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Thursday, December 13th, 2018, 04:08 AM

Born in South Africa from a German Lutheran Catholic marriage, Very interesting guy.

He has literally thousands of versions of his videos on Youtube in just about every language you can think of he speaks primarily in the west.

Professor Walter Veith obtained his doctorate in zoology from the University of Cape Town in 1979. He believes that the theory of evolution does not provide a plausible explanation of our origins, and that the geological and paleontological data do not support evolution over long periods of time, but rather imply catastrophism, which is consistent with the Genesis account. He lectures internationally on this topic and has undertaken extensive tours to Europe, Africa, and North America.

Professor Veith's research field is nutritional physiology, concentrating on the effect of modern animal husbandry on the incidence of disease transferal to humans. This highly controversial topic is of vital significance in view of the increase in epidemics such as mad cow disease. His research concentrates on degenerative diseases caused by incorrect nutrition and particularly diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis, and cancer. Professor Veith is also concerned about the impact of antibiotic use in producing a new breed of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which are causing food poisoning epidemics around the world.

Professor Veith and his team have presented numerous lectures on the topic. Their research has been presented at international conferences on nutrition and disease, and their findings have proved that diet has a direct impact on numerous degenerative diseases.

Professor Veith is one of only five scientists in South Africa honored with the Royal Society London Grant for the Reconstruction and Development Program to establish a research climate in post-apartheid South Africa.

Professor Veith has written a number of books on the above topics:

Diet and Health presents the latest insights on health, including Professor Veith’s research. Diet and Health is published by the prestigious scientific publisher Stuttgart Scientific Publishers (Stuttgart Wissenschaftlicher Verlag), which publishes books for the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry.

The Genesis Conflict is an eye-opening study of the evolutionary theory and the evidences of Creation found in the natural world and genetics. The Genesis Conflict is an excellent companion to Professor Veith's evolution DVDs.

Truth Matters - Escaping the Labyrinth of Error is a detailed study presenting Biblical answers to doctrinal questions such as the following:
Was Jesus the Messiah?
Where do the dead go when they die?
How will this world end?

The book also includes a discussion of the prophecies of the Bible and their interpretation. Truth Matters provides an authoritative study on the subjects presented by Professor Veith during his Bible seminars.

Professor Veith is also deeply interested in the ecological deterioration of our planet and is convinced that this state of affairs has been predicted in Biblical prophecy. He is an ardent student of Biblical prophecy and trusts the veracity of the Bible, which he believes is proved by the science of archaeology as well as the fulfilment of numerous prophecies found in the Bible. He believes that the Bible has a message for modern humanity. Professor Veith's many lectures on all of his topics are available on video, and viewers find them unique, eye-opening, and controversial.


Thursday, December 13th, 2018, 04:09 AM

Excellent talk detailing the problems with evolution versus actual genetics.

Thursday, December 13th, 2018, 04:13 AM

In diesem Vortrag erzählt Prof. Veith seine eigene, spannende Lebensgeschichte. Veith wuchs in einem katholisch-lutherischen Elternhaus in Südafrika auf. Ausgelöst durch den frühen Tod seiner Mutter kehrte er dem Glauben den Rücken und wurde Atheist. Nach dem Studium der Zoologie hielt er Vorlesungen an den Universitäten Stellenbosch und Kapstadt. Zuletzt war er Professor und Fachbereichsleiter für Zoologie und Medizinische Biowissenschaften. Dramatische persönliche Erlebnisse führten Veith zu der Einsicht, dass eine höhere Macht existiert, die sich in der Bibel zuverlässig offenbart. Aus einem Atheisten und Evolutionisten wurde ein überzeugter Christ und Siebenten-Tags-Adventist. Sein großer Wissenshunger führte ihn nicht nur in ein tiefes Studium der Heiligen Schrift, sondern förderte auch ungewöhnliche und spannende Erkenntnisse aus Politik, Religion und Wissenschaft ans Tageslicht, die er auf seinen weltweiten Multimedia-Vortragsreisen ausführlich präsentiert. Veith fesselt seine Zuhörerschaft durch anschauliche und griffige Darstellungen, sei es die Ernährung, Kreationismus (Schöpfungslehre) oder sein Spezialgebiet der biblischen Endzeit-Prophetie mit ihren ungeahnten globalen Zusammenhängen in Politik und Religion. Menschen schätzen seine detaillierten Fachkenntnisse genauso wie den Mut zu klaren Standpunkten, wodurch schon Unzählige verlässliche Orientierung in einer Welt der Widersprüche finden konnten.

He is fluent in German, Afrikaans and English.

Thursday, December 13th, 2018, 05:09 AM
Walter Veith also talks about freemasonry and other evil stuff


Although one never knows how much to trust a guy who's so deep "in" these structures...
However, this one tells the story about how he obtained knowledge of a letter from 1870/71 that was stored in the British museum in public display, but vanished since he started talking about it.


Havent watched this second one yet, maybe he's crushing Daniele Ganser's holy grail? Will watch it later^^

Thursday, December 13th, 2018, 05:39 AM
Never watched the first one either, he is a very articulate orator, he poses a certain disarming charm.

Friday, December 14th, 2018, 08:12 AM

Born in South Africa from a German Lutheran Catholic marriage, Very interesting guy.

He has literally thousands of versions of his videos on Youtube in just about every language you can think of he speaks primarily in the west.

To my knowledge he himself is a Seventh-Day-Adventist now.

He seems to believe in some Catholic-Jesuit Conspiracy theory, which I think goes over the top.

Sunday, December 16th, 2018, 01:24 PM

I believe this is that "theory" of which you speak, which many would claim is not conspiracy theory but conspiracy fact, I doubt that he is the original proponent of the theory he is however one of its most adept and prolific exponents.

John Adams (1735-1826; 2nd President of the United States):

“My history of the Jesuits is not eloquently written, but it is supported by unquestionable authorities, [and] is very particular and very horrible. Their [the Jesuit Order’s] restoration [in 1814 by Pope Pius VII] is indeed a step toward darkness, cruelty, despotism, [and] death. … I do not like the appearance of the Jesuits. If ever there was a body of men who merited eternal damnation on earth and in hell, it is this Society of [Ignatius de] Loyola.”

Marquis de LaFayette (1757-1834; French statesman and general. He served in the American Continental Army under the command of General George Washington during the American Revolutionary War.):

“It is my opinion that if the liberties of this country – the United States of America – are destroyed, it will be by the subtlety of the Roman Catholic Jesuit priests, for they are the most crafty, dangerous enemies to civil and religious liberty. They have instigated MOST of the wars of Europe.”

Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865; 16th President of the United States, Note: Please see the end of this document for the full quotation by Lincoln.):

“The war [i.e., the American Civil War of 1861-1865] would never have been possible without the sinister influence of the Jesuits.”

Samuel Morse (1791-1872; American inventor of the telegraph; author of the book Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States) ((Note: For Morse’s full quotation from which this excerpt was taken, please see the end of this document.)):

“The Jesuits…are a secret society – a sort of Masonic order – with superadded features of revolting odiousness, and a thousand times more dangerous.”

Edmond Paris (Author of the book The Secret History of the Jesuits):

“The public is practically unaware of the overwhelming responsibility carried by the Vatican and its Jesuits in the starting of the two world wars – a situation which may be explained in part by the gigantic finances at the disposition of the Vatican and its Jesuits, giving them power in so many spheres, especially since the last conflict.”

Napoleon Bonaparte; 1769-1821; emperor of the French:

“The Jesuits are a MILITARY organization, not a religious order. Their chief is a general of an army, not the mere father abbot of a monastery. And the aim of this organization is power – power in its most despotic exercise – absolute power, universal power, power to control the world by the volition of a single man [i.e., the Black Pope, the Superior General of the Jesuits]. Jesuitism is the most absolute of despotisms [sic] – and at the same time the greatest and most enormous of abuses…”

Pope Clement XIV (Who had “forever” abolished the Jesuit Order in 1773):

“Alas, I knew they [i.e., the Jesuits] would poison me; but I did not expect to die in so slow and cruel a manner.” (1774)

Friedrich von Hardenberg (German philosopher):

“Never before in the course of the world’s history had such a Society [i.e., the Jesuit Order] appeared. The old Roman Senate itself did not lay schemes for world domination with greater certainty of success.” (1800)

Adolph Hitler (1889-1945; Nazi leader and chancellor of Germany from 1933-1945):

“Above all I have learned from the Jesuits. And so did Lenin too, as far as I recall. The world has never known anything quite so splendid as the hierarchical structure of the [Roman] Catholic Church. There were quite a few things I simply appropriated from the Jesuits for the use of the [Nazi] Party.”

Lord Palmerston:

“The presence of the Jesuits in any country, Romanist [i.e., Catholic] or Protestant, is likely to breed social disturbance.”

Also note the role of the Rothschild's as the custodians of the papal treasure, the nature of the conspiracy is compartmentalization.

“Weishaupt and his fellow Jesuits cut off the income to the Vatican by launching and leading the French Revolution; by directing Napoleon’s conquest of Catholic Europe [as the Order would do with Hitler]; by the revolt against the Church, led by such priests as Father Hidalgo, in Mexico and Latin America; by eventually having Napoleon throw Pope Pius VII in jail at Avignon until he agreed, as the price for his release, to reestablish the Jesuit Order. This Jesuit war on the Vatican was terminated by the Congress of Vienna and by the secret, 1822, Treaty of Verona. . . . Ever since, the Rothschilds have been the fiscal agents of the Vatican.”


I find your response to such a topic rather underwhelming...

Boer generally speaking is the preferred nomenclature for Bible believing Afrikaners where as Afrikaner is generally speaking for the more progressive section. Interesting distinction, Protestantism is integral to being considered a Boer...