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Monday, June 3rd, 2019, 11:49 PM
On Skadi, we are dedicated to freedom of expression. While we strive to maintain discussion civil and polite, freedom of speech is often accompanied by a certain degree of controversy, and the expression of potentially unpopular viewpoints and ideologies. The expression of any views, and the allowance thereof, does not necessarily reflect the official position of Skadi Forum. We remain largely neutral. Apart from dealing with trolling, threats/personal attacks and other rule violations, we don't tend to interfere in discussions. We particularly do not ban or censor political, ideological or spiritual viewpoints, including those that are considered to be unpopular by others. At the same time, we do not consider that popular viewpoints are above any criticism. We believe in learning though debate and keeping an open, civil dialogue which gives everyone the chance to express their thoughts.

That said, we can also understand and empathize with those who would prefer not to be exposed to certain material. For this reason, we have employed a system that can be user-customized. If you do not wish to be exposed to certain opinions and viewpoints, or you simply take no interest in certain topics, feel free to use our ignore features.

Ignore User

To place someone on ignore, simply click on their profile and click Add to Ignore List:


To remove someone from your ignore list, either go to their profile and click Remove User from Ignore list, or alternatively, go to Settings > Edit Ignore List, uncheck their username and save changes.

Adding a user to your ignore list leads to posts from that person being hidden from view when logged into the forums. You will still be able to see the fact that said person has posted (or started a thread), but not the actual content of the post in question. If they started a thread and other posters replied to that thread, you will be able to see the thread title and their replies, but not also the original post. If someone quoted what the ignore user has written, you will be able to see the quoted content. A link is provided so you can view the content if you choose to do so. You can do this with or without removing the user in question from your ignore list. This is how a post made by an ignored user should appear:


You will not receive any private messages from people on your ignore list. If they send you a message, this message will not get through to you. To them it will just look normal, i.e. they won't receive any error message when sending it, nor will they be notified that they have been put on ignore, and, if they choose to save send messages, the message will appear in their sent folder. Reputation points from this user will also be hidden (you should not be able to see that they left you a reputation comment either), but if they have a reputation power higher than zero, your reputation count will grow. You will also receive an automatic notification that you have received reputation points.

Users who are on your ignore list can write visitor messages on your profile, but the content of those messages will be hidden. Instead, it will read "This message is hidden because X is on your ignore list", with the ability to show message text (even without taking the user off ignore). You will receive an automatic notification that someone wrote you a VM.

Users will not be notified that they have been placed on ignore.

Ignore Thread

To ignore a thread, go to Thread Tools > Ignore This Thread.


Placing a thread on ignore removes that thread from showing up under Forum Display, New Posts and Today's Posts. Users can set where the ignore system is enabled in their User Settings. It can be enabled for New Posts, Today's posts and Forum Home & Forum Display.

To see a list of your ignored threads, go to Settings > Thread & Forum Ignore Lists.


There are two ways to take a thread off ignore. If you happen to still have the URL of that thread, you can do this from Thread Tools > Unignore This Thread. Otherwise, go to Settings > Thread & Forum Ignore Lists and uncheck the thread you wish to take off ignore.


Ignore Forum

To ignore a forum, click on the desired forum name and go to Forum Tools > Ignore This Forum.


Threads in ignored forums will not show in New Posts or Today's Posts. To take a forum off ignore, go to Settings > Thread & Forum Ignore Lists and uncheck the forum you wish to take off ignore.