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Willrich specialized in paintings of the Nordic race, and later on, German Soldiers.

He published his painting in a whole range of NS publications, such as Volk und Rasse, Odal, Monatschrift für Blut und Boden, Das Schwarze Korps and Rasse, Monatsschrift der Nordischen Bewegung (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nordische_Gesellschaft)

Born on March 31, 1897 from a long line of peasant stock, Willrich displayed artistic talent while still very young. When he went to college in 1915 in Berlin, he viewed the art trends as decadent. In 1916 he was drafted and served as a non-com in the 251st Infantry Regiment.

He was awarded the Iron Cross on the Western Front. When he became a p.o.w., he spent much time drawing. His first drawings were published by the International Red Cross in a magazine for prisoners of war.

After his release, he resumed study. Although he joined Ludendorff’s Tannenberg Association, differences with Mathilde von Ludendorff caused him to leave. But he still published in their journal. Willrich excelled at portraying Nordic racial types.

In 1933-1934 he was active in the Reich Ministry of Culture, but was forced out because of his affiliation with the Ludendorff circle. Later R. Walter Darre made him an independent employee so he could continue to draw Nordic peasants, which he did with much enthusiasm. Many of his drawings appeared as posters and postcards and were widely distributed. But he still maintained his independence.

He turned down Heinrich Himmler’s offer to become an honorary member of the SS. I fact, he never even joined the NSDAP. Ironically, he considered the Third Reich’s opposition against degenerate art to be too moderate! Together with Walter Hansen and Graf Klaus von Baudissin, he helped organize the Munich Exhibition of Degenerate Art in 1937.

In 1939 he asked to be sent to the front as a combat artist. After Poland, he went to France, Norway, Finland, Sicily and Russia. Many famous military leaders were portrayed by him. Later he portrayed many holders of the Knights Cross. At the end of 1943 he returned to Berlin where he continued his work.

His final art works were published in Argentina after the war. He died on October, 1948 of cancer.

His works include:

Kunst und Volksgesundheit (Reichsausschuß für Volksgesundheitsdienst, Berlin 1934)
Bauerntum als Heger deutschen Blutes (Blut und Boden Verlag, Goslar 1935)
Vom Lebensbaum deutscher Art. Bilder und Gedanken zur Rassenfrage (Blut und Boden Verlag, Goslar 1937)
Das deutsche Antlitz (Verlag Sigrune, Erfurt 1938), Säuberung des Kunsttempels (Lehmann, München 1938)
Die Männer unserer U-Boot-Waffe (Verlag Grenze und Ausland, Berlin 1939)
Die Männer unserer Luftwaffe (Verl. Grenze u. Ausland, Berlin 1940)
Des Edlen ewiges Reich (Verl. Grenze u. Ausland, Berlin 1941)
Des Reiches Soldaten (Verl. Grenze u. Ausland, Berlin 1943)

All those were forbidden by the occupation authorities in 1946.

Directory of artworks: http://www.wolfgangwillrich.de/start.htm

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Here is my favorite, but I colorized it. :)


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That was one of my favourites too...I like his face..(sexy :D ).
Here are some others I liked.





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http://www.thule-italia.com/arte/Willrich/!cid_007401c4c7e0$5fd5b7e0$e7631897@ugo. jpg

http://www.thule-italia.com/arte/Willrich/willrich.html (http://www.thule-italia.com/arte/Willrich/willrich.html)

http://www.thule-italia.com/arte/Willrich/pubblicazioni/Velhagen/!cid_004601c4d0af$42ac7870$0100007f@ugo. jpg

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