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Saturday, October 16th, 2004, 12:51 PM
Folk Culture and National Socialism

What is Folk Culture?

Folk Culture - or as it is also known, The Numinous Way - is in essence the Way of reason, tolerance, honour, liberty and reverence for Nature, and expresses what we understand to be fundamental truths about the meaning and purpose of our lives, as individuals. I have been evolving, developing, this Way, and the new Cosmic Ethics, over the past five or six years.

Is Folk Culture just National Socialism under another name?

No. It is very different in many fundamental ways.

It is different from National-Socialism because the emphasis of Folk Culture is culture; it is concerned with people living in small communities according to certain ethical guidelines, whereas National-Socialism is concerned about converting large numbers of individuals - and thus involves politics, and political action, and creating a revolution or obtaining power in a large nation-State.

Folk Culture distances itself from - and in fact is opposed to - the concept of modern-type States with their industries, their commerce, their international trade, their large cities, their sprawling vastness, and seeks instead to create a new folk community: to return to the human-scale of things, and to develope a way of living which is truely in harmony, in balance, with Nature.

These new folk communities will and must be small: far, far smaller than modern nations. In fact, they should be of such a smallness that those who live in them can walk to the boundaries of their homeland within a few days.

The essence of such communities, such new homelands, is locality, and knowing in an intimate way, the land where one dwells, and indeed knowing most of the people in that homeland on a personal basis. Anything else is too large; too inhuman. Folk Culture believes that the way of creating new, small, rural, communities is essential at this moment in time.

Further, Folk Culture is inclined toward vegetarianism, believing - following its Cosmic Ethic - that we should respect all life, and that if it is possible and practical for us to live without hunting, breeding and killing animals for food, then we should do so. That is, it sees a diet without meat as the ideal which should be striven for, but recognizes that this ideal is not always possible in practice due to local conditions. Also, Folk Culture, because of its ethics, is opposed to all forms of sporting hunting involving the killing of animals, and all forms of experimentation on animals.

In addition, Folk Culture is against capital punishment, and Prisons, and indeed against the ideas which are the foundation for the legal system of all Western nations. In contrast to the all the laws of modern States which take away the honour and freedom the of the individual, Folk Culture society is based upon the law of honour.

But the ideals of Folk Culture do not make us into pacifists! On the contrary, we seek to follow the Way of Honour, believing it is right and necessary sometimes to use lethal force, provided it is the honourable thing to do.

Folk Culture is also against all types of political involvement and against politics itself, believing that individuals must change themselves for the better, and live in a certain way, in a rural environment, and indeed opt-out of modern society itself. The focus of Folk Culture is on what is local: what helps the local community and the land where the people of that community dwell. The events in the "wider world" would be ignored. Folk Culture believes that only by doing this - by concerning ourselves with what is local to us - can we achieve that balance with ourselves and Nature which is important, and which is the essence of the Way of Folk Culture itself.

Also, Folk Culture would not wish to see a strong, centralized, modern-type State - as National-Socialism would - but instead would seek in the future to develope independent, free, small, homelands of a size no greater than the old English Shires, believing that anything beyond this is the beginning of tyranny, and thus involves a loss of true freedom. These small homelands would co-operate together for their own benefit but would maintain a fierce independence.

But hasn't Folk Culture been described as "the essence of National-Socialism" and as "esoteric Hitlerism"?

Yes, in the early days of its development, for Folk Culture expresses the fundamental folkish wisdom about life which the philosophy of National-Socialism expresses: the truths about duty, honour, and the importance of race. But Folk Culture diverges from National-Socialism in significant ways, believing that all individuals should be free to choose their Way of Life; that no one should be compelled to do anything, and that no one should be persecuted, or discriminated against, because of their beliefs or their race.

Folk Culture asserts that each and every culture, each and every people, each and every Way of Life - such as Buddhism, or Islam, or Christianity or whatever - should and must be respected, and that there should be no State, no government, interference in the lives of people.

In fact, Folk Culture is really against the very concept of The State; just as it is against the idea of a centralized, powerful, government. The basis for a folk community is voluntary, moral, co-operation based upon the ethic of honour.

What is the position of Folk Culture regarding race?

Folk Culture regards the different races which exist and which have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years as part of the wonderful diversity of Nature, and since Folk Culture respects and indeed reveres Nature, and seeks to work in harmony with Nature, it seeks to treasure and further develope in an honourable, tolerant, reasoned way, this diversity.

That is, it understands race as an important part of Nature and seeks to create folk communities where people of the same race, and culture, can live together, and further develope their culture.

But it needs to be understood and emphasized that Folk Culture, with its belief in liberty and tolerance, desires to create these communities in an ethical, reasoned, way: people must have the freedom to choose whether or not to live in such ethnic, folk, communities, as they should and must have the freedom to live in other ways if they wish, even if - particularly if - these other ways are different from the Way of Folk Culture.

Folk Culture believes that each people, each race, each folk - and thus each culture - should have a place, a region, a homeland, of their own where some of the people of that particular race can live in freedom according to the ways and customs of their culture. The important word here is some: people should and must have freedom of choice to live as they wish or as they believe they should live.

Folk Culture simply desires to offer some people the option of living in ethnic communities according to the ways and customs of their culture, of their ancestors, believing as Folk Culture does that such a way of living is in accord with the will of Nature, and indeed expresses the very meaning and purpose of our lives. But Folk Culture accepts that not everyone wishes to live in such a way.

Thus, such folk communities can and should only be composed of those who wish to be there: who desire to live in accord with the Way of Folk Culture. We believe that it is our duty to do this, as we believe we have a natural right to do this: that we should be accorded the freedom to live in this way.

How does Folk Culture view modern society?

We consider all modern societies to be disrespectful of Nature and her creations, and to be based on a dishonourable way of living: the way of materialism, of indulgence, of neglect of duty to Nature and neglect of duty to other human beings. This modern way of living is the way of a mechanistic progress, of continued economic growth, of a rapacious plundering of the Earth in the name of profit and personal pleasure. We seek to distance ourselves from such societies: to live in a different way.

We are opposed to all forms of tyranny and repression, believing in the sovereignty of the individual. This is in contrast to, and in opposition to, the beliefs of all modern societies, which all tyrannize the individual. These beliefs derive from our concept of law which enshrines the principles of human freedom, human honour, and which makes clear our responsibilities and duties to other human beings, and to Nature herself.

We assert we have the right to live as we believe we should live - in free folk communities - just as everyone has the right to live as they wish, provided that in so doing they respect the rights and freedoms of others. We certainly seek to respect the rights and freedoms of others, as we seek to treat everyone in a fair, a tolerant, a human, way.

But if others - if some System or some government or some group - does not treat us with respect and denies us our fundamental rights and our freedom, and seeks to take away our honour, then those others will have "overstepped the mark" and we will have no option but to fight for our rights, our freedom, and our honour.

We wish now, as we always will, to seek a peaceful solution: that is, to achieve our aims in a peaceful way. But if this becomes impossible because of abject tyranny and an abject denial of our rights and our freedom, then we will have no option but to rebel and fight for our freedom and our rights, chief of which is to live according to our own beliefs and principles, beliefs and principles which do not infringe in any way upon the freedoms and the rights of others.

As upholders of the ideal of personal honour and the sovereignty of the individual, we dislike all modern States, and wish to live in freedom according to our own ethical principles. Thus, our foremost aim is to create our own communities: to distance ourselves from these modern States and their dishonourable tyranny.

Naturally, we have a fondness and indeed a love for our own ancestral lands, and so would wish to establish such communities in these lands. But if this is not possible, for whatever reason or reasons, then we will plan someday soon to migrate to somewhere, some land, where we can found a new community and so make real the principles and ideals of Folk Culture, as we hope that others - of whatever race and culture - will be inspired by these ideals and principles and so seek to establish other communities.

Thus, by means of such communities, will our people, our culture - will other peoples, other cultures - survive and flourish, and thus will the wonderful diversity of Nature be saved and treasured.

David Myatt

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The Numinous Way of Folk Culture: http://www.geocities.com/dwmyatt

Nordic Dream Maiden
Monday, October 18th, 2004, 05:24 PM
But if others - if some System or some government or some group - does not treat us with respect and denies us our fundamental rights and our freedom, and seeks to take away our honour, then those others will have "overstepped the mark" and we will have no option but to fight for our rights, our freedom, and our honour.

Well, that's were it's going to fail, you see many White Racialists failed at the moment of truth with the Weaver incident; so how is anyone going to fight for anyone if they already failed with the Weavers? What's going to be so different? Ask yourselve this.. Does White Racialism need more writers, Forum boards, philosophers or Matthews and Kahls? You cannot talk of honour, sacrifice, fighting without the plums--no plums required to punch a keyboard.

I attached a audio clip on one of your supporters.

A claim to Love something doesn’t mean anything if you cannot put it into action.

You Love a girl or race and let her slave away, let her be violated, let her work as a serf , let her be misguided and you blame it on a Jew as excuse? Yet your stronger and smarter and braver than all Jews together? So why do you hesitate? Love is something we die for, not a scale of weighing Jewish Humanistic logic.

But the Internet and literature sent out will set us free is the phrase. As you say membership and posts are all going through the roof. Really? Where is the Rally’s then? The Marches that stop the traffic and make the mainstream Yid news? The Meetings? The huge number increase in physical organized group numbers where people actually see each other (not cyberspace). Anyone can hide in CyberRacialism, you can post 5000 times; have you solved the real problem or r you part of it? But, but we must awake the comatose Jewish induced sheeple first? Really? And what are they going to do? Post, serve the Jew on the 8hr day and think watching tv after Jewserfdom is a god given right? Only five, yes 5% fought for Independence of BritMan. How is the average overweight, lazy, I “don’t care” American, someone else is gonna do it--going be a threat in this era of do nothing but sit behind a screen, even if he’s against you? Your awaken the sheeple is just something you tell yourself, to excuse and blame something else other than you--a Jewish programmed concept, not a White DNA one.

http://www.angelfire.com/mn3/patriots/ (http://www.angelfire.com/mn3/patriots/) Get the White Movement out of the hands of ZOG-JOG website

Tuesday, October 19th, 2004, 05:07 AM
Well, that's were it's going to fail, you see many White Racialists failed at the moment of truth

The simple answer is that many in "the Movement" today lack two things - first, honor, and I mean real honor, where we live by a code of honor and value our honor and that of our folk more than our own lives; second, a real feeling of kinship with our folk.

To have real kinship we must know such people on the personal level - otherwise it's an abstract thing. Hence the need for real folk communities, of a small size, as the article mentions.

But the stark truth is that most do lack honor and do value their own comfortable lives more than they value honor.

Honor makes us strong. Today - we are weak.

As for more writers - true we have more than enough; action what's needed. But we do need a few to guide us to the truths we must base such action on.

The state of affairs we suffer from is of our making - because we're weak, lack honor, and so on, and have lost sight of our folk, and have no real, wordless, love of our homelands anymore. Why? Because a lot of us are urban dwellers and our homelands are already being destroyed by capitalism, by development.

Tuesday, October 26th, 2004, 04:48 AM
The time is not right (at least in America) for there to be marches in the street. The powers that be have too many people brainwashed right now; drunk on fast-cut reality television, hip hop, and action movies. If you march in the street for pride in your European ancestry they will edit you to make you look the fool.

The pendulum will swing back though, eventually, once the majority grow tired of the insults they find so amusing at the moment. As the vanguard of a movement, all we can do now is continue to educate ourselves and each other, so when the time comes all the words are there and we can make our case eloquently. Then our people will find the gaping hole in their self-esteem filled with a pride in their heritage, rather than the guilt fed to us by envious, power-hungry minorities.

Nordic Dream Maiden
Tuesday, October 26th, 2004, 06:05 PM
Rey, I hope you are right and I don't want to get in a back in forth argument that you are wrong but you have to realize my perspective; I was born into the movement and have been part of many different groups that vanished into thin air and people who claimed to be racially aware and who are presently no different than any race traitor of today--they will deny past involvement--they got scrunched economically and socially and made that decision on what side of the fence they will sit and do you kinda blame them? You see before the WWW promises of a race war, that "things are going to change" really soon were the steak of hope, but after awhile after reading all the books, discussing the problem and not doing nothing the average Racialist gets bored. By the year 2050 "whites" in general will be the definite minority, and this projection may be propped, meaning the real actual white will be the minority 20 years before that in the USA.

The powers that be have too many people brainwashed right now; drunk on fast-cut reality television, hip hop, and action movie

How are people going to stop being brainwashed? Are the educational, media, entertainment industries just going to stop the Multi-Religion? Nope.

The pendulum will swing back though, eventually, once the majority grow tired of the insults they find so amusing at the moment.
I pray for that Rey, but the insults have been going around for decades, wouldn't whites have already grown tired of this? Apparently not, they fund it and buy it over and over again wanting more.

so when the time comes all the words are there and we can make our case eloquently.
We have many people of awesome intellect who can make the case, the only problem is that it will be edited in the Mainstream media, a talk show host will create diversions and not "enough" time, as well as the edits, in fact they will pick some Racialist whom they know will not be eloquent and label them as the most "enlightened Racialist" of the day; and then the smears will happen afterwards even if a glimpse of intelligence occurs in White Preservationist; and then you have the crowds clapping at the sign when to clap, do you think the director will have them clap for the Racialist?

The majority of white People will not lift a finger; for an example of their laziness: being overweight in the majority and yet what do they do? diet? No, they eat the same and do nothing even though they realize they feel like crap, look like crap and could have health issues down the road, but they continue on with sayings that "big is beautiful" and what not. And yet these same people of whatever laziness characteristic they have--are going to wakeup to the White bashing? If they cannot overcome their obesity, drinking, 5hrs of tv a day, drugs, money-loving, jew loving, etc,. ways how are they going to do anything for White Preservation? They won't--they will not--they cannot; just because one admires noble characteristics in someone or something doesn't mean you can have or do those characteristics of nobleness.
Rey, I hope you are right, that people will wakeup; I just don't have faith that any majority will, its like at work, you have a few people who do work while the others kinda work around you, yes, even if they are all white; I'm not looking for the majority; I'm looking for an amount to just get the job done--waiting for a majority is unrealistic I believe and as History records, seldom if never that happens, we are a culture of someone else can do it, and I am no exclusion of this principle , at times I saw the dog crap on the carpet and didn't clean it letting the "other" person see it and clean it--though I will make up a "justiifed" reason.:~(

Wednesday, October 27th, 2004, 05:20 AM
"How are people going to stop being brainwashed? Are the educational, media, entertainment industries just going to stop the Multi-Religion? Nope."

Most of my experience is in the music industry, so I'm going to have to use what I know to respond.

There are always the masses who are lead, and the elite who do the leading. The elite are those with ideas about how things should be, and the talent and character to acquire the power required to actualize these ideas.

How did African-Americans pass off jazz in the '20s/'30s, or hip hop in the '90s/'00s onto whites? How did they do this when there has been so much prejudice against blacks throughout the history of the U.S.? What kind of doublethink does it take as a society to be prejudiced against blacks and still adopt their music as your popular anthems? Perhaps we are only comfortable with blacks in a role as "entertainers."

We had '80s pop, which we were rescued from by '90s grunge, but sincerity quickly gets tiresome and no one wants to dwell on death (good job, Mr. Cobain). Hip hop stepped in to replace that, helped by white artists mixing hip hop into their work. Every artistic (and possibly ideological) movement starts out as something real, driven by a desire for power and expression, and then as it gets accepted it founds an industry, becomes decadent, and then goes out of style to be replaced by something new.

An oft heard phrase in hip hop is, "keep it real." African-Americans had a foothold on real power with jazz 70 years ago, but let it get too abstract, theoretical, and difficult to understand for the masses and they lost it before they could turn it into anything else -- it wasn't fun anymore. People didn't feel like they belonged anymore. This time things are going to be different. Blacks in this country have always been good for "entertainment," but this time some of them have managed to get better control of their money and, I assume, are hoping to parlay that into real power. These are the hardcore guys who espouse hip hop as black "culture." Sure, there are some people who are interested in that kind of romantic notion, but mostly people just want to have fun and get laid.

Then again, I've gotten the sentiment from some blacks I've met that they understand black will never be equal in America, so they're really only interested in being successful enough to attract a white woman for reproduction, so their children will be half-white and have an easier time of things. If that's the case then they're indirectly acknowledging white as the ideal and how can we complain about that?

The mainstream hip hop certainly hasn't gotten any more progressive in the last ten years. It's kept very very simple, distilled to the bare essentials, because those producers are interested in getting as much money (power) out of it as they can. The production of a hip hop album is so inexpensive (sequencer, sampler, 4-8 bars of music per track, microphone), it must be the most cost-effective genre in existence in terms of arranging/performing. Americans love cost-effectiveness, hence another reason for the recording industry pushing hip hop on people: maximal profit.

But, I digress. My point here was to show that ideas have a cycle. And that crosses over from music into ideologies like anti-semitism, and nationalism. Europe has gone through several purges of the Jews, and then periods of tolerance. Throughout the '90s in America, anything from the '80s was way out of style. Things always come back.

Racial identity and pride is way out of style right now. That doesn't mean that people don't still all feel it. Once a group of kids somewhere takes that feeling makes art out of it, people will identify with it and it will take off (as soon as cute chicks start going to concerts to see it [as above: it's always about getting laid]). Businesspeople will see an opportunity and throw money at it, and then it will really take off.

Then, there's this *new* idea out there, and it will be something so strange and different (because, by the time it comes around, people will be so indoctrinated into multi-culturalism that no one will even understand the idea of racialism [although it'll probably have another name by then]) that people will be fascinated and read about it for hours on end trying to understand it.

Everyone wants to be up on the news so if X idea/person is showcased on Network Y's talkshow, Network Z doesn't intend to get scooped so they'll have some coverage. Things snowball from there, if you play your cards right and don't look like you're seeking power. But, white kids are smart and they'll do a good job.

We'll have our time, just like the blacks are having theirs right now. But as descendents of the Europeans who created this power structure we have now, we'll be in a better position to understand the situation and how to act on it. It's a question of what we do when the idea is ripe. How far do we take it? Do we really transform the world with it, or just let the fad die out like I anticipate hip hop "culture" will, because most Africans are inherently ruled by the need for immediate gratification and lack the ability to execute a long-term plan such as the assumption of power requires. The important thing is to have money when the time comes to throw around to make things happen. Have the funding to set up grass roots organizations to teach children about pride in their heritage, and the importance of preserving diversity.

That's what I foresee in the future of America, anyway. I don't know what's going on in Europe. Here in New York, you can see clearly that, although America is supposed to be this "melting pot," people still stick to their ethnic groups. You have Polish neighborhoods (Greenpoint), Ukrainian neighborhoods (around 2nd Ave./7th St. in Manhattan), Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods (South of Williamsburg), etc. Multi-culturalism doesn't exist in reality.

So, I'm just guessing, but give it another decade or two. If we haven't destroyed the world with a nuclear war for Israel, people might be done with this multi-culturalism and corporate exploitation stuff.

So, my advice is to exude effortless success, happiness, and wealth, have lots of fun, and have lots of beautiful white babies. :) Don't assume a loser mentality. Don't appear threatened or concerned with this whole multi-culturalism thing, because you know the truth. It will blow over.