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Friday, February 7th, 2003, 06:57 PM
I was browsing when I came upon an article. Here are a few highlights:

Being Asatru or Vanatru--a Teuton, is more than a belief, faith, religion, and especially ANCESTRAL ORIGIN. It is the very essence of our being--it is who we are.

Proof that there is no affiliation of nazism to Asatru comes from Hitler himself. Several quotes show how he regarded Asatru. For example:

In Hitler's 'Table Talk' (page 61, trs. Norman Cameron and R.H. Stephens, 1953), Hitler states: "It seems to me that nothing would be more foolish than to re-establish the worship of Wotan {father of the gods in the German lore}. Our old mythology ceased to be viable when Christianity implanted itself. Nothing dies unless it is moribund."

"Here's how the practioners of the pre-christian Teutonic belief system were treated. Former membership of an Odinist congregation disqualified anyone from holding rank or office within the NSDAP. The full power of the state was not focused on religious minorities until the 9th of June 1941 when the head of the security police, {Reinhardt} Heydrich, banned a large number of spiritual practices. Among the victims were followers of Rudolf Steiner, followers of von List, and traditional Odinists. Their organizations were dissolved, their property confiscated, and many of their leaders arrested."

"In the Nazi philosophy, women were not free. Their only purpose was to serve men and to have male babies to fight for Germany. This is the opposite of the Teutonic religion as women are highly regarded and respected for their many characteristics and benefits to the family and community as a whole. The sagas clearly define this positive regard, and those whom are Tru today regard women in a positive way for their many invaluable contributions just as did their ancestors".

Source: http://www.midhnottsol.org/leidstjarna/fall2001/hitler.html

Friday, February 7th, 2003, 09:58 PM
And why Aratru is so big nowadays is, because a lot of people come from the gothic or satanistic scene. This is like a dark belief and is like a magnet for people like that.

I've noticed this as well.
These "satanists" thrive in our shallow, degenerate culture like mould on rotten fruit. Anything "fresh" - so long as it has an obvious spiritual component - will be set upon by these maggots and turned into just another manifestation of their uncontrollable need for petty drama and ego gratification.

Saturday, February 8th, 2003, 12:13 PM
Dont try to make Hitler perfect.

He wasn't. National Socialism just happen to be the best shaped "modern mass ideology" developed in these times with most success behind.

Wednesday, February 19th, 2003, 09:24 AM
How can you people talk about the gods of our forefathers like that?? :puppyeyes

Wednesday, February 19th, 2003, 02:38 PM
Originally posted by NordicPower88
How can you people talk about the gods of our forefathers like that?? :puppyeyes

Who are you referring to, and what talk are you talking about?

Friday, February 21st, 2003, 04:23 PM
Originally posted by Yggdrasil
Nobody is saying bad things about our forefathers gods, all i said was that asatru works like a magnet to gothic/satanistic people. Which i very much hate, since the nordic gods no dark and evil god were, like gothic/satanisim seems to be (dark and evil).

That is quite true and I agree.

Friday, February 21st, 2003, 08:16 PM
I would say that the reason for the conflict between NS [National Socialism] and 'Teutonic religion' during Hitler's time was due to NS's evolving towards being a religion in and of itself.

While NS absorbed Christianity, it rejects that aspect of Christianity which distinguishes it from the other 'religions of The Book'; and that aspect is 'Christian Forgiveness'.

It is this 'forgiveness' which is criticised by Nietzsche and influenced NS via his writings, such as 'The Antichrist'.

'Forgiveness' is a way of escaping from the 'cycle of vengefulness', something that was very harmful to Viking culture with its endless blood-feuds.

So NS returns to this Viking morality which seeks to escape the cycle of violence via the 'scapegoat'.
This also reinforces the notion of Membership; it is We of the Blood, and the Other is the enemy, the scapegoat.

Now, with NS as a religion, Law becomes that which is the Word of The Leader. The petty law of lawyers is rejected, as is the law of past religions.
The Leader and his Word and His Scripture is Timeless and must be Obeyed if one's Blood is to be saved in the eternal war against the Fiend, the Blood Polluter.

Here we see the Necessary elements of NS as a religion.

There must be a Leader, a Book and total belief in the literal truth of all of this.

While the Leader lived, NS operated as a religion.
But now that the Leader is dead, we enter the next stage.

The Leader is either The Last Prophet of the Aryan Race, sent by the God of the Aryans, or he is nothing.

Without this belief, NS just becomes another form of democratic nationalism.

Saturday, February 22nd, 2003, 02:03 PM
Why is this idea or wait for a prophet leader essential to herald the next stage of thought? Why be systematic and orderly in this fashion so that we can clearly see the visible stop of this and start of that?

In my opinion, we do not really know what decides the balance or the way this order of nature or that which is above it, the cosmic order or likely a still higher hierarchy. We are only trying to unravel the next, and it is certain to me that we are many steps behind in the abilities and skills when we look at the heritage of our forefathers. But this is no reason to look down upon ourselves. The Volk still lives, it is above the barriers of time and space. It makes our lives and our self important. It teaches and makes me realise it through life and breath. Yes, to me at least it looks so. And I feel positive. The world conception of our folk should be free from a leader-follower, priest-believer or any such philosophy where the stream flows down from top to bottom. Its a cosmic unified field instead.

A leader will only stifle the mass, but we can look at our traditions and they shall guide us right onward!

But only if we will and desire. And desire lies buried under years of adherence to slavish world deceptions. There is a natural yearning to invoke all the gods within and do the reta or the right. Reta is embedded in Aryan consciousness. It is free of doubt and is pure resolve.

How do you folks feel about it?

And yes, mind is one important element here. Manas in Vedic is consciousness and knowledge, both.

Monday, February 24th, 2003, 05:09 PM
I feel that the Leader-ship Principle is a Necessary factor of Nordic-Aryanism.

At present, Europa is without a Leader and flounders about.

Likewise, the movement itself now adopts 'leaderless resistance', and makes little head-way.

Our mythology abounds with Leaders, whether they be Olympian or earth-bound heroes.

They are the individual activators of historical change in our cycle.

We are lost, as this forum demonstrates, without them.

Monday, February 24th, 2003, 06:41 PM
The concepts of dualism developed later in the Norse myths, possibly due to the influence of Christian missionaries but there was not real 'good' and 'evil' gods in comparison to the Christian ideals.

Sure Woden was portrayed as wise and strong father figure but wasn't the 'nice' God that Jesus became to be represented.

How can you be 'nice' and a god of War too? You can be fair, wise and strong but not really 'nice'.

The concept of 'light' and 'darkness' was actually central to Norse beliefs, not light as in Good and dark as in Evil but the principles of balance, if you want a contemporary term, admitadly an Asian one, that of the Yin and Yang.

I'll have to read through my Edred Thorsson / Steven Flowers books but I'm sure he goes on about balance being central to the Norse myths.

The only 'evil' entities in the Norse myths, apart from Loki but he wasn't really all that bad, just a bit mischevious until Ragnarok, were the Jotuns or Giants. They weren't 'demons' in the normal Biblical belief, they were more chaotic, primal forces and concepts like flood, winter, frost, hunger, storms etc. I sort of equate these now-a-days withj challenges that face us. I call myself Jotunheim not because I 'worship dark primal forces' but I feel that life is a constant challenge to us, and that each adversity needs to be combatted to help us develop as an individual and as a race.

But this is just my view.

Goths? Define this term?

Most of the people I know who are / were Goths are wholesome, sincere, hard working and sound people who simply follow a different fashion and like a specific music style. I have no problem with this as I like Industrial and Electronic music. But of course you will get a minority of wanna-be's with very little imagination and intelligence who will follow any fad just because it looks cool.
I have little time for these people and consider them to be really quite sad individuals.

Although I am not 100% Asatru, I do like to read about their ideals, but mostly due to my interest in Norse myths.

I feel that most Western people have lost their Spiritual way and will cling on to any ideal that offers comfort, acceptance and peerdom. Just look at some of the new age garbage that is churned out by the bucket load, anything from 'heal yourself through tea' to 'how to be a teenage witch!'

I tend to agree with the ideals that Rahul is stating on this thread.

Monday, February 24th, 2003, 08:32 PM
Originally posted by Rahul
Why is this idea or wait for a prophet leader essential to herald the next stage of thought? Why be systematic and orderly in this fashion so that we can clearly see the visible stop of this and start of that?

Most probably the idea of a Messianic Leader arriving in order to save us from damnation as a United Racial Folk stems from the glorification of probable Authoritarian Leaders turned Gods by the followers of a World-View such as National Socialism. As Moody Lawless implied in his post : "There must be a Leader, a Book and total belief in the literal truth of all of this." The Religionising of Ideology and its standard bearers makes the followers of this mode of thought turned Religion become disciples of a returning Messiah. In other words, we await salvation yet we do not work and struggle for it, which reminds me of Christian dictums such as that God provides for his people. This is not proactive, no leader will arise if no one takes the flag and leads us to battle.

The world conception of our folk should be free from a leader-follower, priest-believer or any such philosophy where the stream flows down from top to bottom. Its a cosmic unified field instead.

This is a highly interesting theory, which considering my Authoritarian standpoint seems hard to practice, still highly interesting. Hierarchy is essential for the functioning of Society unless the perfect being is close to arrival. I am highly interested in understanding what you imply by Cosmic Unified Field, care to explain it for us?

A leader will only stifle the mass, but we can look at our traditions and they shall guide us right onward!

That sounds highly noble, the problem is most are lost sheep in need of a guide, our traditions are hidden under the mounds of Materialism and Capitalism which have rotted and degenerated our Societies. It is hard to select which traditions to guide us, it is time to recreate our past in the present to shape our future.

Tuesday, February 25th, 2003, 10:04 AM
I agree with Nazz and Rahul.

No leader will just come to us. Perhaps one of us here will be a leader someday. Why do we need to sit idle and wait for this leader? Aren't there steps we can take in every day life which work towards the cause- however subtly?

Only followers need a leader, the leaders will take action for themselves, whether someone stands behind them or not. There are only a few people at the top of our genetic heritage and it's these people who shape our future, and it always has been that way.

Tuesday, February 25th, 2003, 02:24 PM
Originally posted by NordicPower88
I agree with Nazz and Rahul.

Excellent. :D

No leader will just come to us. Perhaps one of us here will be a leader someday.

Someday, most of us here are mostly young to be leaders in a Political and Philosophical way.

Tuesday, February 25th, 2003, 06:41 PM
My interpreatation of 'God is dead' is the belief that the people of tomorrow do not need 'Gods or idols to 'worship', they simply need their own intelliegence and will power to succeed. The God complex can be likened to a teddy bear or a blanket, believe in it and you will get comfort.

But is comfort progress?

Wednesday, February 26th, 2003, 07:14 AM
Why is the Leadership Principle CENTRAL to National Socialism?

Because the National Socialists found the model for their sense of community in the Army.

The structure, the ideals, and the ethos of the Armed Forces.

This is the real foundation of Nationalism; only on that can National Socialism be built.

To Obey is just as Noble to Command.

The Individual must remember that he is MERELY PART OF A LONG CHAIN WHICH STRETCHES BACK INTO THE PAST. Only if he knows this, will he HAVE a future.
The individual exists to SERVE the Nation.

The expression by others here of leaderless Individualism is TOTALLY ANTITHETICAL to National Socialism, and is merely Liberal/Anarchistic.

Wednesday, February 26th, 2003, 07:57 AM
Moody is correct.
People need to find their place in the Hierarchy, rather than flatter themselves into thinking that they are above it.

Wednesday, February 26th, 2003, 04:45 PM
Originally posted by Moody Lawless
To Obey is just as Noble to Command.

I agree, though only a Noble Leader should be obeyed, are our Democratic Leaders to be obeyed when they betray our ideals or merely do not follow them? I strongly believe in Hierarchy, and I respect it when I agree on the major aspects of the Command Structure.

The Individual must remember that he is MERELY PART OF A LONG CHAIN WHICH STRETCHES BACK INTO THE PAST. Only if he knows this, will he HAVE a future.
The individual exists to SERVE the Nation.

Sounds reasonable and I agree, but instead of my Nation I give loyalty to my Race.

The expression by others here of leaderless Individualism is TOTALLY ANTITHETICAL to National Socialism, and is merely Liberal/Anarchistic.

What expressions and by whom? No one who posted in this thread is a Liberal or an Anarchist to my knowledge.

Wednesday, February 26th, 2003, 06:00 PM
I am talking of the expressions here of such views and attitudes as;

"Most are lost sheep in need of a guide".

Here there is an implicit denigration of those who take part as soldiers in a Noble cause.
They are not 'sheep' if they follow a movement like National Socialism - they are Lions.

"We should be free from a leader ... or any such philosophy where the stream flows down from top to bottom .."

This is a complete rejection of National Socialism/Fascism etc., which, as Nazzjonalist understands, is based on the pyramidial organisation.
It is also a rejection of the basic 'three functions' hierarchy of Aryan Society, where Warriors lead.

"Only followers need a leader".

This again smears those brave men and women who gave their lives in total obedience to The Fuhrer - "ONLY followers" ... 'only'!?!

"The people of tomorrow do not need 'Gods' or 'idols' to 'worship' ".

And that is why there is so little good human material in the West today; there is no sense of belief in Higher Realities. There is no sense of a Purpose or a goal which TRANSCENDS the Individual.

Now, while I would never accuse those I have quoted as being 'liberals', or 'individualists' ... I think they unthinkingly express views which are part of the dogma of modern liberal anti-Nazi society.

When some here quote Nietzsche, they should be aware that he based his philosophy on the war-like aspect of life.
His famous quote:
'What does not kill me makes me stronger', is prefaced by the following:
'From the military school of life'.

And here lies the misunderstanding; in healthy Aryan society the Warrior is the Leader; beneath him is the Priest - but the Priest serves by deifying the Warrior Leader!
Wotan was a deified war-leader who brought our people from the Aryan Homeland into Europa.

Aryan society only flourishes when it is ennobled by a Leader.
The warrior-leader has ultimate power and ultimate RESPONSIBILITY!

A Leader is selected by Destiny.
Heil the Fuhrer.

Today's Western democratic 'leaders' REVERSE the Aryan hierarchy.
In Aryan hierarchy the merchant, the money-man, is barely above a slave.
In today's Judaised West, the businessman is God; he rules anonymously, while pulling the strings of puppet politicians who are not Leaders but ADMINISTRATORS; their background is usually in law or commerce etc.,
The warrior caste is perverted to serve the greed of International Finance; indeed, the warrior caste is deracinated.
And the mass is atomised, individualised - told that they don't need leaders because they are 'free' - free to consume the poison dished out by the Jews and their lackies!

Surely the White Movement should be based on the best Aryan military traditions?
This is what made the NSDAP so effective in its climb to rightful power.

I think I have argued effectively in nearby forums that Nation and Race should be synonymous; and that political power can only take the form of a Nation and an Axis of Nations.

I am also amassing evidence that Culture has a Race-forming character.
And a Culture to survive must have an effective Army.
So when a healthy, hierarchical, warrior Led Nation is in POWER, then Race will be a natural by-product.

Without this kind of Leadership, I think it is POLITICALLY nonsensical to say you are only "loyal to your race" ...

Who is the Leader of your race?
What is the Army/organisation of your race?
What rallies your race?

Or do you really mean, not "my Race", but "My Me"?

Wednesday, February 26th, 2003, 06:32 PM
The statement "Most are lost sheep in need of a guide" is no implicit denigration of anyone that followed a movement such as National Socialism, I was referring to the current state of things, the modern White Individual is a sheep in need of a guide and is incredibly tame and has no warrior ideal at all and is anything short of a lion.

My loyalty is towards my Race, would you be loyal to your Nation if it is made up of people that do not share your Race? I answer No! They are not my brothers and sisters I only happen to live with them, my loyalty is towards my Race and not to someone that does not even qualify as a Europid. Politically nonsensical or not, that is what I believe and even though I have sympathy towards my Nation if it betrayed my Race I would consider it worthless.

EDIT: Do you recall any famous personality claiming "The masses are an ignorant herd" or something along that line?

Wednesday, February 26th, 2003, 06:49 PM
This is where you and I basically disagree.

I AM Loyal to my Nation because it is the sum total of the blood of my ancestors stretching back for millennia.
To be disloyal to that would be to betray my ancestors - that is treason most foul.

If someone gate-crashes my birth-day party, I do not walk off in a huff and vow never to have another party.
I work on a means to eject the gate-crashers.

This is because I believe in the integrity of my party - no matter how much mud may be slung at it.

Similarly, I do not, as you seem to, give up on the glorious quest of a unified Europa as our Aryan homeland, because Jew-lackies have hi-jacked the project - at present.

Look at how far Germany had degenerated at the hands of the Culture Distorters in the 1920s.
Did Hitler give up on the Nation?

No, he worked painstakingly, bravely towards taking over the reins of power in his Nation. He then widened the whole scope of Nationalism, giving us the Aryanism of today which warms our Blood, brings tears to our eyes and gives an edge to our Steel!

Do not be loyal to those of your race who betray you by consorting with the Enemy!

Power First!

Then will come a Reckoning - for those aliens within, and for those of the Race who have betrayed the Race.

Do not go into battle without an Army, without a Leader, without a Strategy and without at least a series of end plans.

Wednesday, February 26th, 2003, 07:17 PM
It is no argument against The Leadership Principle to suggest that Leaders qua Leaders need Followers, and Followers are not therefore as elevated as Leaders.
Of course, the Leaders are the Few while the Followers are the many - the mass.
That is just a truism - it carries no moral denigration of the Followers in itself.

The mass is a Necessary foundation for the erection of a Noble Hierarchy, and all Necessary things must be respected, just as Nature is composed of an infinite variety of organisms all with their own function.

True, the Theory of Crowds shows that when a man is in a mass he tends to conform out of a sense of Belonging - but it is only to today's false 'pop culture' that conformity is necessarily a bad thing.

I know that it is thought that average I.Q. drops in Crowds - hence the stupid panic seen in mass gatherings.
This is man at its most herd-like.
But did you ever see that at Nurenberg?
No - you will see that at rock concerts, at soccer games, at night-clubs etc., But not at a gathering of the Folk, held under the eyes of the gods and incandescent Torch Light.

Heil the Fuherer!

It could be argued that the all-pervasive nature of today's mass-communications have the effect of generally stupidifying the majority of people.
But even in this case, it is not correct that an individual should separate himself like some degenerate outsider anti-hero, so beloved of Hollywood; but rather rise up through the ranks of the mass as in the Army.

His leadership qualities will be tested and refined; while he will be of the people.

Who can climb the rungs if there is no ladder?

There are no Ranks in egalitarian society - Racial Nationalism must create them!

A doctrine like National Socialism actually has the effect of lightly ennobling the masses - it is not an Oriental despotism.

By taking so much from the Folk it gives so much back.
Look at how a tyrant has to press-gang conscripts into battle, where they fight without conviction and desert en mass if they can.
In National Socialism the Folk change their plough-shares for swords and fight fanatically for the Fatherland.

That is the Aryan way - rising up the ranks.

No down-trodden mass, but a Folk who say - "we, we are the people".
A peasantry who may be simple, but are not 'ignorant'.

They till the Soil which is composed of the fine ground bones of their fore-fathers!

Homeland! Homeland!

Wednesday, February 26th, 2003, 07:22 PM
Originally posted by Moody Lawless
I AM Loyal to my Nation because it is the sum total of the blood of my ancestors stretching back for millennia.
To be disloyal to that would be to betray my ancestors - that is treason most foul.

The difference is that with most individuals of my Nation I do not share a common Race, I am White and I most probably am part of a minority within my own Nation. I am not disloyal to my Nation, I am just more concerned and more loyal to my Race, as I said if I felt that my Nation is betraying my Race I would feel betrayed by my Nation and would side with my Race.

Similarly, I do not, as you seem to, give up on the glorious quest of a unified Europa as our Aryan homeland, because Jew-lackies have hi-jacked the project - at present.

What are you referring to? I consider it glorious as well, I certainly support the plan, I have just changed my opinion on the EU because I got pissed off at the proposed new laws aimed at Racialists and Nationalists all across Europe.

Do not be loyal to those of your race who betray you by consorting with the Enemy!

How am I doing so?

Wednesday, February 26th, 2003, 08:39 PM
My statement on the ideal that the people of tomorrow do not need Gods or idols meant literally 'the people of tomorrow', the coming race, the next ideal.

I see the NS / Fascista movement as a stepping stone in mans social, moral and cultural evolution. The chain of command works especially in our contemporary level of society where people are pretty much apathetic to most things in life. A revision of this social order is needed to revitalise the creative and spiritual growth in our race.

I merely believe that eventually, we will evolve into a society where we no longer need to 'be told to do something', we will automatically know what to do, where to do and why it has to be done, but this is like centuries away.

The Fuhrer principle.

I have a friend in Romania who told me that he thought life was better under Caucescau than now with democracy. For him this may be so but Caucescau was hardly a role model of his ideology was he? Living in swanky mansions, buying expensive paintings and dining on fine foods while his population starved and froze to death. Hardly one for the international workers movement really. And I don't think this vice could be isoloated to just the Left, I'm sure there are a fair share of Rightist leaders who are as guilty of such acts.

If we are to have a 'leader' then this leader must truly be as far away from any vice, corruption or act of deception as humanly possible. With the greatest respect to all members, It's OK for one or all of us to say 'well if I was in power, I'd do this... blah blah blah!' but one has to remember that if you are suddenly given such an immense amount of power one must also be prepared to accept such an immense amount of responsibilty.

How can a small child that has been brought up to love and respect America and given the belief that the President is the greatest person alive today still respect him if he's caught having oral sex with a secretary?

I have a love / hate relationship with the scandal sheet newspapers, 1, I despise the way they raise some one up to near godhood and then knock them down just because they are no longer popular but 2, I apprecaiete the basic human need and lust for knowledge, even if it is about what sexual practices some so-called celebrity get ups to.

In short, if we are to have a leader then this leader should be a Super Human, one removed form the fragile whims of most people, an idealist with practical realistic views that will help move society forward not just his own standing. If this leader fails or feels that his path is no longer running, he should abdicate to allow a fresh new lease of vitality push the movement to new heights of social advancement.

At times, I read the worls of Mosley and am struck with how much I agree with him and how much his intelliegent policies seem to be based on such solid, basic, common sense.

Also, if we are to have an ultimate leader, do you think the idealism of 'populist democracy' would benefit society more than totalitarianism and the current 'representative democracy'?

Surely to ignore the needs and wishes of the populace is folly for any future leader.

Wednesday, February 26th, 2003, 09:37 PM
Originally posted by Jotunheim
Also, if we are to have an ultimate leader, do you think the idealism of 'populist democracy' would benefit society more than totalitarianism and the current 'representative democracy'?

I believe that Populist Democracy is similar to the Democracy existant in the Ancient Greek City-States or not? If not correct me. The only Democratic practice I tend to favour are Referenda, I think these should be used within a Totalitarian structure to determine the will of the populace. Representative Democracy is the Dictatorship that creates Anti-Racialist Liberalism and Leftism mostly, plus Right-Wing Formations that are barely even Populist.

Wednesday, February 26th, 2003, 11:03 PM

Thursday, February 27th, 2003, 07:28 PM
If I recall correctly, are you Maltese, Nazzjonalist?

A friend of mine who is a White Power Nationalist and also Anglo-Maltese, and so visits there frequently, tells me that Blacks aren't tolerated on the islands.
His racial type is a tall Nordic/Mediterranean combination and his cutlural instincts are excellent. I hardly think that he is an exception.
The Megalithic remains at Tarxien are world famous and point to ancient habitation there by Atlanto-Mediterraneans.
I would have thought there is much there to be proud of.

I say this as I believe that Blood without Soil is as rootless as Soil is without Blood.

I also say that to be loyal to someone of your Blood REGARDLESS of their beliefs, and regardless of their credentials is a mistake.

You cannot separate Culture and Belief anymore than you can separate Blood and Soil.

Like Jotunheim, you cannot shake the view that once a great idea or a great institution is hi-jacked by low beasts, then the idea/institution is spoilt.
This is churlish.
The Culture Distorters work on this prejudice of yours and merely make a show of touching everything so that you shrink away into Nihilism and cultural Pessimism.
Similarly, modern politically-correct teaching concentrates on inducing guilt into Whites for any failings in history, while ignoring our great achievements.

Greek Democracy was very limited. The majority of the population were slaves and women, neither of whom had the vote.
Even so, to Plato, Democracy was one of the worst forms of government, he preferring Aristocracy and Timocracy.

Thursday, February 27th, 2003, 08:08 PM
I am proud to be a White Maltese and I seek Malta's interest a lot, I like the land as well though it is limited. Non-Europeans are not liked much but the Maltese are not the type to persecute such people, and most importantly to my displeasure the Parties ascribe to Political Correctness and also to European Laws on matters related to Race. The most disliked here are the Arabs for sure, I never heard of anyone that said that he or she likes them even the most non-White of the Maltese would not say that most probably. I am proud of who I am and I love my Nation, but I am even more proud to be a White European because that should be the greatest thing in the World. My nickname even means Nationalist, Nazzjonalist = Nationalist. Still I do not consider some of the Maltese as my brothers and sisters because Racially they are not, also I might be wrong to my eyes the Maltese are in their majority non-White which therefore makes it a non-White Nation with a White minority. Malta has a European culture for sure in my opinion, Race is a different thing, and as a Racialist it is Race that is most important. I am both a Nationalist and a Racialist, though I am more of a Racialist than a Nationalist. This is just to clear some stuff.

Friday, February 28th, 2003, 05:51 PM
While thinking of the race, we think of Family, Clan and Volk. Nation is a stage somewhere between Clan and the Volk or perhaps the true Aryan clan is reality rather than the nation. I agree to a clan than a nation. But this is mere fantacising at this point. Even if it is true, it is harder to accomplish such a concept as a political or military reality.

Talking about leadership-follower:

In a Volk, how I see it, the will is ahead, the reign is in the mind/wit of the Reta and the whole lives it as existence. This is not some higher metaphysics but a reality which can be attained.

Theodicy has no place here. Only gods exist. And will is the manifestation of the divinites or "the Devatva".

Reta is pure consciousness of the truth, unique to Aryan Volkish experience. Not that we know it, but we realise it and it reflects in our thoughts, words and actions.

Whole is our clan/family/Volk(greater race)!

In seeing AH as Odin-Varuna and Himmler as Odin-Vishnu, I make a point by realisation that this instance of our past will be better off as a lore rather than dwell in our arguments as a piece of dogma. Dogma undermines the truth.

I'd rather not adhere to the NS ideology as some present in a dogmatic/rigid fashion. Perhaps I find some lore-element in it instead. And that has lasting value.

Saturday, March 1st, 2003, 02:11 AM
Excuse my ignorance, but what is Timocracy and how did it work?

Having studied history, I apprecaite the need for peoples to have a monarchic society to help create a sense of moral collective balance in their respective regions, but now I am 100% against the amoral, anachronistic buffoons we have here in the UK.

I certainly didn't have a minutes silence when that old bag the Queen Mother died, no one gave a f*ck when my nan died so why should I care about some spoilt and pampered old hag that has never worked a day in her life!

The monarchy at the moment are nothing but a snivelling bunch of social parasites with nothing positive to say about Britain or her people. Sure they can wave and meet a load of African 'presidents' but how does this actually 'benefit' the whole of society???

And as regards to Harry and William? Oh just two bullets would sort those leeches out! Man, I hate that over privelidged pampered class, they never do anything for all the luxuries they get, time to move on!

Of course if we had a more dynamic, intelligent and progressive monarch, (King Oswald???) then that would certainly change my mind, but I have little time for these robbers with crowns!

If we are to have a leader then he* should be appointed by his WORTH not by accidents of birth and class.

*how many here would accept a Fuhress as a leader? Who is to say that a great mind can not lead us into our salvation and come to us in the form of a woman, a mother, a wife, a daughter and a Leader, and no, I don't mean Margaret Thatcher (hated her too!)

A modern day Boadicea springs to mind.

Monday, March 3rd, 2003, 04:48 PM
It seems to me that the Vedic notion of 'Reta' indicates the general conception of a continuum between the doings of life and the Cosmos.
Religion [re-ligio, to bind back] is the yoking of the two, i.e., of our daily lives and the Cosmos.

In Hinduism this is expressed in Ritual.

To this view, Law is Cosmic, Cyclical and Eternal [Sanatana Dharma]. Mankind is to reflect this in his activities, whether in the mundane or in the heightened expression of art, ritual etc.,

As Above, so Below.

According to this Way, there can be no separation between the political and the religious, since ALL HUMAN DOINGS MIRROR THE DIVINE.

However, and this is the crucial point for we WESTERNERS, - in the West, this linkage, this religio, has LONG BEEN BROKEN.

Caesar's World and God's World became separated.

This is why in the West we need a Political Religion like National Socialism to repair the break.
A private belief in Gods is NOT ENOUGH for us; we need the Cosmic Law to be made flesh and Blood once more in the figure of the Leader and in the Body of the Movement, and in the Blood and Soil of the Earth.

While I agree that Hitler and Himmler [and I would also include Hess] can be deified, our movement needs living Leaders for the reasons I have given; we are still severed from the Garden.

The Clan is lost in the West, being replaced by the Nation.

Jotunheim; Timocracy is the rule of Honour [or indeed, 'Worth'], and is fully explained by Plato in his Republic, which is a seminal fascist text.

I regard a female Leader as Unnatural, and I find your remarks re. British royalty to verge completely on the resentful, and are therefore ignoble..