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Wednesday, August 14th, 2019, 06:29 PM
It is well known that philosophy is not just about writing but also about making speeches.
Why under metaphysics? Because speeches are something that is often controlled by our subconscious. You could argue about that too, philosophy or even psychology? If it overlaps, it's like that.

Memorizing speeches, assigning certain things - sayings, corners, curves, circles. House of Remembrance. Or tower of memory. - No matter what form. The more complex, the more places you can assign memories.

Cicero has also learned his speeches in this way or strained his memory with cross-references through portraits / Gespste. To rattle one's face, a thing, something reminiscent of a memory, a verse, a sentence, while strolling through its construct of memory, holding there and here, a drawer, a cupboard, or a window Talk down. An event flashes and zack!

How do you recall your address or speech? Say, one, two hours of speaking time, perhaps even playing together on the spot, in front of a crowd, let's say a thousand people? ....Argh..Let's go down ... 20, 50 people.

Just like that, or do you have something in the background to talk to without looking at a piece of paper. No notes.

Cicero is an Authority of ancient Rome. Opponent of Caesar, Crassus, Pompeius. He did not have his list (Caesar).