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Thursday, January 31st, 2008, 06:28 PM
As a rule of thumb, we are able to delete accounts, however we do not.

Before you post anything, remember that words have consequences -- both for you and others. This is true even if they're posted pseudonymously on a discussion board.

Don't come back in a few months or years and ask us to delete your account and your posts because you can't take the heat, you've "changed your mind," you think that Skadi has become "too liberal" or "too extremist," or because you desire to make a politically correct career. It wouldn't make any difference anyway, since public posts are cached by search engines and recorded by countless other people with varying motives.

Deleting accounts and posts makes existing threads unintelligible and searching difficult. If you plan to leave Skadi, simply don't log in anymore. Please spare us gala performances of all kinds. We shall also not ban your account on request.

The only exception is made if you can believably accredit current political persecution due to the content of your posts. In this case message an administrator, and we may be able to help you by suppressing the posts in question or your whole account.

There is also no need to register a new account because you now dissociate from certain things you've said in the past. Political, ideological or religious changes are all normal to a degree, they are part of everyone's personal growth. If you no longer associate with your previous pseudonym or prefer a pseudonym that better reflects your current beliefs, you may request a username change (https://forums.skadi.net/threads/140520-Want-to-Change-Your-Username-Please-Post-Your-Requests-in-This-Thread!-Read-the-Rules-Before-Requesting!) instead and edit your profile accordingly. As we only permit one account per user, members found to have registered multiple accounts shall have their accounts merged, usually under their newest pseudonym.

If you would like to have sensitive personal information you previously revealed removed - such as pictures you've posted, of yourself or others - contact any staff member and they will remove the posts in question. Please note that we will however not delete your entire posts or account, save for a few exceptional situations mentioned above.

The easiest way to make your pictures disappear would be by uploading and linking to them via an imagehost (such as imgur (https://imgur.com/)) instead of attaching them, then simply deleting them from the same imagehost. Doing that would render the links invalid and require no further editing of the thread or posts in question.