such polices against Americans (they surely did from time to time); but I do know for a fact that certain U.S. military units in the field did so in certain situations/battles/campaigns esp. late in the war. For example, certain select U. S. Marine Corps units involved in ground combat late in the war during the 'island-hopping campaigns (Iwo Jima, Okinawa, et al.) adopted black-flag policies out of the SHEER and UTTER HATRED of hardened fanaticism of most Japanese field combatants; thus, almost univerally in those situations any Japanese combatants who attemped to surrender (and there weren't many) were destroyed/murdered on-sight. Thus were some of the INTENSE HATREDS that existed in that HUGE RACE WAR between Japan and Noršvestrid-'America.' As a general rule, though, and for the most part, this war paled in comparision to the aforementioned wars in terms of SHEER/RAW/HATE-FILLED war-making/involvement.

In conclusion, all modern Noršvestrid-'Americans' who have been or are now involved in war-making activity as well as we modern Noršvestrid-American civilians should count our blessings that we have all been born in these 'modern' days of LESS hate-filled war activity. Given the POWER of modern weaponry in the 'modern age,' had the war-HATRED-LEVELS of the 'olden days' persisted into the 20th Century and beyond; a great many of us, if not a majority of us, would not be reading these words today. The "modern wars" have been HORRIBLE, but they could have been far, far, far, far, far, far, far WORSE! And that is the TRUTH of the matter. :| I have to say, I have to thank Pres. Carter for giving this ex-warrior, me, a little more INSIGHT! in this regard, indeed! lol ;) :)

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Fantastic post. Your conclusion could not be more frightening and truthful. It is lucky we are here to read these post.

Thank you Suomut:)
(our fearless leader in A.N.H)