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Tuesday, July 9th, 2002, 09:16 PM
What awaits Europe in the future as racial bastardisation, the lack of national pride in many European nations and the concepts of racial egalitarianism and multiculturalism keep on having popularity in Europe? Recently far-right groups have started to gain ground in political elections, but is this enough to have a European Europe once again?

Will the Aryan race in its homeland be able to destroy Egalitarianism and Multiculturalism to create Aryan States for Aryan Nations? The Aryan race has only one enemy: The Aryan Race itself and its lost Aryan spirit and/or racial pride and awareness. If the Aryan race gains back its racial pride and awareness, and gains courage out of it to reclaim what is rightfully ours, other racial enemies stand no chance against a determined Aryan race. That is what we have to fight for, that is what we have to create, that is what Aryan men and woman need, especially in our Europe.

Tuesday, July 9th, 2002, 11:03 PM
Heil commrade Nazz! :)

Our beloved continent of Europe and our European civilisation are in great danger of racial polution.But fortunatley we are still not in so bad truble like younger sister of Europe- America.It is because we are home of strong and old national states and guardians of antient identity and national traditions.
Our eternal foe the Jew knows that his first task is to destroy our national states in purpose of creating some multicultural artificial state like EU (European version of ZOG-USA).
By breaking national states half of his work is allready done.That means that with fighting for our Fatherlands,at the same time we are fighting for our race.


Tuesday, July 9th, 2002, 11:10 PM
Heil Zvaci!

In my opinion a strong Nationalistic feeling throughout the nations of Europe together with a sense of Aryan unity, can allow the Aryan nations to be saved. Certainly no European nation by itself can have a National Socialist State if it has not the backing of other National Socialist States. Also, a European Government is not the problem. Eventually we need a European Government whose structure is such that allows the individual Nations their Self-Determination, and whose values are National Socialist and Racial so that the Aryan Race can regain what was lost, and what is rightfully ours, that is, Our Lands for Our Peoples.

Thursday, July 18th, 2002, 09:52 PM
What are the problems facing the Aryan Race and Aryan Nations nowadays and in the future in your opinion, and what are the potential solutions to these problems?

Friday, July 19th, 2002, 06:11 PM
The Jewish criminals have already demonstrated they will initiate WWIII if they are seriously challenged or ever face defeat. Israel today has hundreds of nuclear bombs and are gaining or already possess the means of delivering destruction over most of the world. As long as the American politicial lap-dogs in Washington keep returning to the Jewish money-trough for handouts, and the Jewish-controlled national media keeps a virtual strangle-hold over the propaganda feed to the public, there appears little hope, at least for now, of gaining any creditable foothold in the American government or any western government.

But in time, the Internationalist Jews are going to fail to deliver on the promises of the present ecconomy, and the invasion of non-whites into America and Europe will become such a liability for the failed open-borders immigration policy that they have pushed upon the western nations, many more people are going to turn in their credit cards, and stop driving the wastful SUVs, and the real crash in the economic world will begin to open people's minds to the make-believe world the Jews created.

Israel will be disarmed like the criminal who has just been apprehended by the police.

Saturday, July 20th, 2002, 12:31 PM
Here is a good one,

I post a thread on Stormfront where I was looking for co-workers on my mag.
Do you know how many people contact me?
3 people who just looking for some basic info, and after that I didn't hear anything from them.

That is example of our brotherhood, unity and activism.

I think that the greate problems of our Race is not in Jews or other Races. The problem is in ourselves who are not interesting for activism even in a small proportions. Many are supportive to our cause, but again cowards to join the struggle. They are conscious that in this battle we can loose everything, but they are not ready to take a risks. The Jews are the Race who had organized its lines very good, but not perfect, and we are the problem because we don't know the energy of our spirit, strenght of our blood.
When we learn that, I mean, start the "inner spiritual revolution", then the problems will be solved step by step.


Saturday, July 20th, 2002, 07:55 PM
I agree with Pera_Z that our main problem is ourselves and the lack of a spirit in our Race which allows us to surmount any obstacle fate presents to us. We need to have courage, which implies that we face the problems of the present and future, and we need to have superior strength, which implies that we surmount the problems we face, and shall face. The current problem in my opinion is which figure and organisation will instate in the masses courage and superior strength to face and surmount problems which our Race faces? We lack leaders and organisations which offer a solution to our problems as a Race, we lack a great leader like Adolf Hitler, and a great political organisation like the German National Socialist Workers Party.

Saturday, July 20th, 2002, 11:26 PM
The current problem in my opinion is which figure and organisation will instate in the masses courage and superior strength to face and surmount problems which our Race faces?

Well, we can't generallize the things here. First its depends of the soil...of the country where "party" shall rise. In USA, CANADA, SOUTH AMERICA, SOUTH AFRICA, AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND we need parties whish have strong Racialists sence. In Europe we need parties with greate National ideals based on racial-conscious. All these parties in Europe and Colonies countries should be secretly united under the one name. The leaders of that movement which would lead all these parties could not be public personalities or leaders for mass.
On that way we will be united in fight, and that system of centralisation is the only solution for productive and constructive advancement of our entire Race.

The Leaders of the mass parties must give you the sensation of him as an strong and determinant person. He must be good spokesman. (National/white racial groups) Leaders
The Leaders of Central movement must be the very high intelligent personalities who have a greate knowledge in our cause - who will be the judges if some of those National leaders wish to put the interests of their own nation/white racial group above the racial interests. (The Highest Leadership)

Maybe I am wrong I don't know, but this is my opinion.


Sunday, July 21st, 2002, 08:52 PM

I agree perfectly with you that there is a need for an Internationalist Aryan Movement under one central structure and leadership to better direct the whole Aryan Struggle in the various Aryan Lands. The National Movements must have their own National Leaders, but an Aryan Leader must be selected to direct and serve as a central figure of inspiration for the Aryan Folks globally. I have always believed that no single Nation can have a National Socialist Movement and/or State without the support of other Nations, that is why victory for the Aryan Movement is essential on an International Level, especially in Europe.

It is time for Aryan Co-Operation to surmount the struggle ahead for our great Race, this necessitates the creation of a central structure for all Nationalities to gain inspiration, motivation, and drive from. We not only need a Leader, we need a Saviour. Who shall take the front position in saving the Aryan Race?

Sunday, July 21st, 2002, 11:14 PM
Who shall take the front position in saving the Aryan Race?

You see, I think that 'MASS cannot be a substitute for one man' principle which is the one of the "creed" of National Socialism is still on power, but need some changes.

This central movement must have their representatives in all coutries, and their unity will be the central movement of which I spoke.
I think that the changes which I mentioned is here. There could be the leader of that movement, a man who are the most intelligent and the most experienced person. His position will be determined by his work and actions. He will alone rise from the others, and show his will, so the others would be saying something like...YES you are the leader!

From the other hand, I think that in modern times, our struggle became too complicated for one man, and too hard. In the 1933, the Jewish power had been strong, but today their power is stronger and more organized. I belive that there must be a group of people who will be the center of the revolution, who will be qualified to make report from the country where they live and give the directions which will improve all nations.

For the future times, if we succeed in our tasks, I think that again must be only a few people who will prove their will in the battle for freedom.
If the smarter and experience than I am, could proove why the only one man can be on the center of Aryan Movement, I will accept it without further discussion.

In the case that you ask me about ideal lider I will give you the 15 basic lines which had wrote Stephen Contrado in "New Order" No. 127 March/April 1997. Of course it is article, but I will give you only 15 characteristics. This is the 15 characteristics which Hitler possesed according to S.C. (By the way, I translated this from Serbian translations, and I don't know the original character names)

1. Gumption
2. The skill in communication
3. Trust
4. Determination
5. Competition spirit
6. Cold-bloodness
7. Merciful
8. Caution
9. The skill in giving the orders
13.The Draw Goal



Thursday, July 25th, 2002, 04:44 AM
Originally posted by Pera_Z
I post a thread on Stormfront where I was looking for co-workers on my mag.
Do you know how many people contact me?
3 people who just looking for some basic info, and after that I didn't hear anything from them.Aryans are still humans, and the above is a typical example of human nature. Of course, Jewish materialism has been doing it's damage, but the reason why it's such an effective tool is because it uses human nature. Eventually we will get enough steam rolling that everybody will want to be involved in consciousness-raising projects, but right now we're at the bottom of the heap. So were the Christians and the Jews, once.

Thursday, July 25th, 2002, 05:58 AM
Originally posted by Nazzjonalista
We lack leaders and organisations which offer a solution to our problems as a Race, we lack a great leader like Adolf Hitler, and a great political organisation like the German National Socialist Workers Party.
Well, now we do at least. We lost a very great man when Dr. Pierce passed away. He was a great organizer, propagandist, and builder, but we need a dynamic leader, like Lincoln Rockwell or the Führer in order to lead us to total victory. Pierce fought for the cause for over three decades, and though he has built an amazing organization, and inspired thousands with his brilliant ideas, he was a builder, the kind of man that is required before a great triumph, not the kind of man who would lead us to that triumph itself.

Dr. Pierce also generally focussed on just one of the three elements that are necessary to achieve total victory. His organization is based on propaganda, not the democratic system, and not, at least as far as I know, focused upon training and arming a revolutionary force. It is my firm belief that we will need to focus upon all three tasks, though I do not expect to win this struggle by a popular vote.

Pierce's organization is well-built and ready to expand, but it needs to wait - it needs to stay that way. The time just isn't right yet for this kind of dynamic leader, and the inevitable action which would accompany such a person. We must use the Alliance's strength to build a long-term movement, which will be ready for action once the time is ripe.

Originally posted by Pera_Z
The leaders of that movement which would lead all these parties could not be public personalities or leaders for mass.
I disagree - we must have dynamic and popular leaders, ones who will grab the public eye and give the masses a choice when the time is right. I believe in Rockwell's four-stage plan. We must always be an option for the public when they are fed up with the non-white crime and immigration. But to do that, we must first be known to them. And for that, we need public personalities.

Thursday, July 25th, 2002, 08:00 PM
Originally posted by LaundryBob
Dr. Pierce also generally focussed on just one of the three elements that are necessary to achieve total victory. His organization is based on propaganda, not the democratic system, and not, at least as far as I know, focused upon training and arming a revolutionary force. It is my firm belief that we will need to focus upon all three tasks, though I do not expect to win this struggle by a popular vote.

What are exactly these 3 tasks you mention?

Saturday, July 27th, 2002, 07:12 PM
I saw this on Stormfront -

There are four words WNs international need to master:


1. "How". The 'Reds' began by acting locally and thinking globally. They actually took the platform of the industrial movements 150 years ago and adopted it. The 'Blacks' did the same in the mid 20th century. Now you can see the reds have camoflagued themselves and evetually we shall unmask them for the public's enjoyment (ecologoes, liberals, socialisits, multicult and media lftists amng others).

2."The Candidates" But first we start by fielding charismatic, intelligent and well spoken political candidates in every district in which we live. When we win we move in our political supporters to influence the district. That means we need a man and women married and having large white families of 4 5 6 kids or more to provide a stable and growing base. Without our growing base, the WN movement is nothing.

3. "Take over your media". That's simple. Like killing your TV, we send our candidates all over the media monster, tv internet and radio for pr and in depth coverage. We get the public used to us and to accept us. We keep enlarging and growing our presence. Growth is the key to it all.

4. "Grassroots Support" Stage demonstrations as the coverage increases, from white cultural events to protesting minority claims and minority racists (yes they do exist). Add european heritage months to your local library, school, college municipal center and workplace. Posters, flyers, games, radio ads, print ads. Websites like Stormfront. Even demonstrations.

5. "Economic Expansion" As the WN grow in local numbers the non WN politicians will have no chocie but court our vote. We shall woo them to our side. We shall demnstrate our ability to be stable homeowners, large families, spenders at local stores and business and good citizens in our local government. We also need wealthy whites and WNs to continually contribute to our cause to expand.

6. "Population Expansion" as the WN grow locally we will increase our numbers of the total national population of the nation we are in. Thereby competing directly with non WNs and non whites for preciuous resources that the politicans are giving to us becuase of our growing numbers and influence.

7. "Academic Expansion" The WN need a similar takeover at the academic level where the leftists or reds have strangled the educaitonal system trough union domination and red activism. We can start with a two pronged assault for example (of many strategies) at the private school, conservative level; and the local public level where many whites are WN or would be WNs and expand our prongs to surround the older, red or leftists bias in the Ivy League and many City Colleges. Once the latter two leftists enclaves are broken we shall prevail in the academic and media circles as we chase them ruthlessly from our base of power.

The keys are: Education, Marriage, Familial Stability and Expansion.

Monday, July 29th, 2002, 12:42 AM
Originally posted by aryabold
I saw this on Stormfront - While I have a few small differences of opinion, I do believe that You have done every thinking Aryan a favor by reproducing this here. This one joins my personal archive of classics. It is an excellent exposition of our battle plan.

Monday, September 22nd, 2003, 02:12 PM
From The Occidental Quarterly (http://theoccidentalquarterly.com/vol3no2/mo-worldwara.html). I saw this on http://forum.originaldissent.com a few months ago, I found it disturbing, and it's shaped my thoughts quite a bit. If Guillaume Faye's books were available in English, I'd buy them as soon as I could. Thoughts?

Preparing for World War III

Avant-Guerre: Chronique d’un cataclysme annoncé
(Pre-War: Account of an Impending Cataclysm)

Guillaume Faye
Paris: L’ Æncre, 2002
24 Euros

382 pp.


Reviewed by Michael O’Meara

Readers of The Occidental Quarterly are probably unfamiliar with the work of Guillaume Faye, but his ideas are increasingly those of Europe’s nationalist vanguard.

An early associate of Alain de Benoist and one of the architects of the European New Right, the young Faye left politics in the late 1980s to pursue a career in media. In 1998 he returned, instantly re-establishing himself as the intellectual force on the nationalist right.

He has since published five books, each of which has had a major impact on the struggle against multiculturalism, Third World immigration, and globalization.1 Unlike Benoist and other New Right theoreticians, whose defense of the European ethnos is waged almost exclusively on the cultural terrain, and unlike Le Pen's National Front, which favors the assimilation rather than the forced repatriation of non-Europeans, Faye claims that race is not only primary to cultural identity, but that race and culture are, at root, inseparable. For this reason he argues that the struggle to preserve Europe's cultural patrimony is no less a struggle to defend its genetic heritage and the ethnic integrity of its Lebensraum.2

His latest work—Avant-Guerre: Chronique d’un cataclysme annoncé (Pre-War: Account of an Impending Cataclysm)—is reminiscent of Spengler’s Hour of Decision. Like Spengler, Faye looks at the storm clouds on the horizon and predicts that within ten years a coming era of world-altering tempests will descend on the white race, determining if it is to have a future or not.

In his view, these cataclysms will be neither ideological nor economic in character, but (à la Huntington) racial and civilizational, involving clashing continental blocs and warring ethno-racial groups. They are thus likely to engender unprecedented violence and destruction, forcibly shaking white people from the stupor that is leading them toward extinction. Although presently unprepared to fight such wars and alienated from all that is distinct to their race and heritage, the struggles of the twenty-first century, he believes, will give Europeans on both sides of the Atlantic a final chance to throw off the forces that have denatured and debilitated then over the last half century.

Europe and America
Like most "nationalists" who fight in Europe’s name, Faye is extremely critical of the American government and the role it has played in repressing the worldwide forces of white solidarity. But unlike many on the anti-American right, Faye does not believe the U.S. is Europe’s principal enemy, even if its Judeo-liberal New Class has been responsible for eroding European autonomy and demonizing its culture. An enemy, he contends, does more than corrupt and intimidate, it threatens one’s biological existence. Taking his cue from Carl Schmidt, he thinks it is more accurate to characterize the U.S. as Europe’s "adversary"—an adversary that needs to be opposed if Europeans are ever to re-assert the Faustian project distinct to their ethos—but nevertheless one with whom a life-and-death struggle is not at all inevitable.

The real enemy threatening the white homelands comes, he claims, from the Third World. Accordingly, the terror attack of "9/11" suggests one form his predicted cataclysm will take. But while Islam is Europe’s principal enemy, it is not, paradoxically, America’s. Based on the work of General Gallois, Alexandre Del Valle, and a new generation of European geopoliticists, Faye argues that Islam has long served the U.S. in furthering the hegemonic ambitions of its global village, specifically in dividing Europe and weakening Russia. That its recruitment and arming of Islamic fanatics to fight in Afghanistan and Chechnya and in Bosnia and Kosovo at last boomeranged ought not to detract from the fact that for a quarter century the U.S. systematically incited Islamic insurgencies for the sake of its strategic aims.

In Faye’s view, America’s principal Third World enemy, and thus the power it will face in World War III, comes not from the Middle East (even if militant Islam continues to target it), but from a rapidly developing and technologically armed China bent on contesting its dominance in the Pacific. In this potential Sino-American conflict, Faye believes the future lies entirely on the Chinese side. Unlike the Middle Kingdom, the U.S.’s disparate mix of race and cultures has left it without a coherent heritage and thus a destining project worth dying for. This makes it not a nation in the European sense, but simply une symbiose étatico-entrepreneuriale. Because such an entity is likely to fly apart if challenged by a determined enemy, in the great cataclysms to come it will be Europe (and Russia), not the U.S., that will stand at the center of the struggle to defend the white West from a hostile non-white world.

While America’s future holds out the prospect of an interstate war with China, Faye believes Europe faces an intrastate war with the forces of an insurgent Islam—a war, to repeat, that will resemble 9/11 more than the conventional military engagement the U.S. can expect in the Pacific.

In the four decades since 1962, when Africa broached Europe’s southern frontier, the continent, especially France and Belgium, has been inundated by successive waves of Third World immigrants. The amplitude of this immigration, involving masses not individuals, is such that not a few demographers contend that it is more accurately described as "colonization." Due to disproportional birthrates, the unrelenting influx of non-white, unassimilable, and largely Muslim immigrants has already begun to "de-Europeanize" Europe. For example, virtually everywhere they have settled in France they have succeeded in "ethnically cleansing" former neighborhoods, establishing not ghettos, but conquered territories, from which future conquests are being prepared. With their seven to eight million inhabitants, these territories have become, in effect, hostile African/Middle Eastern encampments within an increasingly besieged France.3

This immigration is creating an extremely volatile situation, for Europe lacks the massive police apparatus and vast geographical expanses that have kept ethnoracial tensions ‘manageable’ in the U.S. Typically, in urban areas where neighborhoods have been lost to Islamic civilization, Europeans have come to experience not only escalating levels of violence and insecurity, but the loss of their laws and institutions. There are now more than 1400 zones de non-droit in France (including eleven towns), and in nearly a hundred of these, republican jurisdiction has been supplanted by the shari`a (Islamic law).4

Within such zones, whose deteriorating conditions politically correct public officials persist in describing in socioeconomic rather than biocultural terms, it is nearly impossible for a Frenchman to reside in the public housing estates (HLM) built for the French working class, to find a café serving wine or ham, or for his wife to dress or behave in public as do European women. In contrast to the Little Italies and Germantowns arising in many American cities in the last century, these non-European enclaves have not the slightest intention of assimilating into the dar-al-Harb (the "impious" non-Islamic world, which Muslims view as the "world of war"), and have, in fact, begun to assert their autonomy vis-à-vis it. In recent years, hardly a week passes without a newspaper report of a riot or bloody incident provoked by clashes between police and Muslim gangs.

Since 1990, urban violence has grown five percent annually—since 2000, by ten percent—as the anomie, violence, and disintegration associated with America’s inner cities becomes an increasingly familiar European reality. In fact, in 2000, for the first time in history, French criminality, whose ethnoracial character is overwhelmingly non-European, surpassed that of the U.S. crime rate; and Paris, once the City of Lights, became the least safe of the major European cities.

In the face of these threats to the continent’s demographic, cultural, and institutional foundations, the media, the academy, and the established "anti-racist" organizations (mostly controlled by Zionists) attempt to silence whoever criticizes such changes, all the while making the term "multiculturalism" emblematic of the mobile postmodern society of optional values and fashionable identities that comes with globalization. Instead, then, of mobilizing the Christian West against such threats, these New Class forces preach cowardice, resignation, escapism, and a self-destructive humanitarianism.

An ethno-masochistic response of this kind has naturally emboldened the more militant members of France’s Muslim community, who now call for jihad against the "white cheese." Public authorities, though, persist in distinguishing between violent fundamentalists (who number perhaps 40,000) and the "peace-loving" Muslim community, unable or unwilling to acknowledge Islam’s inherent hostility to Europe’s secular society. Between orthodox and fundamentalist Islam, Faye, though, claims there is solely a difference in temperament. And even this is increasingly compromised by fundamentalist aggressions. Years before the 9-11 attack on the symbols of U.S. hegemony, this "monstrous offshoot of Judaism" had already begun its third great offensive against the dar-al-Harb, targeting Europe as a future Muslim homeland.5 Buoyed up by U.S.-protected strongholds in Southeast Europe (Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo), U.S. pressure to admit Muslim Turkey to the EU, and large stockpiles of sophisticated arms, Islamists have already begun organizing for a new conquest.

It is not surprising, then, that Faye interprets the growth of European Islam as the opening salvo in a larger struggle for the continent’s future.6 Faye’s militant opposition to Islam does not, however, bear a resemblance to that of President Bush’s handlers. The struggle against Islam, he insists, is a struggle to free Europe from a dire threat to existence—not a justification for further Zionist aggression.

What War Will Bring
In the coming cataclysms—likely to involve street battles between rival racial communities, guerrilla skirmishes, mega-terrorism, perhaps even small-scale nuclear exchanges with "dirty bombs," along with conventional-style invasions from neighboring Islamic armies—Faye believes Europe will either perish or experience a rebirth. In any case, the confrontations ahead will create a situation in which the present politically correct delusions are impossible to sustain.

For like every great struggle affecting human’s natural selection, war privileges the elemental and the vital. With it, the subtleties and distractions that sophists and simulators have used to misdirect Europeans cannot but cease to count, as will those minor differences that have historically divided them. Then, as "money and pleasure" cede to the imperatives of "blood and soil," only the traditions, the way of life, and the genetic principles defining them as a people will matter.

The situation the white race finds itself in today may therefore be unconditionally bleak, but in that hour when everything risks being lost, Faye believes a final opportunity for renaissance will present itself.

In this vein, he predicts that the dominant musical theme of the twenty-first century will be neither an orchestral ode to joy nor the doggerel of an urban savage, but rather a solemn military march based on ancient hymns. Europeans on both sides of the Atlantic, he advises, would do well to keep step with its strong, marked rhythm.


Michael O’Meara is a scholar who resides and teaches on the West Coast of the United States. He is the author of numerous articles and book reviews.


End Notes
1. L’archéofuturisme (1998); Nouveau discours à la nation européenne, 2nd ed. (1999); La colonisation de l’Europe (2000); Pourquoi nous combattons (2001). All these works have been published by L’Æncre and can be purchased at the Librairie Nationale, 12 rue de la Sourdière, 75001 Paris, or on the Internet at www.librairienationale.com/.

2. See Michael Torigian, New Right, New Culture: Anti-Liberalism in Postmodern Europe (Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 2003).

3. The number of non-Europeans in France is not officially known. The cited figure is the estimate of one of the country’s leading demographers. See “L’avenir démographique: Entretien avec Jacques Dupâquier,” in Krisis 20-21 (November 1997). Another academic (J. P. Gourevich) claims it is closer to 9 million. Some put the figure as high as 14 million, while the media usually refer to 4, 5, or 6 million. But more alarming than these figures is the fact that one-third of the population under 30 is now of non-European origins and has a birth rate four or five times higher than the European one.

4. Jeremy Rennher, “L’Occident ligoté par l’imposture antiraciste,” in Écrit de Paris 640 (February 2002). Even the politically correct editor of Violences en France (Paris: Seuil, 1999), Michael Wieviorka, acknowledges that the explosion of violence and criminality since 1990 is an outgrowth of Islamic power. Because the French government keeps most data on immigrant crime and racial terror securely under wraps, the little that is known has been surreptiously leaked by frustrated officials. The publication with the best access to these leaks is the monthly J’ai tout compris! Lettre de désintoxification, edited, not coincidentally, by Guillaume Faye.

5. The first, Arab wave of the seventh century brought the Muslims to Poitiers, and the second, Turkish wave of the twelth through the seventeenth centuries led to the destruction of Christian Byzantium and the seige of Vienna. The third wave, in the form of the present colonization, is stealthy in character, but potentially even more catastrophic.

6. Accordingly, the more militant Europeanists now invoke the need for a new reconquista. This is especially evident in Philippe Randa’s novel Poitiers demain (Paris: Denoël, 2000) and the album Reconquista by the group Fraction (Heretik Records).


Tuesday, September 23rd, 2003, 06:23 AM
I think the French are just catching up. The demographic Apocalypse has been feared since the rise of Islam. There have been warnings for the past hundred years. American writers in particular have been frequent in projecting conflict or sublimination (probably because the US has been struggling with multiracialism for a longer time). Since 1965, it has been growing in frequency, pitch and desparation. Pierce's "Turner Diary" and Lane's new novel paint two different fictional pictures: one of victory, one of (temporary?) defeat.

In stark contrast to progressivist hopes, the right has been quick to adopt this semi-mythic fear. I suppose, it too is progressivist in that victory+eugenics foresees biological improvement, but the character is anti-thesis to humanism. The wellspring is ancient.

The Kelts had an end-world mythology though we don't know the details of it. The Vikings had Ragnarok. The Parsi, the Great Consumation. Greco-Judaic Christianity invented Revalations.

This is not to say the 'mythic' element makes the assessment incorrect. I agree that there is a "clear and present danger." How to drive it home may be the biggest challenge.

It's far too premature to assume geopolitical arrangements. 'Revolutions' will occur in spots, possibly Russia first. If these counter-movements are inclined to cooperate, geopolitics will be based more on ideological proximity than assumed geographic blocs.

Saturday, December 27th, 2003, 01:12 AM
Peoples can't to prepare mostly. For example here banned to get pistol, rifle or other weapons. The good books are banned. To say the truth is banned. How can to prepare the peoples if everything is banned? :-(

Monday, February 16th, 2004, 07:18 PM
Interesting to re-read this thread from a year-and-half ago.

Do I detect that the belief shown in this thread in the basic truth of Aryanism, National Socialism etc., has waned?

Has the world agenda moved on, particularly after the naked militarised neoconservatism of the Bush administration in Iraq?

Who here now believes that Aryanism and N-S are viable ideologies and methods for the post-Iraq war period?

Saturday, March 13th, 2004, 02:15 AM
I think that our situation is more urgent. I think that we do not have time to try to infiltrate the universities, the 'democratic' system, etc., (that is unlikely to be successful anyway). The mass-media are much more powerful than they have ever been, and the Jews have an iron grip on the mass-media, particularly in America. As soon as White racialists began to take control of any other country, with the possible exception of Russia, the Jews would send America to crush them, even if it meant nuking that country flat. We would find it almost impossible to get our people into the universites, 'democratic' elections, etc., because the Jewish control of the mass-media allow the Jews to shut us out, or remove us by setting the masses, and thus the police, against us.

I think that for a few years yet, we need to arm ourselves, and get our message out as well as we can through any medium that we can, particularly the internet. It is of the utmost importance that we fight a delaying-action as hard as we can on censorship of the internet. There will however come a time when the socialist state police have such power that we are unable to speak out or march without being arrested, and that will be the time for us to rise up and fight.

At that time, we must break the mass-media spell and comfort-bubble around the ignorant masses. If we can cut them off from their t.v., and preferably their electricity and food, they will become restless and we will have an opportunity to seize back their reins. Without our leadership, they will sit back, watch and cheer as the Jews and their tools squash us. If we can capture some t.v. and radio stations, and commit some atrocities against the non-Whites, so that they counter-attack the White masses, we can get our lemmings moving, and then we will have a chance of winning a civil war. We will need army officers who can arrange some White vs non-White incidents, then cut out their divisions and follow our instructions also. America must be taken before any other country (with the possible exception of Russia) can be taken and held.